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Abbas Raziq Bin Anwar  19 year old boy always had fantasies for his mother Zainatul Sara @ Saraa 38 year old hosewife who is a good looking woman with a little fat on her body and good breasts. She always cared about her body and would go for a morning walk daily. His father Anwar aged 45 years is a businessman and owns a very big shop of electrical equipments He has one brother aged 11 years and two sisters aged 6 years and an infant 9 months only. Abbas is in an engineering college and pursuing 2nd year computer science degree.
He had hots for his mother from last 3 years, when he saw his mother taking a bath, keeping the door open. From that day onwards he began to masturbate on thoughts of fucking his own mom. Then one night while masturbating he thought of how would her mom look while having sex, when someone fucked her hardly. So he decided to peep into his parents room when they enjoy their privacy.
His parents always had an active sex life. They usually fuck for 2 or 3 nights in one week. One day he broke a little piece of glass from the corner of the window of his parents room from where he can see most of the room and the side view of entire queen size bed kept there. There was a separate room for the children. At that time he had only one bro and one sis, who usually slept with parents as they were small and Abbas slept alone in his room.
Whenever Anwar and Sara, Abbas parents would do their lovemaking sessions, they make all the children sleep in the children room along with Abbas, so that they don’t get disturb while having sex. So Abbas knew when he had to peep into the parents room. Whenever his mom would ask the children to sleep together he knew that he was going to see his parents totally nude having sex. And he was successful in his job. He was seeing his father fucking his mother hardly and his mother moaning and shouting in response. He enjoyed this a lot and wanted. this to never end. Even when they got finished, they wont wear the clothes and slept naked in each other arms. Abbas still sat there at window and stare at his mom’s beauty. This went on for more than 2 and a half year. Now Abbas is a 19 year old boy who still has desires of fucking his mom.
As abbas father runs a shop, he would go to buy the goods for his shop from delhi once in a month on weekend; and return after 3 days. During one such time, his father left on Friday afternoon. On that night, abbas mom said him to sleep in her room that night. Abbas didn’t understand why his mom asked him to sleep in her room. Now as both his bro and sis were grown up, they slept separately. When both the children were slept, abbas, his mom and youngest sister went to the parents room to sleep. The little lot was already slept and was put into the cradle by mom. Then mom went and locked the door, and came near abbas. First she started to talk about his studies.
Mom said–“abbas, how are your studies going on”.
Abbas said–“good”
Mom said –“when are your exams scheduled for”.
Abbas said –“after 3 months”.
Then she slowly changed the topic.
Mom said –“I want to talk to you for a long time but……….”
Abbas said –“what happened mom”
Mom said –“why don’t you keep your underwear clean”.
Abbas said –“which one, mom”
Mom said –“all of them”.
Abbas said –“what happened”
Mom said –“while washing I find stains on them, Dirty stains.”
Abbas said –“what stains”
Mom said –“you know what I am talking about. The stains of sss……….SPERMS”
Abbas said –“sorry mom. Actually I ……….”
Mom said –“don’t give me silly excuses. I know why you do it.”
Abbas was really worried hearing this.
Mom said –“why you do this”
Abbas said –“what mom.”
Mom said –“if you think that I don’t know anything, then you are wrong.”
Mom said –“I know that you peep into our room when your dad and I …..make love.”
Abbas understood that this topic will go for a long time and he may also be scolded for this.
Abbas said –“I am very sorry mom. I did it just once.”
Mom said –“don’t lie. I know that you are doing this for many days or months.”
Abbas said –“I I I ……………………”
Mom said –“now tell me sincerely, from how many days are you doing this. Peeping when I
and your dad make love in our room.
Abbas said –“for more than 2 and half year.”
Mom said –“I hope you aren’t lying to me.”
Abbas said –“no mom, I am not. But when did you come to know about this.”
Mom said –“I know this for more than 1 year, when I was pregnant.”
Abbas said –“for one year!”
Mom said –“yes, I want to talk to you about this at that time only, but I then thought that it us Just a coincidence and you will not do it again. But it never stopped. I wanted to tell this to your dad but if he comes to know about his he will get angry and may also beat you. But I don’t want this to happen. You are grown up now and you should understand.
Abbas said _”sorry mom, I will not to it again.”
Mom said –“but I want to know why you do this.”
Abbas said –“I want to know how people do sex. How will it be when a man does sex with a woman. I wanted to stop it but I liked it very much and I cant stop this.
Abbas lied to his mom.
Mom said –“when I first came to know this, I lost interest in having sex with your dad when you are looking at us.”
Abbas said –“why mom?”
Mom said –“how could I allow anyone to see me having sex and being naked.”
Abbas said –“right mom.”
Mom said –“but first time when I saw you peeping, I lost all the interest and asked your father to stop. Your dad asked me the reason and I don’t wanted to say that some eyes were looking at us while having sex. After we have finished I get dressed but your dad slept without clothes.”
Abbas said –“yes mom, for some days you got dressed up after having sex with dad. I would get disappointed for that
Mom said –“why?”
Abbas said –“at that time you were pregnant and your stomach got bulgy. You looked very beautiful with that.”
Mom said –“yes, a woman looks very beautiful when she will be pregnant.”
Abbas said –“but mom, now a days after having sex , you sleep naked along with dad, knowing that I was looking at you.”
Mom said –“yes, now I don’t feel shy even when you look at us having sex.”
Abbas said –“why mom?”
Mom said –“you are doing this for last 2 years and I got habituated with this.”
Abbas said –“what?”
Mom said –“yes, whenever you were not there when we were doing sex, I miss you and think why are you not peeping today. But you never missed even one of those nights, though you came late, you always came there. but how do you know that we were going to have sex on a particular day?”
Abbas said –“ Whenever you ask both the children to sleep in my room, I would know that you are going to have sex.”
Mom said –“oh now I got to know.”
Abbas said –“both you and dad speak bad when you fuck each other.”
Mom said –“FUCK….”
Abbas said –“yes that’s the word you and dad uses when he fucks you.”
Mom said -“yes, FUCK is the word.”
The talk between mom and son got dirtier.
Abbas said –“you look very sexy when dad fucks you and you shout saying not to stop.”
Mom said –“yes I enjoy it very much I don’t want your dad to stop until he…..”
Abbas said –“what mom?”
Mom said –“until he cums in me. Until he ejaculates an fills me with his cum.”
Abbas was feeling very good talking about sex with his own mom, that too the sex between his parents. After some talk mom asked him.
Mom said –“now that you know that how a couple do sex, I hope you don’t peep into the room.”
Abbas said –“but I enjoy this very much mom. No that you don’t have any problem, I want to look you both fucking always.”
Mom said –“try to understand my son, I don’t have any problem but if your dad comes to know about this, it will be a big problem for you and I don’t this to happen.”
Abbas got very upset with this and wanted his mom to get fucked. so he lied once again.
Abbas said –“mom, I lied to you.”
Mom said –“about what?”
Abbas said –“I see you getting fucked hard by dad because I I I ……”
Mom said –“what abbas, be free with me and you don’t need to hesitate. You can tell me everything.”
Abbas said –“when you get fucked by dad, I masturbate by seeing you and dad. And then I ejaculated in my pants.”
Mom said –“yes, I know that.”
Abbas said –“actually mom, I don’t get ejaculated other time when I see some nude pictures of ladies or some blue films.”
Mom said –“pictures and blue films! Where do you see that.”
Abbas said –“from internet and I have a big collection of blue films on my computer. I watch it during night and when you and dad are not at home.”
Mom said –“how much blue films do you have?”
Abbas said –“many films mom. I will show you that later. Dad is not here for 2 more days and we can see it then.”
Mom said –“ok, but no one should know about this that I know about your blue films.”
Abbas said –“mom I get pain when I don’t get ejaculated even If I wanted to.”
Mom said –“may be you don’t know the proper way of masturbating.”
Abbas said –“I do it but………”
Mom. Said -“I will show you and do it for you once only, other times you have to do it yourself.”
Abbas said –“ok mom.”
Mom said –“take off your pants.”
Abbas said –“ok mom”
Abbas took of his pants.
Mom said –“now remove your underwear.”
Abbas said –“why to remove this. You can do it without removing this.”
Mom said –“yes I can do but, I don’t want to get your underwear get the stained and by the way I rub your father’s without any underwear.”
Abbas did as his mom said. He removed his underwear. Now he was sitting there only in a t-shirt.
Mom said -:come here my son and lay down on bed.”
Abbas went near his mom and laid down beside her on the queen sized bed
Mom said –“don’t feel shy. You are seeing me naked for last 2 and half years, then why do you shy?”
Abbas said –“I have seen you many times. But you are seeing me for the first time.”
Mom said –“no son. This is not the first time. I gave birth to you without clothes. I saw you a thousand times when you were child. But I am seeing my son with an adult penis, which is very big for the first time.”
Abbas said –“is my cock bigger than dad’s?”
His mom put her fingers around his cock, holded it and then said.
Mom said –“no. your dad’s cock is bigger than yours. But lets see whose cock is thicker and ejaculates more.”
Abbas said –“mom are you going to see me ejaculate.”
Mom said –“yes ofcourse, I am teaching you how to masturbate and ejaculate also.”
Abbas said –“ok mom. You start it.”
His mom took hold of his penis and started to massage it slowly. After some time he started to get a semi-hard on.
While his mom was rubbing his cock, he was also touching her hands and staring at her breasts.
Mom said –“I am noticing you for a long time. You are staring at my breasts.”
Abbas said –“yes, mom. I cant stop my eyes looking at the beautiful globes.”
Mom said –“how do they look?”
Abbas said –“they are very beautiful and also very big.”
Mom said –“big?”
Abbas said –“yes mom, they are very big What is the size of your boobs?”
Mom said –“it may be 38 or 40”
Abbas said -“don’t you now the size of your breasts? Tell a single number.”
Mom said –“I don’t know exact size. But some days back I used to wear 38 sized bra and when I became pregnant they were fitting tight, I started to wear size 40 bra.”
Abbas said –“after getting pregnant, does the breasts increase in size.”
Mom said –“yes, milk starts to come in the breasts. And hence the size also increases.”
Abbas said –“what size are you wearing today.”
Mom said –“I don’t know, it may be 38 because it is getting a little tight.”
Abbas said –“so mom why don’t you change it.”
Mom said –“yes good idea. I will change it “
She got up and started to remove her kurta in front of her son. As she removed the kurta and threw it on the bed beside Abbas.
Abbas also sat up and went near her and stood behind her. He touched her back and was caressing. Her mom turn around and then
Mom said –“what happened? Why you came here?”
Abbas said –“mom there is a tag on the bra under your right arm and I saw number 40 printed on it.”
His mom raised her arm up and saw the tag. Number 40 was printed on it.
Mom said –“yes you are right. Its size 40 bra. Then why is it getting tight?”
Abbas said –“may be your breasts are getting bigger or they are producing more milk.”
Mom said –“you may be right.”
Abbas said –“then are you going to change you bra.”
Mom said –“what can I do now. I don’t have any bigger size bra. I have to wear this only.”
Abbas sadly said –“so you are not changing.”
He thought he missed a chance of seeing her beautiful naked breasts right infront of her. She went to the bed and at down and took the kurta in her hand ready to wear it back. He came and also sat down behind her.
Abbas said –“mom, why are you wearing kurta once again. Let it be like this only. By seeing you like this I may ejaculate soon.”
Mom said –“as you wish my son.”
He was staring at the cleavage of his mom. And again they lay down on the bed and she started to rub his cock once again. His cock lost all the hardness he gained from that time. So she had to start from the beginning.
After some time Mom said –“your cock is responding.”
Abbas said –“very soon. When I do it doesn’t get hard so soon.” He lied.
Mom said –“this is the proper way and I know how to do this. I have mastered in this art. I am doing this to your dad for 20 years.”
As she was rubbing his cock, their talk became dirtier.
Abbas said –“why you need to do masturbation to dads cock. He has your cunt to fuck and ejaculate inside.”
Mom said –“yes he do fucks and cum inside me but after fucking I massage your dads cock for fun. And he also enjoys this. When he gets hard on again while massaging, he again fucks me and again cum inside me.”
Abbas said –“but dad sucks on to your breasts in between your two fuckings.”
Mom said –“yes he does. While he sucks and pinch my nipples, I massage his cock and make him ready again to flood me with his cum. May be you have not seen that any time.”
Abbas said –“yes mom. I always saw dad sucking your breasts, but I never noticed you rubbing him when he does so.”
She was telling all her fucking stories to her own son, and he also was enjoying a lot.
While they were talking, suddenly his infant sister woke up and began to cry.
She got up from the bed and walked towards the cradle and took the baby in her arms and came to bed and sat on the corner to feed the infant with her milk. Abbas also got up and went behind her and touched her back. His mom turned back and saw him.
Mom said –“what happened, you lay down. I will feed your sister and come back.”
Abbas said –“I will once again loose the hardness.”
Mom said –“you stroke your cock for sometime. Then I will come after your sis will sleep.”
Abbas said-“can I sit behind you and rub my cock against your waist.”
She positively replied –“sure, you can”
He went behind her and put his legs on either side of her and pressed his cock against her back hardly and put his face on her shoulders so he can see his mom breast feeding the baby from the nearest. Her mom took out one of the breasts from her bra and put the nipple in the babys mouth. he moved his hand towards the naked breast and put two fingers on it.. when his mom didn’t object, he got more encouraged and put his full hand on the breast and moved it inside. After sometime of caressing, he took the niplle out from the baby’s mouth and began to pinch it. His mom then objected.
Mom said. –“why are you doing this?”
Abbas said –“sorry mom. i was just……..”
Mom said –“if you want to touch my breast then touch the second one, why are you disturbing the baby.”
Abbas was very happy to listen this from his mom. He immediately put his hand on his moms other breast and began playing with it. He then put his two fingers inside the bra while looking to mom. His mom said that if he want to put his hand inside then he can do it.. he immediately put is whole hand inside the bra and took out the huge melon out from the bra and began playing with it. He was playing softly by moving the fingers around the nipple. And later he started squeezing it hardly. When some milk came out of the breast, his mom said to do it slowly.
Abbas said –“mom, why don’t you take of your bra, so that it will be easy for the baby to feed and also for me to play with your boob.”
Mom said –“ok, unhook my bra.”
Abbas said –“ok mom.”
Abbas unhooked the bra and moved the straps down from her shoulders and taking off the bra from her body. And again started to play with the boob. His mom was enjoying this a lot. One breast getting sucked by infant baby and other nipple getting pinched by adult baby. She was getting aroused by her own son. She started to feel wet in her panties, soon she realized that it was not that wetness, the baby has done toilet on her. She soon got up. Abbas asked what happened, she said that the baby had made her wet.
She meant that her infant baby has done toilet on her and also son aroused her. But abbas couldn’t understand the latter. She took the baby and put down her in cradle. By now she was fast asleep. After putting the baby she came towards abbas. While she was walking, her huge melons were bouncing. Abbas smiled at his mom. When she came near him, she was standing just a feet away from her. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him. He moved down one of his hands towards her pussy.
Abbas said –“mom, your pyjama is wet. Are you not going to remove this?”
Mom said –“yes, I am going to change.”
Abbas took hold of the string of her mothers pyjama string and pulled it open. He slowly moved it down. His mom took the pyjama out of her legs. She was now standing only in her panties. Then abbas was caressing her butts. He asked her that the panty were also wet and remove it also.
Abbas said –“mom, your panty is also all wet. Why don’t you remove them also.”
Mom said –“yes, I am going to remover it also.”
Abbas –“then mom let me do it for you.”
Before his om could reply, he put the finger in the waist band of her panty and slowly moved it down. And with in sometime she was standing nude. She threw away the panty. She turned to other side to take her nightie. Abbas hold her butts and pulled her towards him.
Abbas said –“mom where are you going?”
Mom said –“I am going to take a nighty.”
Abbas said –“mom, don’t go. I want to see you like this only.”
Mom said –“I will put a sexy nightie for you.”
Abbas said –“no, I want to see you totally naked, and ejaculate seeing you nude.”
Mom said –“ok, as you wish my son.”
Abbas said –“then come on to the bed.”
She climbed on to the bed and pushed abbas back and lay down beside her, took hold of his cock and started to stroke it. While she was stroking his cock he was caressing her breasts and butts.
Mom said –“don’t squeeze it hardly, milk will come out of my breasts.”
Abbas said –“your breasts are very big and beautiful. I love them.”
Mom said –“but do it slowly. Else your sister has to drink the cows milk if you waste all the milk”
Abbas smiled listening this and put his hand on her pussy which had hair. It looked like she has not removed them for many months. He began playing with her pubic hair.
Mom shouted –“aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.”
Abbas asked –“what happened mom.”
Mom said –“its feeling good over there.”
Abbas said -“I also like the hair on your pussy. Don’t you shave it”
Mom said –“I never shave it. But I just trim it sometimes. And your dad likes the hair on my pussy as you do.”
Abbas said –“dad likes the hair on your pussy?
Mom said –“yes. Your dad loves to lick my pussy when I have a lot of hair on my pussy.”
Abbas asked-“do dad put his tongue in your pussy.”
Mom said –“yes. You dad tongue fuck and finger fuck me when I suck his cock.”
Abbas said –“yes mom, I have seen you sucking dads cock when he licks your pussy in the 69 position.”
Mom said –“yes, I have got an idea “
Abbas asked –“ what idea mom?”
Mom replied –“of making you ejaculate soon.”
Abbas asked –“what are you going to do now.”
Mom said –“ I am going to suck your cock.”
Abbas asked –“are you going to give me a blowjob.”
Mom replied –“I will be just sucking the tip of your cock.”
Abbas asked –“are you going to eat my sperms.”
Mom said –“no, I will not be eating it. Before you loose control over it, jus tell me.”
Abbas happily said –“ok mom.”
Mom got up and made abbas spread his legs. She knelt down and holded his cock. And began licking the tip of the cock. Slowly she put the tip in her mouth and started sucking it. Abbas watched his mom sucking his cock and thought of licking her pussy at the same time. He put his hand around her head and moved her hair.
Abbas said –“mom I want to see your buttocks move as you suck my cock. I want you to get in 69 position with me.”
Mom replied –“why not my son.”
She got up and made abbas lie flat on his back. She then turned over so as to get in 69 position over his son. She put her legs over his head and her mouth over his cock.
She knelt down so as her son could play with her butts. As she was sucking his cock, he began tp put his fingers in her ass crack, licked and kissed her ass. She was getting aroused by him and he also liked his mom sucking him. Abbas knew he was about to explode. But he didn’t tell his mom. He wanted her to eat his sperm, he wanted to cum in her mouth. Finally Abbas ejaculated. Mom’s mouth was filled with his sperms. She began to eat it. And finally when it was over, she stood up and moved towards him and put her fingers in his hair and asked.
Mom asked –“Abbas, why didn’t you tell me that you were cumming.”
Abbas said –“mom, I enjoyed it very much that I don’t wanted you to stop. I wanted to fill your mouth.”
Mom said –“its ok. Finally you have ejaculated.”
Abbas said –“thanks mom for understanding me.”
Mom said –“now I hope you don’t watch me getting fucked by your dad.”
Abbas –“mom, I get ejaculated only when I see you naked, getting fucked by dad.”
Mom –“ if you ejaculate only when you see me naked then you see me when your dad is not fucking me.”
Abbas –“when mom.”
Mom –“when I take a bath, or when I change the clothes. Even whenever you want to ejaculate you can tell me and I will get nude and sit in front of you and then you can see me and ejaculate.”
Abbas –“really mom. Will you get naked for me whenever I want.”
Mom said –“yes son. Whenever you wish. But in absence of your dad.”
Abbas said happily –“ok mom.”
Mom said –“you made me all dirty. Now I need to clean up. I am going to bathroom.”
Abbas said –“mom I also want to get cleaned up with you. Can I join you.”
Mom said –“sure”
They both got up and headed towards bathroom in nude. Once inside they both pissed. First he and then his mom. After she finished she began to clean his sons sperm on her body. Her neck and her breasts. abbas said he will clean her. So he cleaned his breasts and also naughtily squeezed them. Then it was his chance. He said his mom to clean him. He wanted his mom to touch his cock once more. She put water on her cock and cleaned it. Both of them came out.
After coming out they both wiped themselves with towel and then abbas went and lay down on bed. His mom went towards almirah and took out a nighty to wear. Seeing this abbas went to his mom and took away the nighty from her and threw it away.
Then his mom asked –“what are you doing.”
Abbas replied –“I don’t want to see u in clothes tonight. I want you to be nude all the night and help me cum once more.”
Mom said –“you did it once and now no need to do.”
Abbas said –“but dad cums more than once. He fucks you twice and also cums in your mouth.”
Mom said –“but….”
Abbas said –“come on mom. Its just tonight. You can give me all education whatever you want to give me.”
Mom said –“ok. Its just tonight.”
Abbas said –“yes mom. Its just tonight. The other nights your all holes will be filled with dads sperm.”
His mom smiled naughtily and agreed to sleep nude for the whole night. Abbas put his arms around her waist and took her towards the bed and both lay down beside each other. Abbas was caressing his moms butts and boobs and she was stroking his cock.
Then abbas asked –“mom dad while fucking you sucks your breasts. does he also drinks your milk.”
Mom said –“obviously yes. While suckin boobs, he drinks my milk too.”
Abbas asked –“when I was an infant, did dad drank your milk.”
Mom said –“yes. That time he drank the milk more than he drinks now. Because he liked it very when he drank my milk for the first time.”
Abbas said –“but mom why did you allow dad to drink the milk that was produced to feed me.”
Mom said –“what can I say him that don’t drink your sons milk.”
Abbas said –“mom you may have said that you will fell short of milk to feed me.”
Mom said –“I have said that. But your dad asked me to breastfeed you just sometimes when you were 6 months, and give you powder milk sometimes. And after you were 18 months old dad asked me to stop breastfeeding you and give you powder milk all the time.”
Abbas said –“but woman produce breats milk till the child is two and half or three years old. So why did you stop breastfeeding me so early.”
Mom said –“your dad drank all the milk I produced after you were 18 months old. Every night while you drank the milk from bottle, your dad used to make me topless and drinks my milk, even if we were not having sex.”
While talking all this abbas was squeezing his mom butts and she was stroking his cock. Then abbas slowly took his hands to his moms waist and then her stomach and finally towards her boobs and started to squeeze her boobs and pinch her nipples.
Mom asked –“ouchhhhh abbas, what are you doing. Why are you pinching my nipples.”
Abbas said –“dad drank away all the milk that was produced to feed me. And you produce the milk now also and dad drinks some milk that you produce now when you have sex.”
Mom said –“yes. So what you want to do.”
Abbas said by squeezing her boobs–“dad is not here tonight and the baby is also slept. So you still have more milk in your big melons.”
Mom said –“yes. So what.”
Abbas said –“I want all the milk back that dad took away from me. I want to drink your milk. I want you to breastfeed me.”
Mom said –“but this milk is for your sister.”
Abbas said –“I don’t want to take away the sis milk. I am just asking you to feed me with that milk that dad will drink.”
Mom asked –“so you wasn’t to revenge your dad for he drank your part of milk.”
Abbas said –“yes mom, definitely.”
Mom said –“ok, you can have my milk now. Suck my breast. But don’t bit my nipples.”
Saying this sara holded her left breast and took it near her sons face and put the nipple in his mouth. Abbas opened his mouth wide and took almost the whole breast in his mouth. While sucking one boob, he was squeezing and pinching her other boob with one of his hand and the other hand was caressing her butts. Both of them got too close. She was still stroking his cock as he was drinking her milk. After drinking some milk abbas left the breast from his mouth and was looking to his mom.
Mom asked –“what happened abbas. Why you stopped sucking. Don’t you like the taste of my breastmilk.”
Abbas said –“no mom, your milk tastes very good. You know it is different and better from the cows milk. Its very sweet.”
Mom said –“I don’t know. I drank the breastmilk from my mom when I was infant. You men are very lucky. You can drink the breast milk when you are adult too.”
Abbas asked –“why mom, cant you drink your own milk.”
Mom said –“not a bad idea. I can drink my own milk”
Abbas said –“ok mom, I will suck out the milk from your breast and then you can drink.”
Mom said –“ok, after sucking out you spit the milk in glass and then I will drink from glass.”
Abbas said –“no need of glass mom. I will spit directly into your mouth from my mouth.”
Mom said –“ok, you can directly transfer my milk from your mouth to mine.”
They both were laying side by side on bed. Abbas was sucking out milk from her moms breast and his hands were caressing her butts. As he filled his mouth with her milk, he left her nipple and moved his lips towards her. She opened her mouth and abbas put his lips on his moms lips. They both locked their lips and he spit all the milk from his mouth to hers. After completely transferring milk, they dint part their lips, they continued. He was kissing his mom passionately. They both then put their tongues in others mouth. after sometime she pushed him back.
Abbas said –“what happened mom?”
Mom said –“I liked the taste. I want some more. Again suck out the milk and put it into my mouth.”
Abbas said smiling –“okay mom. I too love touching your lips.”
They both continued this for 5 minutes. Both of them were lying side by side. Both were enjoying the situation. After sometime while abbas was smooching his mom, she put both her hands on his butts and pulled him closer to herself. He moved on top his mom, while smooching her. And both their nude bodies began to rub each other from lips to toe. He left his mom lips and again sucked out milk and again kissed her. After sometime they stopped drinking milk and just were smooching each other. He got up and she spread her legs and asked him to come between her legs. He put his hands under her waist and got in between her legs. She pulled him towards her and put her arms around him. And they continued kissing passionately. After sometime she pushed him back and got up.
Abbas asked –“what happened mom.”
Mom said –“nothing.”
Abbas said –“then why you stopped me. Are you not enjoying this.”
Mom said –“I am enjoying this very much..”
Abbas said –“then why you stopped”
Mom said –“you already ejaculated a lot of sperms. Are you now able to cum once again.”
Abbas said –“yes mom. I can come more 2-3 times now. But why.”
Mom said –“I want you to cum inside me and fill my vagina with your sperms. I want to feel the hotness of your sperms.”
Abbas said –“mom you really wanted to get fucked by me. You really want me to insert my cock into your pussy.”
Mom said –“yes. Now I cant stop myself from having that beautiful cock in me.”
Saying this mom lye back on bed and spread her legs wide open and invited her to get in. he moved forward and went between her legs. She closed her legs around his back and pulled him forward. She caught hold of his cock and put it in the entrance of her hole and asked him to push it inside. He pushed it once and then she asked him to take it out slowly and then she asked him to continue to move in and out of the hole. They fucked like this for some time and after some time they changed their position and then he was down and she got on top of him and she was riding his cock. After sometime he said mom that he may come soon. So again they got back to their previous position as she wanted to see her own son banging him on her top.
As he was fucking her, the whole bed was shaking and she was moving in rhythm to his fucking. Her boobs were moving loosly. Finally he came inside his mom. They both got exhausted and were tired. They were still laying on each other.
Abbas then asked his mom –“will you now also allow me to see you while bathing or changing dress mom, so that I can masturbate seeing you.”
Mom said –“now you will not masturbate while seeing me bathing or changing dress or while getting fucked by your dad .”
Abbas said –“but mom you only told me that you will allow me.”
Mom said –“yes, I will allow you, but you don’t need to masturbate. You can fuck me whenever you want but in absence of your dad.”
Abbas said –“mom you are really too good.”
Saying this, they both kissed each other and after some time they slept in each others arm. For the whole night they slept like that only without clothes.
I am back again with a hot sizzling story. As you knows me I’m rahul 18 male living in pune. I will hope that u will enjoy the story. It was her twentieth anniversary day. Shobha was waiting for her husband Malhotra, a businessman who was never in time. Today her eyes were anxiously waiting for him as he had promised to take her out. Since a few years Malhotra was so busy in his business that he had practically neglected his wife. His main aim was to make money and he was so successful in it, that he multiplied his financial resources day by day and this kept him away from his wife and their only son Rahul. Rahul, who had just completed 18 years, was a brilliant student. He was the reason for Shobha to be content with life as her husband had been neglecting her since a few years. The only thing Shobha had at her disposal was money and she had it in plenty as her husband never questioned how she utilized it. Stepping into 38th year Shobha still possessed a figure that made every male turn his eyes. She was not conscious of her figure as she had resigned from enjoying sex with her husband since a long time and it never occurred to her that she made other males in the locality dream of having her. She was always occupied in her own thoughts of seeing her son Rahul come out with flying colors in his examinations.
This particular day as she resigned from waiting for her husband, she walked the few steps to her son’s bedroom to enquire about his studies. Rahul on seeing his mother dressed up asked ‘are you going out Mom?’
The sudden questioning of her son brought tears to her eyes and shaking her head she said ‘no, I am not.’
Rahul was upset at looking at his mother’s wet eyes and to bring some cheers to her face said ‘mom, I again topped in my History.’
This news brought much relief to Shobha and she coming forward embraced her son. Rahul had a fascination for his mother’s dark long hair. He always liked to feel the silky strands of her hair whenever he got the opportunity. Today as his mother had left her hair open, Rahul was happy to feel the silky long hair brushing his face when his mother bowed down to embrace him. As Rahul was fondling her hair, his mother straightened up and this left him holding her curls in his hands. His mother was surprised to see him holding her hair and when she smiled at him and asked the reason for it, he replied ‘Mom, you have long silky hair and they are so soft to touch.’ Shobha brushed his hair in response and without saying a word went to her room. There in the recluse of her room she started weeping. She felt ignored by her husband and this hurt her feelings. She had done everything to see him come up in life and now that he had reached the pinnacle, he had ignored her completely and she felt sad that she had lost him.
Thinking it was her fate; she changed her clothes and went to bed with a novel. She was so absorbed in reading; it was nearing 12 p.m. When she saw the lights on in her son’s room. Putting on a robe over her nightie she went to his room. On entering the room she was pleased to see her son engrossed in his studies. Seeing him burning oil till midnight saddened her also. She went closer to him and putting her hands across his shoulders she hugged him. Rahul was shocked by the sudden appearance of his mother and as he turned to look at her, his face came in contact with her soft hair and this made him to inhale its fragrance. Inhaling the rich aroma from her hair made him dizzy and as he was still deeply engrossed in it, he found his mother brush her hair on his face intentionally. As Rahul was captivated by the aroma of his mother’s hair, he felt his mother brush her hair over his face. This prompted him to take hold of a lock of hair and gently fondled it. Shobha was thrilled by his act and seeing him enjoying playing with her loose hair, she let him fondle it for few more seconds before pushing back her hair. Then straightening up she said ‘it’s late, you better go to bed.’
Rahul smiled and getting up he put off the lights and went to bed. It was very late when Malhotra, Shobha’s husband came. Without speaking a word to her, he slumped on the bed and in no time was fast asleep. Shobha did not sleep the whole night. She was kept awake listening to her husband’s snoring. Once she was tempted to put a hand over his body and arouse him but as she lifted her hand, she saw him turn the other way. This made her withdraw her hand. After a sleepless night Shobha got up early to take care of the breakfast. As she finished the cooking and set the table, she saw her husband come down and gobble the breakfast in a hurry. By the time she could give him a cup of coffee; he said ‘I have to hurry’ and left her holding the cup of coffee in her hand. As Shobha stood holding the coffee in her hand, she was pleasantly surprised to see her son grab the cup of coffee saying ‘thanks.’ Seeing his eager smiling face, Shobha forgot her husband and was happy to serve her demanding son. Rahul was well built at the age of 18. He had broad shoulders, well muscled chest, and strong arms with an appetite of a bull. He just consumed what ever was laid on the table and after having a hand wash, he wiped his hands on her mother’s sari which had become a custom of his.
Then as he was about to leave for college he surprised his mother by bending over her head and inhaling the rich aroma of her hair said ‘bye Mom.’ Before Shobha could react she saw him move out of the door in a flash. Shobha after seeing his back was quite happy, thinking of her son who was so fond of her. This made her forget about her husband’s peculiar behavior. The days continued to slip away in the same fashion till the dates for Rahul’s exams were announced. One day Rahul came home very much excited. Handing his mother the print out of his exam time table said ‘Mom, the exam dates have been announced and they are starting from coming Monday.’ Shobha was saddened to hear this as she felt that her son now had to go many a sleepless nights studying for his exams. She made up her mind to give him company and help him out in his studies. That night around 10.30 Shobha entered her son’s room to see him scratching his head over some mathematical problem. Seeing him whacking his brains out over it, she slid closer to him and putting her cheeks over his she embraced him. Rahul was pleased by this and instinctively he lifted his hand and caught hold of some strands of hair and brought them over his face. This silky touch cooled him a bit and forgetting the problem he started to caress his face with his mother’s hair. Shobha let her son fondle her hair and seeing him relax a bit let him have his way.
Rahul continued fondling her hair and as he turned his face, his lips smacked his mother’s rosy cheeks. This act suddenly embarrassed him and feeling shy he bowed his head down in shame. Shobha quick to re-act and pulling her son up and saying ‘it’s okay,’ she pecked a kiss on his cheek in a motherly fashion. This act encouraged Rahul and reciprocating her kiss he went back to face his problem. On having his mother by his side helped Rahul in solving the problems and when he finished the work, he looked up at his mother and said ‘thanks Mom, your presence was a great help to me.’ Shobha smiled on hearing those words and hugging him again she kissed him goodnight. The next day the same circumstances prevailed and as evening approached, Shobha was surprised to see her husband come home early from his office and go up to his room. As Shobha followed him, she saw him packing up a suitcase and when she asked him, he said ‘he has to leave for fifteen days on a business trip.’ As this was customary, Shobha did not question him. As Malhotra departed, Shobha felt lonely in the big house and as her mind was wandering, she heard her son come home. This brought much relief to her and after taking care of her son’s appetite; she excused herself and went out shopping.
By the time she came back it was quite late and as she went in to his son’s room she saw him busy with his studies. When Rahul looked up at her she opened one of the bags and handed over an expensive shirt to him. Rahul was pleased and taking the gift from her, he kissed his mother’s cheek. Rahul had kissed his mother on impulse and as he had kissed her, his saliva laden lips had left behind an impression on her cheek. Shobha was astonished by this act and when she went to her room she saw herself blushing on having received a wet kiss. Shobha knew the kiss was not intentional but she was kissed on the spur of the moment. But still this kiss lingered on her mind. Shobha after recomposing herself went to his son’s room again and staying close by to him, she saw him through the rest of his studies. When he finished it Shobha deliberately kissed him with her wet lips ‘goodnight.’ Later in her room she felt spicy for having kissed him like that and this brought some comfort to her. The next day as Rahul finished his breakfast and wiped his hands on his mother’s sari, his fingers accidentally brushed her warm thighs. This act made a new sensation creep through his body. He stood still for a few moments devouring it and before his mother could look up at him, he felt the house. This sensation remained through out the day and when he came back home he tried to stay away from his mother fearing that she would reprimand him. His mother did not utter a word in that respect and this brought Rahul much relief. That night Rahul was pleased to see his mother come to his room with her hair loose. On seeing her come in with her hair flying all over her face, he welcomed her with a big smile.
Seeing Rahul’s grinning face, Shobha came forward and planting a kiss on his cheek, she sat next to him on the chair. Her closeness again sent creepers up Rahul’s body and defying it he went back to his studies. As Shobha felt tired sitting next to him, she started to get drowsy and many a times leaned on him. This intimacy relaxed Rahul and loving every bit of her closeness; he held her loose strands of hair and started to caress his face with them and inhaled their aroma. From the corner of the eye, Shobha watched her son caress her hair and inhale its fragrance. She let him play with her hair as she too liked his fondling. As Rahul kept on inhaling the fragrance of her hair, his face drifted to her cheeks and he kissed her rosy cheeks. This jarred Shobha and without lifting an eyelid she let him kiss her and when he removed his lips from her cheeks she smiled at him, which boosted Rahul. Smiling back at his mother he continued with his studies. When Rahul stirred to get up, Shobha held his face in her hands and bending over it, she brushed her hair on his face and said ’sleep well.’ That night Rahul had a sound sleep and the next morning he was up early bouncing with joy. That morning Shobha saw a young and energetic Rahul helping her out in her daily household tasks. Rahul was immensely pleased to be near his mother and when he finished his breakfast, he deliberately brushed his fingers again on his mother’s thighs while wiping his hands on her sari. Shobha felt his fingers on her thighs this time. Though she took it to be an accident, the brushing of his fingers on her thighs invigorated her. She stood without flinching and when Rahul turned to leave she called out ‘Rahul.’
At first Rahul was scared on being called and when he turned to face her and saw her smiling face he was overjoyed, and when his mother asked him to come soon in the evening as she had to go to the mall he was really thrilled. By the time Rahul came home in the evening Shobha was fully decked up and ready to leave for the mall. Rahul hurriedly changed and escorting his mother, went to the mall in a cab. After window shopping for some time, Shobha purchased few saris and coming down they stood in queue to enter fast food outlet. As the outlet was crowded, people started scrambling to gain access and in this melee a young man who was standing close to Shobha started eyeing her body. This was noticed by Rahul who kept some distance from the two of them. Gradually the unknown person inched towards Shobha and in the melee he brushed his hand on her buttocks. At first Rahul on watching this was filled with rage and when his eyes were focused on his mother’s rich back, his eyes were glued to the pulsating buttocks of his mother and on seeing the man brush his hand again on his mother’s buttocks, it aroused him. He stood watching the action and when his mother reached the counter the unknown person after a final brush of his hand over her buttocks, moved to the other side. The sight aroused Rahul. He started sweating on having watched an unknown person feel his mother’s buttocks. He wished he could have witnessed it for a longer time but as the person moved away, Rahul stepped closer to his mother and his eyes were riveted on his mother’s back. His slippery fingers were itching to feel the pulsating flesh of his mother’s back and as he tired to put a hand down, his mother turned and this made his hand to come in contact with her thighs.
Shobha for the second time felt her sons hand on her thighs. Under both circumstances she felt it was accidental but later on as the evening progressed and she watched her son eyeing her body her thoughts were dramatically changed. She loved the way her son was eyeing her body. She started to get stimulated. A warm wave started to fill her body and in the midst of the crowd of the mall she was thrilled. Soon she realized it was getting late as her son had to study for the exams she hurried back home with him. Rahul was taken back when she suddenly asked him to leave but sitting close to her in the cab made him forget it. When both of them reached home, Rahul straight away went in to his room for studies and Shobha after a break of an hour strode into his room and this time her hair was fully loose. Rahul watched her entering his room from the reflection of the mirror. Though he saw her hair was loose, his eyes were roaming over her lush body. Shobha though in her late thirties had a well endowed body. She had a voluptuous figure and her fair complexion was striking to the eye. Rahul’s eyes were focused on her lush body and as he saw his mother approaching he turned to face her. Shobha coming over sat next to him, her thighs touching his. Rahul was delighted to have her sit next to him and after some time to attract her attention, he started to scratch his head. This made Shobha lean forward to enquire about his problem. Rahul on seeing her falling prey to his plan said ‘Mom this problem is too much.’ Shobha could do nothing as she did not understand the ABC of mathematics. She moved closer to him and putting her hand over his head and pulling his face to her cheeks she hugged him. This was what Rahul was hoping for. As his mother pulled him up, he nuzzled his cheeks deeper to hers and putting a hand across her shoulders he started playing with her loose hair. Shobha was thrilled to see her son nuzzling closer and playing with her hair. She then turned her face and brushing her lips on his cheeks said ‘try again, you will succeed.’
‘If you hold me like this, I will try,’ he replied.
Hearing those words Shobha put her hand over his shoulders and drawing him closer and hugging him said ‘Yes. I am here, try again.’ Rahul on being hugged by his mother was exalted. He went back to his math and in trying out the sum, many a times he either dug his elbow or brushed his hand over his mother’s thighs. Shobha felt the pressure of his elbow over her thighs but as she saw him engrossed in the sum, she let it pass.
Rahul could not continue feeling his mother’s thighs for a long time without raising suspicion. After a lapse of five minutes he let out a gasp and saying he had worked out the problem he turned his face to his mother’s and kissed her cheeks, thanking her. Shobha was pleased to see her son get through the difficult sum and in a way of reciprocating his actions; she held his head firmly and planted a deep kiss on his cheeks.
‘Thanks Mom,’ yelled Rahul on being kissed hard on his cheeks and holding the kissed part of his cheek he looked up at her.
Shobha seeing Rahul looking up at her said ‘Happy.’
‘Yes Mom, please stay by my side till my exams are over,’ he said.
‘Why?’ questioned Shobha a little mischievously?
‘Because you are a source of inspiration,’ he said patting her cheeks. Shobha was exalted to have felt him patting her cheeks and if she had not stopped from saying out loud she would have said ‘inspiration for what?’ She did not say so and as Rahul had completed his work, he got up. Shobha kissed him a motherly goodnight before leaving him. After her departure Rahul lay awake for sometime visualizing the events of the day and when sleep took over him he dreamt of his mother. It was no different with his mother. Today after a lapse of some years she felt light at heart. Her body was singing new tunes and this made her sleep at ease.
Next morning there was a change in the appearance of his mother. The sari was replaced by a negligee. Shobha had seen that her body was well covered as she had put on a veil over it. Rahul was pleased to see the change, as whenever his mother came under the sunlight the impression of her voluptuous body was clearly visible. Shobha had not realized this. She had dressed up in negligee as it freed her movements and was light on her. Rahul’s eyes had a field day ogling over his mother’s features. At one stage Shobha was curious as Rahul did not speak to her and as she suddenly turned to face him, she saw his eyes were glued over her back. She could feel his stare and this made her heart beat a leap and felt the warmness creeping over her body. She stepped into the kitchen to avoid her son learning about her and when she came back she was recomposed.
Rahul after finishing his breakfast and washing his hands took hold of the material of his mother’s veil and as he wiped his hands with it, the veil slid down from his mother’s body exposing her rich breasts ensconced in the thin material of the negligee to his gaze. Rahul was embarrassed as his actions disrobed his mother and uttering ’sorry’ he ran out. Shobha smiled at his discomfort and shaking her head and steadying her dress she went back to her chores. By the time Rahul returned home from college, his mother had changed over to her usual sari but the sari she had draped on her body had a tantalizing effect on him. It was peach colored one which went very well on her figure. For a few seconds Rahul stood looking at her and his stare again made his mother get excited. Rahul on reaching his room for wash took his own time to come out. He had locked himself in the bathroom, wondering at his mother’s mode of dressing. He was in two minds. He did not know whether she was tempting him or was acting just casual. As he made up his mind to try to be a little bold and find out for himself, he came down. After having his supper as he was working out over the math problems, his mother entered. This time her hair was in plaits and this mis-fired all his calculations. He felt sad and dejected. He diverted his attention to his studies and when he felt his mother sit next to him and hug him, he has elated.
Carrying out his math’s assignments as he tried to nudge his elbow over his mother’s thighs it slipped and got lodged between the v of her thighs. He immediately jerked his elbow away as he felt her hot thighs and said ‘oh! Sorry.’ Shobha hugged him closer saying its okay. This prompted Rahul to face her and on seeing a smiling face, he put his hand on her head and said ‘why is your hair plaited?’
‘Do you want to it to be loose,’ she asked softly? ‘I like your hair to be untied and loose,’ he replied.
‘Do you like to untie them,’ she questioned? Rahul bowed his head in the way of answering her. As soon as Shobha saw her son bow his head, she slid across and pushing her back she wedged her body on to his chest and lifting her head up said ‘please’. Rahul was wonderstruck by this act. Feeing his mother rest her back to his chest and seeing her plaited hair in front his face he felt aroused. He lifted his hands and holding her plaits he slowly untied them and when her hair was set loose, he nuzzled his face into it and inhaled deeply. ‘Do you like its fragrance so much,’ asked his mother. ‘I love it,’ he said pushing his head deeper into her thick curls. Feeling his face dig deeper into her curls, his mother plastered her back on to his chest and let out a soft moan.
Rahul was excited on seeing his mother squirm and moan softly. Instinctively he put his hands over her shoulders and having a grip on them, he nuzzled his face in her hair and making way he kissed the nape of her neck. Shobha’s body trembled on feeling him kiss on the nape of her neck and in response she lifted her hands and held his head hard. This emboldened Rahul and taking cue from his mother he slid his hands under her arms and tried to caress her arm pits which were fully covered by her blouse. This move tickled Shobha and feeling her son trying to caress the hair under her armpits she straightened herself and gently removing his hands from under her armpits said ‘later.’ As soon as she uttered the word ‘later’ she felt shocked as in one way it meant that she was game for it. Thinking it over she felt she had unknowingly accepted her son’s move to caress her armpits. Though it was totally wrong she let go off it there. Rahul on the other hand was overjoyed to hear her words and he mentally pictured caressing her bare armpits. He felt delighted and impulsively kissed his mother on her cheeks. All this had aroused his mother and hugging her son she said ‘now go back to your studies.’
This prompted Rahul to be deeply engrossed in his studies and when after an hour or so as he got up, his mother standing in front of him hugged and kissed him goodnight. Today’s action had gone a shade ahead of what both of them had thought off. Both were pleased with the outcome of it. Shobha for one felt delighted as her closeness made her son work hard in his studies and for Rahul it was like sailing on cloud nine. The next morning Shobha was up early preparing breakfast and after setting the table she saw him coming down and sit on the dinning table with a book in this hand. Today was the first day of his examination. Seeing her son absorbed in the book prompted Shobha to sit beside him and feed him. As she was feeding him, which she often used to do, many a times her fingers felt the warm wetness of his mouth which invigorated her. She kept feeding him and once even pushed her fingers into his mouth. Rahul loved all this and without giving a hint he had opened his mouth wide for her fingers to penetrate his mouth. As he finished his breakfast he took one spoonful of food and looking up at his mother he reciprocated her actions. Shobha very gladly accepted it and as she got up from the table she felt his hand brushing her thighs as he wiped his hand on her sari.
Feeling his fingers on her thighs, Shobha to tease her son a little said ‘now don’t pull out my sari.’ On seeing his mother tease him, Rahul was thrilled and in a reflex he jerked her sari a little. ‘You devil’ cried Shobha and smiling at him said ‘enough, now please go.’ Rahul went to the college elevated and wrote his exams with ease. When he returned home a bit late after meeting his professor to discuss some problems, he saw his mother waiting impatiently for him. This brought much joy to him and coming in he hugged his mother and said ‘I have done well in the exams.’ It was but natural for his mother to kiss him on hearing the news but the kiss which was intended for the cheek slipped a shade down and landed on the edge of Rahul’s lips. Rahul stood shocked on having felt his mother’s lips brush his and before he could come out of it, he saw his mother hurrying to the kitchen. As his mother strode into the kitchen in a hurry the impressions of her voluptuous buttocks were clearly visible from her sari. Rahul after having captured an eye full of her heavy buttocks juggling in the sari went to his room with a hard on. Shobha did not come to his room at the usual time but was late. She had to regain some strength before coming in and when she did so, she did not find Rahul at the desk but saw him perched on the sofa. Rahul was reclining on the sofa as he had completed his math’s papers which required him to sit before the desk but now as he only had to read for the other subjects he was resting on the sofa. Shobha silently made her way to the sofa and sat down a few spaces away from him. Rahul sensing his mother hesitate, sat still for some time and when he saw her inching towards him, he turned to face her. Both of them smiled and this brought much relief to them. It was Shobha who started the conversation by asking ‘what exam do you have tomorrow.’
‘Its science Mom’ replied Rahul.
‘How are your preparations going on’ asked his mother?
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that was! His black coloured monster was now in her
hand. It was getting larger in the outside air! Soon
it becomes fully erected due to her gentle massaging.
Now she leans over him and started masturbating his
tool. Punam was carefully watching their drama like
me. In a minute or two-he chummed forcefully on her
face and her face was full with his load on her
chicks. The humid air inside the theatre was getting
hotter and we could easily feel the whiff of some
aroma inside the hall. She ate some of his cum and
rest cleaned with her hanky and put that hanky
carefully in her purse. Next she loosened knot of her
shalwar and put his hand inside her shalwar. From his
actions, it was clear that he was fingering her
vagina. By imagining the scene of their finger fucking
I could not control myself and was about to cum inside
my pants.
Although the treasure of sex was sitting next to me
but I could not make a move because she was my sister
and I was her brother! I know both were ignited from
inside but could not do anything. What I could do was
that I put my left hand on her right hand and that is
too on the arm of seat and I could feel that was hot,
and was shivering, I was quietly watching her
reaction. However, she did not make any move as I was
expecting and watching the in front love making
couples like a statue. After some time of finger
fucking of his fiancée’s pussy he removed his fingers
and was licking those fingers. I was sure that he was
eating her cum that was sticking to his fingers. She
was sitting in a manner that he could easily scratch
her lava. By the time, all the surrounding was filled
with some pungent odour probably that was emitting
from their body parts like choot and Lund! After
fulfilling their desires they neatened their clothes
and leave the theatre.
By the interval almost three forth of theatre were
vacated so we decided not to watch the movie further
and left the theatre after intervals. In the outside
circumstances, I observed Punam was somewhat disturbed
so I changed the topic of movie and we went to nearby
restaurant for refreshment. Now she was getting normal
but shy and was avoiding in meeting the eyes with me
like previously. Then I took her to DSO office and we
collected her certificate. In evening we got return
bus at around 6.30 PM. Sitting arrangement was like
morning. But this time I got some more courage for the
reason that it was darkness inside the bus and the
afternoon scene was witnessed by both of us. So this
time I could not control myself. I directly put my
left-hand palm over her right thigh in the darkness
and waiting for her replies. She did not replied. So I
started caressing with my fingers on her thighs but
she was seeing outside the windows as if nothing has
happened. I could not built more courage than that
within me so I could not go beyond that, as I was not
sure about her extreme reaction if something goes
By the time, our small journey was over and my
entire efforts went futile. From next day onwards I
was searching for more opportunities to seduce her.
Now she was became an angel of my dream. Although she
is a medium girl of wheatish complexion long hair up
to hips good body curves…..featuring something like
Shilpa Shetty….and is really beautiful, I mean it.
Now when she came to my room as usual for chatting
about our college gathering, youth festival, friends &
profs (I believe, that’s the only topic on which I can
debate with my sister!) I use to stare at her
(particularly at her breasts) in the manner that she
should take note of my intentions. I was eager to show
her that I was magnetized by her physically maturity,
her magnetic eyes, magical smile, her makeup and
costumes carved her novel picture in my heart. Since
recent past I also noticed her boobs are bubbling to
new heights and were erecting my penis. There onwards
I use to search every occasion of talking to my sister
Although I was not sure whether we both had
mutual attraction but I observed that we both us are
glancing each other time to time. It was my duty to
drop her to the college every morning on my bike. I
observed many times her hand touches to my penis,
earlier I was overlooking this considering coincidence
but then I decided to harvest this every opportunity.
When her hand touches to my penis, I started my penis
growing more and so she should feel the erection.
Later I come to know that she removes her hand when
she feels my growing erection like touching an
electric wire that is carrying a current. Here I was
expecting that she should hold my erection so that I
could make a move but it was not happening. Time was
passing and I was getting more and more desperate to
fuck her. When I cleared my ICWA entrance and that was
come to know me on 1st Jan. 03 – that day CA and ICWA
results declared- I hugged her deeply on the pretext
of joy and as if I am doing it unintentionally I keep
her in my embrace for almost a minute. When I released
her, she was blushed and shying. Because this time I
touched her body my full erection. Later I was
thinking that she might complain to our parents so in
evening when our mom came home I hugged her in the
same manner -as I hold my sister in noon- but
obviously this time my penis was not erected! She
didn’t said anything but matter was not progressing at
I was searching all possible chances. I started
to withdraw underwear while sleeping and was sleeping
on merely on a pyjama or Bermuda or on shorts so that
she should view my erection like a tent and should
make further move. I observed she saw my swollen tent
many times but was quietly observing. I also bring
some porn magazines and leave them on table or below
my pillow so that she should at least glance them.
I know she saw those issues but neither shown like
that on her face and nor complained to parents. As we
are sharing same bathroom and toilet so when she takes
bath earlier to me then I started masturbating on her
panties and bras, leaves my cum thereon, and later put
that panty or bra on bath stool or at other place than
the normal pile of clothes so that she should guess
later while collecting the clothes for washing and
should note that what I did to her undergarments! If I
take bath earlier then I use to spread my cum on bath
Once I shaved my penis, removed pubic hair and
keeps the entire shaving kit clinging with hair and
foam intentionally in bathroom as if I forget to clean
it. After some time when I peek into bathroom, I found
my kit was washed and was kept on its place! Twice I
showed her my dick from the corners of my Bermuda
(short), when I was resting on my bed with pillows
below my head, reading a book with my knees upward and
I was not put on my underwear inside the Bermuda. So I
was sure that my dick was clearly visible to her when
she was sitting on the corner of same bed. Finally, I
concluded that she is neither showing any interest in
my moves nor taking initiative. I got frustrated.
On the other hand, I was thinking though even if she
is not showing any direct interest in me nor she is
complaining to anyone in house means I could say that
she is neutral moreover. So why should not I take the
initiative by directly invading her and test my luck
once. For that, I was searching an opportunity. After
a few days, a solitary time arose. Our parents have to
leave for Pune for a 3 days meeting for setting the
SSC board papers.
As both our papa and mom are on the
committee of paper setting and every year, they have
to visit board office at Pune. My sister and our
grandma were left behind, My mother instructed to
sleep us all in the same room. It was 13th Jan,
Monday. However at night my granny requested that she
would like to sleep in her regular room that is
attached to verandah, as she could not sleep elsewhere
being the new place may cause her sleeplessness at
this old age.
So at around 9 PM granny left for her
room and asked me to lock the door inside carefully.
We were alone watching the TV in our main bedroom. She
was sitting in the sofa & I was lying in the bed
watching TV. There was some love story going on! As I
was thinking something different in my mind so I was
shy watching the movie with her that day.
Once or twice I went purposefully to kitchen (to drink
water) to avoid to see those love & kissing scenes on
the movie. But she was so cool girl seriously looking
at the love scene and enjoying them, as it seems like
she is unaware of Love and sex. Thinking her innocence
like ?Sridevi? in the movie ?Sadma? my penis was
getting erected and I was waiting for a chance to fuck
the innocent girl. It was around 11.30 pm, by the time
she made herself comfortable to sleep down-thank God!-
and laid her mattresses on the carpet side by my cot.
I was pretending to sleep on my bed and my tent was on
its full now. I was waiting for her replies. I know by
now she noticed my tent many times not directly but
from the corners of her eyes. After complete movie was
over, She switched off the TV and drinks water from a
jug nearby. Then she went to toilet for piss. In the
quiet background of night, I can easily hear her
pissing sound.
That made me crazy and desperate and I
decided to fuck her at any cost. Again she came in the
room think for a while and then switch off the bedroom
light and went to her bed. At midst of darkness I
couldn’t really sleep, Some thing like monster inside
me ignited to have a perfect fuck with her now.
After long thoughts, I made up my mind of how to make
a love affair with her…. After a careful thought, I
stated with a gargle mmuuueee, twice, thrice. I was
heart beaten…….Eagerly waiting for her
replies……Oh my God…….Finally you blessed
me!……. She replied with the cough. Now I
understood that she is sleepless and she is of the
same intensions as I am having! In order to confirm
further I coughed this time…. and oh God she gargled
in replies this time! In fact I was waiting for this
final sign. I started and come on rolling on the side
of my cot…I approach her with my hands from my cot
(As I told you, she was sleeping on the floor besides
my cot). I first put my hand out of my bed and slowly
crawled my hands to her from my bed (I never made an
attempt to peep from my bed, all my hands did)….I
was about to touch her……and was shaken by her
meekly voice, “Bhaiya….didn’t you get sleep??”. I
immediately took my hand and my mind was boggling to
I said, “Punam, I couldn’t”. She raised up her knees
leaned to the bed, and said “Let me make you sleep”,.
She started, she reached my right hand and placed my
palm on her cheek. My heart started pounding and my
vain bloody pumping out. We were motionless for
minutes. Slowly she whispered
?Sleep…Sleep…?rubbing her cheek on my palm. I was
relaxed by her love whisper and slowly fingered her
cheek as gently as I could.
After fingering for about
2 minutes, I slowly took my hand off her Cheek and
hold her shoulder to rise her knees. At last words
came from my mouth “Punam Please sleep with me” !!. Oh
God….to my surprise she did as I said and laid
besides me on my bed and did not even protested. For a
few minutes we were motionless, suddenly she tightened
my hand with hers slender fingered tender palm and
placed it on her belly. I made up mind not to waste
time anymore…. I crawled my hand to her boobs, she
was holding my hand tightly and never let me press it.
She guided my hand to her neck…face and I started
tickling her ears. I can hear her sex ecstasy voice
mmmmm..mmmmm. and said Bhaiya please make love to me,
I was half way on her, and started with the first kiss
& smooch of my life.
With this she lost her control, holds my hair tightly,
and never let me take my lips. I reached her tongue
with mine, and she gave a bite. I kissed her all over
her face, and so did she. I started to probe her boobs
on her dress and this time she let me play, kiss and
mouth over the kameez. I was pressing them over her
kameez with my tremendous vigor. We were hugging and
spinning each other rolling all over the bed, kissing
each other. She was wearing salwar- kameez, I started
unzipping her tops, and she was much co-operative
turning her back for unzipping. We kneed on the bed
and she raised her hand to take off her tops. As did
to her, she did the same to take off my t-shirt. Still
on the knees, I released her ponytail as she got big
hair touching her hips. Now I could never resist and
started hugging kissing her boobs and around. Scents
emerging of her bare armpits were intoxicating me. I
found her armpit was full with a black jet of hair. I
caressed there.
She whispered my name ? Naren, Naren….?and hold my
buttocks tightly to hers, as my hard penis was
touching her, she was shocked, and hold my buttocks
still tighter and reached my neck hugging with hers.
When it was on the go, I slowly put my hands on her
buttocks and slowly released her salwar nara. She
suddenly realized and hence refrained me doing so. She
was still half-dressed, I removed forcefully her
salwar at last. I released her bra and saw her pair of
nice breast standing stiff and erect. This time I
carefully observed her boobs. She had a very nice pair
of boobs. Whitish in color with faint brown or you can
say reddish colored nipples. Although they were big in
size but they were very hard and tight. Her nipples
were erected. That site astonished me. We hugged in
bare body and I realized the heat of her body in mine.
I dragged my tongue all over her face, her hairy arm
pits and boobs.
She was so curious and demanding even
as she holds my back hair, and guides me from her
boobs to belly. She was screaming by the tickle of
tummy. I went down licking and reached her toes. I
stated going back kissing her legs, thighs. I raised
her legs and kissed her thighs and started my journey
(in side the thighs) towards the treasure of cunt. No
word can explain her sexual appearance in her panties
in the darkness.
I then camped few of my kisses and licks in and around
her panties. She realized that I would never leave
this area, with out stripping her panties and making
her nude. She never wants to do so immediately. She
raised and turned me down and started kissing me from
top to bottom. I was amazed to see that she was not
shy when she tried to remove my short, Now I am nude
before my sister. When she saw my Lund first time she
blushed first time with feminine shame may be due to
the thought that she have to gulp this entire Lund
inside her small and tiny pussy. She was also getting
very shy to look at my nudeness in that fade lights.
When she was probing to touch my penis, I voluntarily
took her hands and lead her to touch my hard tool. She
made a feather touch downed my foreskin and fondled my
supari with her gentle feminine touch, my penis soared
up to new heights, and I whispered haaaaa… She
understood I am getting erotic by the time due to her
tender touches so slowly she tightened her grip on my
Lund. I was so delighted that I hold her head down to
my penis to acquire a kiss voluntarily. She then
stated her kisses around my penis and balls. I hold
her hair back and hold my penis and started trusting
it into her mouth. As she was immature and innocent in
sex, she started with a rough work, teething my penis,
it pained my a lot. After a moment, she removed it
from her mouth like she was shocked.
I thought she was disgusted with the taste of my
precum. I did not said anything. I was rather much
curious to have an intercourse and to thrust my hard
tool between the great love tunnel within her legs.
Now our body twisted, hands twisted around and I
planted few kisses on her neck. She lost her control,
when I kissed her neck area, she murmured
mmmmmmmmmmm.. I realized that this is the golden
chance to undress her last panties. I was anxious to
see her love tunnel so I got up and put my thumb on
each side of her elastic and pulled her panties off, I
could never missed this moment as she was feeling
heavenly and so now let me bring down her last piece
of dress “the panties”.
A real mystery of nudity ends
here! I saw, She had a thick bush of dark black hair
between her legs, the hair were dense and it seemed as
she had never ever shaved down there, I caressed her
pussy mound and tried to locate her cunt with my
middle finger. By the time it was started emitting her
sweet aroma the air and was intoxicating me. To helped
me in probing her pussy she had spread her legs wide
but I found it was difficult to locate her hole so she
took my finger in her slender fingers and guided my
middle finger to her cunt, she was soaking wet, taking
a closer look I found that her juices were glistening
like dew on grass in winter on her pussy hair and was
spreading sweet cunt aroma in the atmosphere by this
time. I love that exciting aroma.
I was sure the same
aroma was inhaled before, so I was recalling when and
where we found this smell. Soon I recalled that we
inhaled this nature’s scent in the talkies where we
saw the movie during our district visit. I filled that
smell in my nostrils. That really made me mad and
Now I inserted my middle finger in her pussy she
screamed with both pain and ecstasy, as she was virgin
she could not bear my finger in her phuddi. I found
the she was very hot like furnace inside. Finally I
could get her clitoris and started stimulating it, her
clit was big as big as a peanut and was glistening
pink in the fade light. I massaged her clit with my
thumb and after a while she started moaning very
loudly, it seemed she had never had such pleasure
before this in her life like me, her breathing got
heavy and then suddenly she just closed her thighs
tightly trapping my hand between them, she was now
gasping and said Bhaiya I can’t take it any more,
something is happening to me, I knew she was having an
orgasm because I could feel her juices wetting my
hand. I licked her juices off my fingers she tasted
marvelous, I then rubbed my wet and sticky hands on
her boobs and then stuck two fingers in her mouth, she
tasted her own juice, I now sat with a leg on each
side of her stomach and put her hand on my growing
She now held my Lund and started rubbing it on
her boobs, then she let go of my Lund and held her
boobs from the sides and pushed them together, this
formed a nice cleavage, I got the hint and I stuck my
Lund in that valley and started making fucking motion,
precum was oozing from my cock which provided
lubrication and my cock started moving easily between
her boobs, on my up strokes my cock would cum out at
the top of her boobs and Punam would stick her tongue
out and lick the head of my Lund, the sensation I was
getting was fantastic.
My cock was now once again
fully erect and was ready for some real action, I tit
fucked Punam for a while and then I removed my Lund
from her cleavage and gave my Lund in her mouth but
she resisted and removed from mouth instead of
persuading her for the same I started rubbing my Lund
on her thighs, she was loving this and was making sexy
sounds like ah ah ah ah ah , the room was filled with
such sounds and the scent of our sex mainly the
exciting scent that was emerging from her phuddi.
She then took my Lund in her hand started rubbing it
moving my outer skin up and down and then touched the
head of my penis on her pussy lips, the sensation was
out of this world, she was now pulling at my Lund
trying to insert it in her cunt, after a while when
she found she was unable to take my cock in her cunt
she said Bhaiya please fuck me, I spread her legs with
mine and thrusted my hardest penis in to her cunt, I
was unsuccessful, because both were virgins and ‘New
Lads to Sex’.
Patently, I spit on my hand and applied
that spit to my penis to lubricate the passage. She
then hold my penis and guiding into her passage. I
thrusted my penis with a vigor to reach inside
ignoring her loud noises. After a many unsuccessful
attempts at last, my penis reached deep inside into
her hole, and she shouted of pain. Now she was no more
virgin. As her screaming was increasing, I immediate
smooched her to stop shouting. She started biting my
mouth deeply of pain but I was more generous to let
her does that! After a stand still silence, I
gradually started moving my buttocks in and out of her
phuddi. I was approx. 4 inches in her pussy and
realized that she is very tight in her pussy.
I pushed my Lund completely in up to the hilt, she has
now gulped in my big seven inches long and 3 inches
girth penetration deep into her phuddi than ever
before, she was in some pain but at the same time her
life long wishes of having sex- like everyone- were
being fulfilled, I could see her satisfaction, her
eyes were closed and mouth open and was gasping with
ecstasy, her boobs were sexily dangling and the sight
was erotic.
I started giving her slow strokes and I
found she is moving her butts to meet my strokes and
take my Lund as deep as possible, my Lund was going in
her choot very swiftly and that sound of fucking was
natural music to my ears, she was steadily moaning and
urging me to go deeper and fuck her harder she said
Bhaiya please fuck my choot harder I want you to rip
my cunt apart, your Lund is big and thick it has
stretched my choot to its limit, please fuck me
harder, then she put her right hand between her legs
and massaged my balls and it felt very good, I in turn
with my right hand found her sensitive clit and rubbed
it and that took her to her second orgasm.
I could feel her cunt muscles were contracting and
they were holding my cock tight, as her orgasm
subsided I started ramming her again and this time I
was fucking her hard and fast, she was now shouting
with pleasure, her tits were violently moving around,
I held onto her right breast and fucked her hard, we
were sweating like anything, I then took hold of her
hip long hair and pulled them and with that her head
came up I hold again tightly and started fucking her,
the sex was rough and there was pain for her but she
was liking it. I then decided to change the position
and asked her to come on top of me, we got into the
position and she started riding me, she was moving her
arse round on my cock, she had her hands on my
shoulder and I was massaging her tits, I was pinching
her nipples and at few times would suck them, my cock
was deep in her womb and our mixed juices were
trickling down my balls and arse.
She had now picked
up speed and was approaching her third orgasm and I
too was near to cumming, she was now moving her hips
up and down with my cock and finally with a huge grunt
she chummed and at the same time I also chummed deep
inside her pussy. She was still kept on fucking me,
and then collapsed on my chest, she was kissing my
chest and neck and was thanking me for a great fuck,
we lied there stuck to each other for about 10 mins
and then she slowly got up, my cock came out of her
choot and some blood was dripping their and with that
my cum started pouring out of her choot, my thighs
were full of spunk and blood mixed together she saw
this and was somewhat frightened and went to the
I was just lying there recovering from a great
workout, my cock had shrunk and was lying loose
between my legs. Punam came back after 5 mins with a
wet flannel and cleaned my cock, balls and thighs; I
then kissed her and thanked for allowing me fulfilling
my desire after such a long time. It was now 11.30pm
we were relaxed but still naked and sat on the sofa,
she went to the kitchen and bring a coke for us from a
fridge, she then sat next to me and said Bhaiya will
this bleeding hurt me? I said, ? No way! It usually
happens first time only. Next time onwards you will
only enjoy my Lund grinding your phuddi and that will
satisfy our hunger.
I further said to her Punam
remember this Lund is always available to you and
whenever you feel the need you can have it straight
way in your phuddi, then she said Bhaiya I am your
slave from today and I am available for you always
till my marriage, Today I don’t know who will be my
official husband tomorrow but for me today you are my
true husband and I love you from the bottom of my
heart, I was well pleased hearing this and we went to
bed with sweet memories and slept kissing and hugging
each other. . The next morning I woke up at 8am and
found Punam was left the bed earlier to me, so I
finished my morning chores and the sat in front of the
TV sipping tea made by Punam, I did not had my bath by
this time though it was 9.30 morning, I was just
lazing around the house waiting for the the next
chance as my memory was recalling last night’s drama.
Soon my granny rushed to temple saying she will be
back by 12 noon. I was overjoyed. I called Punam, but
she called me in a kitchen as she was cooking
something. I went there.
Sitting on a chair of dining
table, I asked her if she was having any guilty
feeling about last night’s happenings then I am sorry
for that but she said, no Bhaiya it is not like that,
in fact she was waiting for my move since very long
time. I was appalled with her reply for the reason
that I really missed something in my life otherwise I
would have fucked her far before…. I told her that I
really enjoyed last night and asked her if she liked
it, she ignored to reply so she just nodded in
affirmation. I stood behind her and hugged her and
said Punam,
I love you and you can get all the love you require
from me, my hands were on her stomach and I was
caressing her there, she felt a lot of comfort in my
arms, she then turned around and kissed me and said I
know you will always love me and I am very thankful
for that, I wish I could be with you all the time next
to me in my bed at night. I said I will be always
there for you but we must respect the laws of society
and be discreet about our love and keep our relations
secret hereafter, Now she was in my arms and her boobs
were crushed against my chest, after a while we broke
our embrace and she attended to the cooking again.
Once the meal was ready we come to the living room,
and there we sat close to each other, I asked her what
are her plans today, she said nothing is planned
except my routine tuitions in noon and in the evening
I just have to cook food and rest of the time I am
free, I said that is fine today you will spend the day
with me as I my bunking my college today she said
that’s fine.
I went and sat next to Punam and took her
hand in my hand and started caressing it, I was
wearing paijama’s and no underwear inside and my cock
was getting harder by the second and soon a tent was
prominent, she saw the tent and asked, ?is it me or
the someone in dreams?? I said ?it is you, I have
watched you many times seeing this tent?. She smiled
at me and then put her hand on my Lund over my
paijama’s, I was rock hard and precum was oozing out
and wetting the front of my PJ?s, she asked me to take
my PJ?s off so I could be more comfortable,
I took them off in a flash and stood nude from waist
down in front of her, I asked her to stand up and she
stood up, I went closer to her and unzipped her top
and removed it and then undid her salwar and let it
drop to the floor, she was now standing in front of me
with only her panties, I hooked my thumbs in the panty
elastic and pushed them down she gracefully stepped
out of them and then came closer to me and removed my
shirt, now we were naked our clothes scattered on the
floor, I hugged her and my cock wedged between her
pussy lips, her tits crushed against my chest and our
lips French kissing, we fell on the couch and started
caressing each others private parts, we did this for a
while till Punam was hot once again and then as
expected she said to me Bhaiya fuck me, I said I
intend to fuck you Punam but before that we need to do
something she said what, I asked her if she had ever
thought of shaving her pubic hair? She laughed loudly
as she remembered the earlier episode as I kept my
shaving kit in the bathroom. She said you penalize me
by cleaning your shaving kit I may be the first person
in the world who cleaned the kit before shaving
because she had never shaved her hair before; I asked
her if she would like me to shave her hair? She said
if you want to, I don’t mind it will be something new
for me.
I said ok then I went to the bathroom and got my
shaving kit, I asked her to lie down on the carpet and
spread her legs, I laid some newspaper below her butt
and she lied on it, first I trimmed her all long pubic
hair from her pussy to her entire anus region. She was
very dark haired in her buttocks slit. First I trimmed
them all with scissors. I then observed her entire
private parts. Smelled and licked her pussy up like a
dog up to her anus. I liked that salty taste feeling.
Then I applied some foam and shaved off all her hair
with a razor except a small bush at the top of her
pussy, I then asked her to shave my Lund hair which
she did very erotically, while shaving my hair my cock
got erected she-at her own-back the foreskin took my
pink head of cock in her mouth and sucked my precum
for first time, I liked it very much. We also shaved
each other’s armpits and that added pleasure.
the shaving session we cleaned up and again sat
together. I pulled her onto my lap and she leaned on
my chest, my fully erected cock was between her legs
inches away from her pussy, I stood her up and asked
her to spread her legs, she did that and then I kissed
her on her pussy smelled her pussy inhaled the
intoxicating aroma into my nostrils until I felt fully
satisfied, she had her left leg on the sofa besides me
and I was between her legs, my face was comfortably in
line with her pussy so I found it was easy to lick her
choot, her pussy lips were thick and fluffy and her
clit was hidden under the hood so I stimulated her
clit with my finger she started moaning and within
seconds her clit was out of its hood. Now I took her
clit in my mouth and sucked it hard and then almost
bite it in ecstasy. She yelled, it must have pained her so I apologized, I
again started sucking her clit and at the same time
inserted two fingers up her choot, she was enjoying
the dual pleasure she was receiving from me, I was
sucking her clit hard and finger fucking at the same
time. Soon I felt her thighs were shivering as she
reached her orgasm. This orgasm was so intense that
she could not stand up on her feet so she felled on me
and I gladly held her in a tight embrace. After a
while I sat her on the sofa and I knelt between her
legs and rubbed my Lund on her choot, I was rubbing my
Lund from top to bottom of her choot and whenever I
touch to her clit I was dabbing my Lund head on it.Soon her pussy became wet and sticky with her juicesand my precum, after doing this for about ten mins I
shoved my entire Lund in her choot vigorously, a
scream came out of her mouth, my whole Lund was in her
choot in a second and I stayed motionless for a few
minutes, when I knew that she has accustomed herself
to my big Lund I slowly started fucking her, with
every stroke her hard tits with light brown nipples
were bouncing up and down and I like to see the tits
bouncing while I was fucking, I was massaging her tits
while fucking and she was moaning like hell, beads of
sweat had formed on her forehead and she was getting
really hot, I increased my pace, My balls were hitting her arse and the feeling was
great, my knees were rubbing on the carpet and I knew
that I will end up with carpet burns on my knees but I
did not stop I wanted to fuck Punam to my hearts
content. I now was fucking her at my fullest speed and
she was asking me to stop but I ignored her pleas and
kept on fucking her, I was nearing my orgasm and so I
increased the speed and then with a grunt I unloaded
my cum deep in her choot I spurted; jet after jet; of
my spunk in her that filled her phuddi and the spunk
started coming out of her choot, she said your spunk
feels nice and warm in my choot, I kept her choot
plugged with my Lund for a while then removed my Lund,
she realised that there is too much spunk I unloaded
inside her phuddi so she ran to the bathroom to clean
up, I followed her and saw her squatting in the bath
and pushing my spunk out of her choot, I got in the
bathroom and turned the shower on, we both had a good
shower and came out and dried each other and relaxed
in each others arms on my bed,. By the time we were
tired and now physically hungry as Punam cooked the
food earlier it was ready to serve. So we had our
lunch together. After lunch for desert I lickedPunam’s pussy once forcefully. Soon the khujjat granny
comes to home and we stopped our love affair. Our
newly founded love is flourishing nicely and our
lovemaking is getting better and better day by day. We
are not afraid to execute novel experiments and doing
many things, which are our fantasies. In my next part,
I will tell you how we are enjoying our fantasies, so
guys watch out for the next part. Once again I am
thankful to the author of the story ?Sonal my behna?-
because his story inspired me a lot about
brother-sister affair which earlier I was thinking
pure sin. Only because of that story I could think of
having affair with my real sister and which in due
course is found very very exciting than I had ever
thought earlier. I would be happy to know if you are
doing the same affair with your brother or sister. If
you are in the process of forming such a relationship
or thinking seriously to form such a relationship in
coming future then I would like to guide you.
As the
story, ?Sonal my behna? inspired me to seduce my
sister likewise; if my this short story inspired some
of the guys or gals then I would be more than happy.


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