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Hi myself munna,20 years aged guy from Haldia. I am a big fan of ISS.I follow every story of this site and basically I love to read those incest stories which take place between mother-son. I follow this site for past two years. And today I got the guts to narrate my experience with my mom to you. I am a well built, tall guy. My friends say that i am very attractive in looking. And they also say that I am the resemble of my mother. Let’s use few words for my mother, Savi .
She is 45 years matured lady with good physic she have 36 31 38,looking very sexy .she is still look like a goddess in 45 years people still watch her when she walked through street. They specially noticed mom’s well shaped big ass chick. My father is average looking guy of age 50 years. But he still have sexual attraction to my mom and almost every night they watch blue film together and fuck using “kohinoor” condoms. He has a stock of condom and adult video-cd.
I have always a sexually attraction to my mom .I love to see her fair legs and whitish belly. As we belong from a village, so my mom, Savi use to wear saree she do change her saree in-front of me when I was child but it stopped when I was turning into a man. I don’t know the reason why she starts to hide her body from me but that thing increase my feelings to my mom increase ten times more. I started doing masturbation by thinking her.
One day in summer, my dad was out of station for his job. So me and mom were alone in home. The temperature of that day was very high so everyone was sweating badly. In evening when I was watching a film in TV, my mom told me that she was going to take her bath and she entered into bathroom and start the shower .Hearing the sound of shower-water I became crazy to see my mom taking her bath. My become more hot and my tool become harder. I suddenly got an idea. I went to the back-side of the bathroom there were one ventilator and i looked through it to see the inside of bathroom.
And ohhhhh god I never forget that picture my mom is taking her bath completely naked. The hanging boobs are become sexier with the touch of water. I can even saw her pink erected nipple her pubic hair is wet with water and the water falling down from her black pubic hair drop by drop. My cock was in its best size and it was paining me to kept my tools inside my short-pant. So took it in my hands and start to up-down the was cleaning her breast, armpit, thigh and back with her hand. I am mad to see that and just going to ejaculate, but shit……power was gone suddenly.
Some became disappointed. But what I had seen, was unforgettable for my life-time. From that day, I had only a dream. I want her badly. I want my mom as my sexual goddess. I start to behave like a man to her except behaving like her child. Start giving her accompany as much as I can. I waited to see her cleavage her navel while she sweeping, or bending to take a thing from the floor. I waited for so long to fulfill my dream. And it happened in my 19th birth day at my birthday a small party had been arranged by my mom.
Dad was out of home cause of her job the party was over at 10:30 at night. Then we decided to chat for a little while. Mom asked me about my college, my friends, etc. At about 1 am I feel so sleepy so I decided to go to my room but suddenly mom asked me to share her bed and make chat with her for more time. So I said her ok and we slept together and switched off the light after some time i asked about mom’s wedding she answered me very frankly.
Then I asked her why they use still the condom. She become shocked to hear that but after a little pause he open her mouth and told me that they don’t want to face any problem about pregnancy. I got courage I asked him another question ” why u watch blue film in night” hearing this mom become stunned she kept her quite. I asked her if she want to watch a blue film at that night or not. She said nothing in shame mom’s silence get me more courage.
I get up from the bed and switched on a dim light. Then I start the vcr and tv. I looked behind to see my mom in bed but his face was at the another side. I just saw her big pulpy ass that facing to me. Me body become hot in excitement. Then i open the box where my dad kept those porn cd(i know that box previously and already saw every cd).I start to play a porn movie where a young guy fucks two matured lady. And then i went back to bed and increase the volume .The moaning sound makes me so crazy. ohhhh…….. yes…..fuck me…fuck my pussy….sounds were making by the movie.
My tool become so hard and it want some real things to make it satisfy. I called my mom to watch the porn. Firstly he refused my proposal but latter she took it she was watching the porn silently and breathing heavily .I was looking at her to see her expression and I felt that she was enjoying it very much. And then I broke the silence. I asked her to give me a kiss. She looked at me with anger but, I remembered her ” aaj mera birth day hai so plzzz mom, I want a kiss 4m you just kiss.then she said “ok”
After hearing her word I jumped on her and start a lip kiss ohhhhh god ,u r so kind, my dream was going to fulfill. Her lips are so soft and taste like strawberry mmmohhhhhhhhnnn…” She moaned softly. I get courage to go forward. I place my hands on his right boobs and start to press it softly while we are kissing each other.”ahhhnnnn ooooh” she moaned little bit louder. I took her tongue in between my lips and trying to was totally turned on she also started to kiss me vigorously.
I remove her pallu from her shoulder and placed my left hand in her cleavage…..ohhhhhh her body became so hot in lust. She was caressing my back and pulling my hair in charm. I then started to unhook her blouse. By this movement he suddenly stopped and push me back what are you doing ,son” its ok mom. I love you nothing is wrong”and jumped back on her and starting to kiss her like a mad and pressed her breast so hard that she cried in pain. I then unhooked her blouse so fast “ohhh son, it’s a sin……don’t do that…ahhh mmm”
I didn’t listen her. I knew that she was getting pleasure. And then I broke the kiss and looked at her boobs…….ohhhh dear, the perfectly shaped mangoes are wrapped in a white bra. I don’t waste much time to unhook her bra. Then I stared to kiss in her ears, neck and circling my finger around her dark brown nipple. The nipple were erected like a nut. And when i pinched them, mom made a loud moan in joy… ohhhh……sonaaaaaaaaaaaa…mmm….sssssssssss
I hold her hand and placed it on my cock…..she could feel my hardness from the cover of my pant she was fondling my cock and I feel so great. Then I unzipped myself and removed my pant and shorts too. I was in-front of my mom with my naked hard cock. She got pleasure to see 7″ thick cock. She starts to fondle it openly and starts to play with my balls. I was moaning “ohh, maaaaa……yessssssss……”
She then suddenly took my cock and start to suck it like a whore ohhhhhhh this pleasure can be unbelievable. My mom sucking my cock ohhhhh….after two or three mins I could not control myself any more .I ejected my white juice in her soft but hot mouth. She took all the juice and drink it .
two or three drops fall on her boobs. And now she is looking like a perfect rend. She took the drop of sperm from her chest and also drinks that.
I then removed my t-shirt too……and lied on mom. I was kissing her boobs madly. I pressing her nipple. Then I got down. I kiss her navel and fondling her belly now I could not wait anymore .I want her pussy.
I removed her saree. She is now in her petticoat. I lose her petticoat and removed it. She had not w any panty……so I finally get chance to see her pussy…..ohhhhh .She has a shining pubic hair. With-out wasting time I start to kiss there. I inserted my tongue in her pussy and making fun with her round, big ,ass…..she is now making moan like a slut”yaaaaaaaaa…..oh janu my son…..teri maaa ki bur chaatle…..ohhhhh……maa ki pyas bhujhade beta…..”
It smells very hard and that makes my cock hard again. I then insert a finger in her pussy. And by one hand I was pinching her nipple so strongly. She was already very wet. My finger entered in my mom’s hole quite easily. I gave her a finger fuck for a ten mints. She then ejaculates her nectar. I had drunk it passionately then I looked at mom…..she was smiling at me like a real prostitute oohhhhh….meri mother-fucker……mat sata aur…..meri chut ko aur mat gila kar…teri lund dalde ,beta……teri maa ka chudai kar le.”
By hearing that i placed my cock in her pussy lips and kiss her in her throat. I then pushed my cock little but as mom was totally wet ,so my cock entered in her hole partially. I then started to increase the pressure on my cock and my mom also following my cock by lifting her hips and ohhhhhh mmmm ysssss…….it was all inside. I then start to pumped her pussy. She was making noise in pleasure. I speed up and now I am fucking her like a horse faatch ohhhh we did it for 10 mins .and then we change the position she lick my cock before making doggy.
I fucked her in doggy style around 10 min more and that time mom cried in lust and she cum twice. I was slapping her butt and applying saliva in her ass hole with my index finger. She was thrilling in pleasure. And then we made a change. I lied on the bed and she sat on me and fucking me like a bitch her hanging boobs are like gas balloon……I was holding them and pressing them while I enjoying the time and after 5 min I cant control myself….I told her that I am coming so she made my cock free and took it in her mouth. I close my eyes and tied her hair and giving her a mouth fuck and ohhhhhhh mm….
I throw a big load of sperm in her mouth….she took it in her mouth for a while and acting like a porn star…..and then she drunk it……beta……kya energy hai tere me……..kaise choda mujhe….I can’t believe that, my son can fuck me like that way! and then she cleaned my cock with her lips and then we slept naked together by hugging each other next day I fuck her three time and spent our time being completely naked and from that day me and my mom makes fun whenever we get opportunity any girl or lady wants to talk with me or wants anything special…..then please mail me at
Hi I am Shailendra once again with a new story with my elder sister in law ( my wife’s sister ). My wife is a bank officer working in Coimbatore and visits house only during weekend ( Saturday and Sunday). So I have to look after my son. On Monday night I received a call from my wife that her elder sister Lavanya is coming to Chennai on official visit for 4 days and I have to go and pick her up tomorrow morning.
Next day I went and picked her up returned to my home . she went to bathroom to freshen up meanwhile I prepared coffee for her she said thanks and felt sorry for troubling me. I said nothing and happy to serve my beautiful SIL. She laughed and then went to take bath in the guest room while I went to my bedroom to do the same. After 15 minutes she came to dining table , we had breakfast. I dropped her at the office where she has to attend the training program and said that I will pick u up in the evening.
While I was in office I received a call from my wife and she said that her sister birthday is next day and she asked me to buy a saree for her sister if possible because she has not celebrated her birthday since her marriage due to her family problem at least she will be happy this time . I said ok. Later in the evening I went to tnagar and bought a chilly red color saree with zardosi work. I went and picked her up went A restaurant had some tiffen and returned home she went to change her dress while I went and changed to shorts and cut bannian.
I came to the hall and was seeing the tv while she came and sat in the nearby sofa. My wife called and talked to her sister. It was around 11.30 pm she said that she is going to sleep and said good night. I repeated the same and said sweet dreams. She smiled and went away. At around 12 o clock my wife called me and asked where is her sister I said she is in the guest room . she said u go and give the saree . I said ok u just be on the line I will go to her room. I knocked the door she opened and asked what is the matter. I gave the phone to her and said happy birthday she was stunned .
She was talking to my wife after 30 minutes my wife said goodnight and cut the phone . I gave her the saree. There was tears in her eyes she said thank u very much it was after 5 years that she is celebrating the birthday. I took her to the bedroom where I kept a cake for her. She cut the I took a piece of cake and kept it in her mouth. She too took a piece and kept it in my mouth. She sat on the bed and was crying . I consoled her . then she got up and hugged me and thanked me once again .
Then she saw another packet on my bed and asked what is it. I said it’s for my wife that is your sister. She asked can I see it. I said u should not scold me . Why am I going to scold u and took the packet and took out the cloth from it . It was a transparent nighty with a bra and panty . she saw me and smiled. Does she wear it. I said yes during weekends. She was still looking at it. I said if u want u can take it. She said She loves to wear such cloths but her husband does not like it. I said u take and keep it whenever u feel u wear it.
She took it and went to her room. I switched on the tv and was watching the star movies. It was around 1.15 am when I switched off the tv I saw still the light burning in the guest room . I went near the room and opened the door , there she was in the transparent nighty standing in front of the mirror . she saw me I too saw her. I can’t help recalling beautiful face, her perfect body, soft & succulent flesh. And standing there at the door, I already feel my cock throbbing inside the pants
What are you doing here ? she said I closed the door behind me, locking it, and look around. Her eyes are wide open, just looking at me. You’re beautiful I said Standing just a few feet away, I believe I detect the sweet scent of her lovely skin. Oh, she was trembling, her lovely, slender legs are shaking slightly as I stand there, staring at her. “Please,” I want to kiss u tonight . “No she said . Please. Don’t.”
Slowly, I walk towards her, my cock swelling in my pants. She turns towards the wall she says shailu please go this is not right. I went near her. and grab her hand and pull her towards me. Yes, I can smell her now: The sweet, intoxicating odor of female flesh. Whimpering quietly, you try to put up a fight, but you’re no match for my strength, I kissed her on the shoulder she slightly moans . I kiss her neck then her ear while kissing I place my hand on her breast and circle around her nipple.
“No,” you sob. “Please don’t.”
It have forgot all their feelings some 4 years ago. I will not able be able to control my feelings. She begged but I did not stop , my erection has grown too large to fit inside my pants, and I have to zip down to let my cock out. You stare at my cock: Even half-erect, it’s huge. I stroke my cock. I like touching myself while you watch, and soon I have masturbated myself to an impressive erection: A big, swollen cock, all ready for you I said .
She was just staring at me . I took off her nighty over head and kneel down and grab her panties down and quickly pull them off. I sniff them greedily, savoring the smell of her lovely, young pussy. Then I throw them on the floor. I lay her on the bed and kneel down and spread her legs.
“Nooo,” she whisper.
But I lean forward, and I can see her pussy: Her have beautiful, young pussy, a soft, inviting slit crowned by a tuft of hairs. I can even smell it: A spicy, delicious womanly scent.
I have to taste it, and I lie on the bed, my face between her legs. As my lips touch her labia, she gasps. My tongue starts licking her flesh, and the taste of young pussy makes my mouth water. Slurping and dribbling, I lick her slit vigorously, exploring her fleshy lips with my tongue. I drink the taste of her pussy, making her labia all wet and glistening with my saliva.
I make my tongue hard and force it in between her labia . she moans uncontrollably. Moving my head up and down, I slide my tongue in and out of her pussy. In and out, in and out, yes, my darling, fucking you, fucking you with my tongue.
“Nooo,” you whimper, “nooo.”
The sound of her pleading voice makes me even more excited. My cock is swelling with lust, but I want to make you wait. Instead I pull my tongue out of her pussy and slowly insert a finger into her pussy. Slowly, carefully exploring the soft insides of her tender flesh. Then I slide it back out. And in. And out. Slowly fucking you with my finger, rhythmically massaging the moist walls of her sex.
she was writhing on the bed. She was trying to fight the sensations of pleasure, but it’s no use. My finger keeps moving in and out of her. I hear her gasping with every stroke, louder and louder. I feel her getting wet, deliciously wet – allowing me to slip another finger into the yielding wetness, fucking her deeply and thoroughly with two fingers. I look up at her face. Her eyes are closed, her face flushed, her lips parted, trembling. Now she was more beautiful than ever.
“Oh, please, no,” you cry. “Ohmigod.”
Sensing she was about to come, I increase my efforts. I poke my fingers rhytmically in and out of you, sucking and smacking at her succulent flesh. I feel her fingers grabbing the back of my neck, forcing my face into her pussy. I lick and lick at her slit, finger-fucking her at a mad, relentless pace.
“Ohmigod,” she scream. “Aaah! Aaah!”
Yes, my darling. You have come. Her body lies writhing on the bed, shaken by a powerful orgasm. And slowly I let my fingers slide out of her hot pussy, dripping with her juice.
I lie on my knees between her thighs, watching her beautiful face transformed by ecstasy. As she finally open her eyes, I begin playing with my cock again. She was still breathing heavily, recovering from her orgasm. Her pretty little mouth hangs open as she watch me stroke my rigid shaft.
Yes — I will fuck you soon. I said
My cock is fully erect, and her sweet, succulent pussy is only inches away — wet and inviting.
Slowly, I guide my cock towards the mouth of her pussy, letting the bulging head rest against her labia.
“No,” you whisper. “Please, no.”
But her hoarse, pleading voice only excites me more, and I let my bulging cock plunge into her slit.
The size of my excited cock stretches her pussy, filling every inch of her sex.
Oh no, my darling: With both hands, I pin her wrists to the bedspread. Ah, yes, my darling: I gasp with pleasure, as I feel my cock plowing through her soft, velvety flesh. I fuck her slowly, savoring the sensation: In and out, in and out, letting her feel every inch of my hard shaft.
Do you feel me, my darling? Do you feel me piercing her moist slit, fucking her in a slow, but insistent rhythm? She was writhing beneath me, sobbing loudly as I keep thrusting into her.
You are beautiful, my darling she said . Her sweet face grimacing slightly from the strain, eyes shut. Like an animal, I lick her face, tasting her sweet female skin. I lick her breasts, suck on her little, hardening nipples, then I bite into one of them.
“Aaah!” you shriek, wincing slightly from the pain.
I increase the tempo slightly, hammering the entire length of my cock in and out of her with every thrust. Her breathing increases, too, until she was gasping for breath in time with my strokes.
I withdraw completely and look down at my cock: It is hard as steel and glistens with her love juice.
Impatiently, she raise her pelvis towards me, offering her hot, yielding pussy to my cock. Again, I want to tease her – and again I can’t resist. I cup my hands under her ass and force my erect member into her again, making her scream out loud.
I’m grunting like an animal, as I fuck you hard and fast. You tremble uncontrollably, as I plunge into her over and over, letting you feel the power of my thrusts.
“Oooh,” you whimper, “oooh.”
Yes, feel me, my darling, feel my cock. Feel how much I lust for you, how hard you make me. Oh yes, I want you to feel every throbbing vein on my rigid shaft, as I fuck and fuck and fuck.
“Oh, my God,” you moan. ” please…………… slowly”
It is time, my darling, I can’t hold out much longer either: I feel my cock swelling, ready to discharge. But I will control myself until I’ve made you come again. I hammer my cock into her sopping slit, counting every stroke
“Aaah!” you scream, as you climax, kicking her feet beneath me. “Aaah! Aaah!”
Her perfect body tensing up with pleasure, her face reflecting the ecstasy she felt. Just a few more thrusts, and I, too, will give in to orgasm. In hard, fast strokes, I bury my cock inside her again and again, until I finally feel myself coming.
Ahhh. Ahhh yes. Ahhh.
As my huge cock starts contracting, semen pumping out of my swelling cock, my cock starts jerking wildly, piping hot sperm. My gift to you, a thick, creamy gift, brought on by her beauty and my lust for you. I said Her eyes open wide she pulls me over her and bites my cheeks and says thank u very much . she takes her hand towards my cock and pulls it . My cock still half erect. She said I thought u r finished we were finished, didn’t you, my darling? I said no, tonight you will be fucked again, hard and deep, until it makes you come once more.
You utter a pitiful sound of protest, as I turn her over, making her lie face down on the bed. Her perfect little ass sticks out invitingly, and I slap her ass-cheek hard with my hand:!
“Aaah!” you cry.
I look down at my cock: It really is remarkably hard. I stroke my shaft a few more times – then I get up and walk over to her bedside table. I browse through the drawers, looking for a coconut oil , and eventually I find it”No,” you whisper, looking over at me. “No, please…”I walk back to her bed, I spread the lubricant over my cock. Then put my fingers into the oil bottle and take and gently force them into her ass, applying the slippery substance to the insides of her tight little hole.
As I assume the position behind her, my bone-hard cock glistening and smooth with lubricant, I hear her whimpering softly: Please, don’t. Not tonight.” I grab her ass-cheeks and slowly force them aside, revealing her tight, lubricated hole, and my cock twitches with excitement. Placing the tip at the entrance to her ass, I apply pressure, slowly pushing forward between her ass-cheeks. Gradually, I feel her muscles relaxing, letting the head of my cock enter her ass.
“Nooo!” you cry. “Stop it! Aaah!”
God, it feels good. My cock-head feels so good inside her ass, swelling and throbbing inside her tight, slick opening. Absorbed by lust, I ignore her cries, driving my cock deeper into you, eventually burying the entire length of my hard shaft inside her ass. “Nooo!” she whimper, impaled on my cock. Slowly, I pull all the way out and then back in — and out — and in — slowly, slowly, fucking her ass she sobs helplessly, her ass muscles stretching around the girth of my huge cock, as I plunge into her over and over.
I hear from her breathing that she’s getting excited, too. She is gasping for breath, turned on by some sinful combination of pain and pleasure.”Ah. Ah. Ah,” she pant in time with my strokes as I fuck her ass. I feel the head of my cock swelling madly, her return tightly clenched around it, as I drive my cock back and forth. I grab a fistful of her hair and increase my rhythm, plunging into her ass faster and faster. It’s so tight. So incredibly tight. And by God, it feels good.
I’m sweating from the strain and the excitement, the sweat running down my body, lubricating my cock even more, as I keep hammering into her ass. As I look down, enjoying the sight of my huge cock impaling her ass, I see her little hand, trembling between her thighs, as it slowly begins massaging her juicy slit. I keep going, relentlessly hammering my rigid tool into her tight little hole. Her moans of pleasure are getting louder. “Aaah! Aaah!”
She scream out loud, as the climax hits her. But the sight of her violent orgasm is just too beautiful to behold. As I feel the semen bursting out through my swelling shaft, I force my cock deep into her ass, holding still, savoring the unbearable tension, before I explode inside her clenching tightness.”Unnnh!” I yell. “Unnnh!”Ah yes, my darling.
Finally my orgasm subsides. And slowly, slowly, I slide my still semi-hard cock out of her ass. She lie there, exhausted, breathing hard, face down on her bed. After 10 minutes she turned towards me and kissed me and said this is the best birthday gift I had had. I am going to stay here for another two days please fuck me as much as u can I am your whore for the next two days . Mail your comments to To be continued….
emorable Threesome
AUTHOR: huma
Mukesh was 26 years old “ghar jamai” (husband living with his in laws). His wife Ishita worked as a Manager in a firm where she had to go on weekly tours and Mukesh found it hard to stay without a juicy woman like Ishita to fuck. Mukesh ran a Video store where he had employed a servant. At home beside him and his wife was his Saasu Maa Yashodha, a 45 years old always horny slut who had become a widow a year ago. Yashodha was 5 feet 4 inches tall, full body with terrific tits, nice legs and a big tight ass. Worse thing was Yashodha had to spend a lot of time with her son in law. Ishita was expected back from her tour today. But no one knew exactly when.
Another thing that made matters more difficult was that Yashodha had seen his daughter and Mukesh fuck at night many times. She had just gone to drink water at midnight when she had head their fuck sounds. Curiousity forced her to peep and what she saw there, was still fresh in her mind. Mukesh had bent Ishita kile a bitch and fucked her from behind. His thick long cock moved in and out of her daughter’s shiny cunt like a piston. What shocked her was the words they spoke. Mukesh was fuckinh Ishita as she was saying,” Ufffff….beta…dheere..maderchod…aram se chod apni maa ki choot…taras kar apni maa par maderchod…tera lund kissi gadhe ke lund se kam nahin hai, Keshi beta..” Mukesh went on fucking her daughter and said,” Yashodha Rani, jab apne bete ka lund kha hi chuki ho to ab nakhre kion karti ho, Saasu maa…Keshi beta tujhe aur teri beti dono ke liye kafi hai….Kitni tight hai teri choot meri chudakad Saasu maa!”
So, her daughter and son in law were playing roles! Yashodha had always called hin as Keshi beta. Ishita was treating her husband as her son. The fucking couple were faking a relationship and what aroused Yashodha was that she was one of the characters. Yashodha’s cunt was wet as she saw Mukesh’s cock move in her daughter’s cunt. It shpwed that the handsome Keshi beta loved his mother in law and lusted for her. Being mother in law of such a stud who lusted for Yashodha was dangerous and risky.
Yashodha Rani was a woman with a desire and hunger for a young cock. Shew began to lust for her daughter’s husband more and more. She wanted him more with each passing day. Mukesh too wanted his mature mother in law when he was without his wife. He was searching for excuse to be with her physically. He never missed a chance to feel his Saasu maa’s ass or tit.
Yashodha understood the actions of her Jamai raja. She wanted him too. Sexual tension grew between the two and she thought of a plan. She faked a back pain to get him give aback-rub. As soon as Mukesh heard it, his jeart jumped witth joy. ” Maa, apne kapde nikal do. Main aapki peeth ki malish kar deta hoon(Take off your clothes. I will give you a back-rub). Yashodha asked him to take her clothes off as she cant do it herself. He removed her blouse and began massaging her back gently. He removed the bra on the pretext that it would be soiled if not taken off. Yashodha lay on her stomach as her son in law rubbed her back, his fingers brushing her boobs very often.
She relished the feel of Mukesh’s young strong hands. He often brought his hands down to her ample asscheeks. She felt her cunt go wet and her mind fancied her son in law as her fuck partner. ” Keshi beta, mera petticoat bhi uttar do kahin ganda na ho jaye” came another invitation to the horny son in law.” He smiled and undid the chord of the petticoat, bringing into view her beautiful asscheeks. He touched those asscheeks now covered by black silk panty and said,” Uttar to pehle hi deta main lekin socha ki aapko bura na lage.(I could have taken it off but thought you would be angry)” Yashodha knew that it was time to come into the open,” Why should I be angry? You are my son and it is notyhing wrong if a son touches his mother. Fel free with your mom, Keshi beta”
Mukesh felt that his Saasu was getting turned on and his semi-erect cock brushed against her back and thighs. Yashodha knew he was getting hot. The feel of his warm breathe on her back was stimulating. The feel of his dick rubbing against her was encouraging and arousing her.
The sexy mother in law was filled with lust. The taboo touches were increasing desires in her lustful mind. Mukesh had been massaging her back for 10 minutes when she decided it was time to go for real action.
” Beta, mera petticoat uttar do aur panty bhi(remove my petticoat and panty too). Give me a body rub, your hands feel sooooo good on my body, Keshi!. He obliged, removing her clothes as instructed. He saw his Saasu maa as a naked, well-developed woman.
He dutifully rubbed her body. Young hands were on his mother in law’s lower back, asscheeks and shoulders. “Ooooo!” she softly moaned to the caressing of her son in law’s hands, “Yes. That feels wonderful. Beta bahut aram milta hai mujhe, keep rubbing me!”
His crotch rubbed against Yashodha’s soft ass. Her bare ass skin was feeling good. His young cock began to stir, as his hands touched the forbidden warm, soft skin. His shaft began to grow longer and thicker. His long rod was now fully hard. He continued touching it against her soft ass crack.
“Ahhhhh, Keshiiiiiiiiii….gooooooood…it feeeels soooooo goooood….touch meeeeeee…..touch mama… are sooooo goood son” she softly moaned and turned to face him and wrapped her arms round her son in law. Mukesh knew she was hot, horny and ready. He put his arms round her full body and kissed her on lips. She brought on hand between his thighs and held his erect cock and then she fumbled with his pajamas, opening them to bring her son in law’s cock out. It was hot, hard and throbbing in her hand
Her son in law’s hard dick told her the plan had been successful. The horny widow kissed her Damaad back sucking his tongue into her mouth as her own breathing increased.
“Ahhhhhhhh! Maderchod(motherfucker) touch meeeeee….I am burning Keshi beta….Treat me like Ishita…..Make me yours…….Ohhhhhh Beta I am hungry for cock!Give me what you have been giving my daughter…..oooooooo son fuck me….fuck Yashodha” she stiffened as louder moans escaped her lips.
Mukesh moaned, “Oh, maa, I have been waiting for this time for a long time…I wanted to fuck you….Ishita wants it too….I have been fucking her….calling her by your name…..she wants to cool your horny cunt…she wants my cock to fuck you and your daughter…she knows you have an itching cunt…she wants you to get cock at home and not outside…ohhhh my Yashodha Rani, I lust for you….I love you, Maa!”
His hands touched her nipples and turned hard. He knew instantly that his mother in law is ready to fuck. Mukesh needed no other encouragement. His hand dived into her swollen mound.
Yashodha lay flat down her legs spread even wider. Keshi rubbed the forbidden pussy as the widow moaned loudly. He lowered his head and kissed the wet juicy lips of the wet pussy.
“Oh Bhagwan…..Keshi beta…..,Behnchod… kar raha hai……Teri maa ki choooot…..chus maderchod( son, oh sister fucker suck my cunt)” she groaned as he kept kissing her quivering cunt lips. ” I cant wait…son fuck me…enter my choot…..fuck your mother…son…pleaseeee…fuck me!”
Mukesh raised his mouth from the wet cunt and patted her swollen cunt mound lovingly, makin his mother in law shiver in excitement. Mukesh placed his cockhead on the taboo cunt and pushed the swollen head against the glistening pussy hole. A mature, slender back arched back to receive her daughter’s husband’s cock. The young cock then enters the wodow’s cunt.
“Oooooo maderchod….fuck me…pel do maderchod(fuck me motherfucker) It so so beautiful to feel your cock in my hungry pussy….son fuck me….Keshi beta chod mujhe…..!” she moaned even louder, “Oooooooooh Keshi beta…chod apni maa ko!”
Mukesh was aroused beyond limits and shoved his cock hard into his motherin law’s cunt. His cock fully slipped inside of the mature tight wet pussy. It felt wonderful! He held her asscheeks hard in her hands and fucked his mother in law who was grunting furiously under him.
“Oh Sasu maa…..bahut mast ho tum…apni beti ki tarah….Ishita bilkul randi hai…tum bhi randi ho kia…..bol Saasu maa? (Your daughter is a whore…are you a whore too maa?),” Mukesh was grunting.
Mukesh began to fuck with steady strokes. The hard cock would go deep with each repetition.
“Oh Bhagwan….yes…Yashodha is a whore….I dont care…..fuck me like a whore if I am a whore…..your cock is deep in my cunt…..fuck me harder…the whore needs your cock in her hot cunt…..Keshi beta……chod Yashodha ko,” she hissed hotly, “Your feels so nice in my choot.”
“Ughhh!” Mukeshl grunted feeling his mother in law’s pussy tightening around the hard cock, “Oh Yashodha yes! You are a real whore like your whore daughter”
His thick cock droves deeply into a mature pussy. “Ahhhhhhh! Yes, I am a whore, my son’s whore…but this whore loves her son…I am fucking my daughter’s husband…yes beta I love your cock moving in my cunt” she was groaning loudly, “Yesss, my Keshi, yesssss!”
Yashodha’s body began to shudder as her son in law kept pumping his rod into her hot cunt. The hot pussy tightly held onto the long thick cock shaft. Her legs opened more to accommodate the cock of her son in law.
Her cunt felt hot and tight. Mukesh began to fuck faster. His large balls slapped against the soft, firm ass cheeks. With growing lust he pumped his widowed mother in law,driving as deep as possible with each thrust.
“Oh son, I am cumming!” horny widow shouted into the room, “Cum for me! Fuck your mother…..cum in my cunt…..fuck….cum in my choot…Fill me with your sperm” With eyes closed and arching ass, she grunted, “Yes! Yes! Fill your mother’s pussy with your sweet seed!”
Mukesh felt a stream of sperm is rising from his balls. He knew within seconds a stream of cock juice would be spraying into his Saasu maa’s cunt!
“Ahhhhhhhh!” he moaned as the first hot cum erupted from his cock.
Yashodha came and came as Mukesh felt the sensation of feeling the hot cum splash into her hot womb. The horny widow tensed as a climax captured her body. She trembled uncontrollably.
“I’m fucking you Yashodha Rani!” he was saying. “I’m ramming my Saasu maa like a whore! Ohhh fuck you…I am cumming in your cunt”
“Yes you are filling your wife’s mother!”
Mukesh fell onto the bed next to Yashodha. Both were panting heavily and smiling. Their bodies shone with sweat.
The lust filled widow was not content yet. She quickly flipped around as so to face the taboo cock. She made him sit. Her experienced lips captured the young throbbing rod and she sucked his limp cock.
“Oh Yashodha, let me rest….no dont stop…suck me….you are a wonderful cockscking slut….suck my cock Yashodha Rani…suck me!” he said feeling his mother in law’s tongue slide across the sensitive cock head.
She sucked and licked the young dick with enthusiasm. It was time to taste her son in law’s hot cock with her mouth.
“Oh Yashodha, you are making my cock hard….Ohhhh bhagwan,” he moaned, “You’re a damn good cocksucker. But let us go 69 and let me taste your beautiful cunt”
She adjusted to the instruction as she placed her cunt against his face. Yashodha was lying on top of Mukesh and was sucking his cock greedily. He ran his tongue into her dripping cunt. Yashodha fervently took his rod deep into an experienced throat. Her tongue caressed the pulsating shaft. .
Yashodha was now straddling his young face. A dripping pussy pressed against his mouth, and she was enjoying her son in laweating her hot cunt. Mukesh was hungrily lunging his tongue into the hot cunt. He tasted his cum as it leaked from the hot hole. His tongue played with her swollen clit.
Just as Yashodha felt the trembling his cock ready to explode, the door opened suddenly as the couple lay in a heap and Ishita entered the room.” What teh hell….ohhhh my God….Mukesh….Mom…What is this….Ohhhh mderchod…you are fucking my mother….behnchod…Mukesh…you are fucking your mother in law! You bastard…….what are you doing?”.
The fucking couple stopped at once, too confused to cover their nakedness, Yashodha’s big round ass still shining with sweat, Mukesh’s cock still in her mouth, their eyes open with shock. “God, when did you come Ishita. I was only giving her a back-rub and then we lost control and…..I am sorry darling…I could not help it….Sorry Ishita!” Mukesh muttered, cunt juices still dripping from his mouth. “Let’s not fight beti, I asked him to rub my back and we got carried away…It is all my fault….dont say anything to Keshi. Please beti, humko maaf kar do!” cried Yashodha.
” So it was you who stared this fuck mother? I knew it. I knew you would not be able to live without a cock for a long time….You have a bitch’s cunt mother. I know it because I have inherrited a bitch cunt from you. Like mother like daughter. Mukesh, lets be fair. I cant stay without a healthy cock too.I fuck my partener on my tours too. I forgive you fr fucking my mother. Dont you call me a whore? I am a whore, just as Yashodha Rani is a whore for you. Do you forgive me for having fucked men about whom I have not told you? If yes, I forgive you for fucking my mother. Rather I would be glad that oyu have fucked my mother when she needed a hot cock”
Mukesh had not expected anything like this from his wife. Bloody hell. His wife had been fucking men at his back1 But he too had been fucking around when she was gone. His mind was in a turmoil. Should he forgive her? What if he did not? He will be turned out. Now if he played along, may be he can have noth mother and daughter. “OK, Ishita, I forgive you. Will you forgive me? I wont do it again, promise, OK?” He said at last. ” OK, husband dear, agreed that we forgive each other. But your cock needs a pussy when I am not here, dont you? And Yashodha needs a cock, doesnt she? I order that you fuck only my mother and no one else in my absence. That way mom needs her share of cock and you ger your share of choot. ok? And another thing, I dont fuck every Tom Dick and Harry on my tours. I only fuck my Seniour Manager Mr. Gupta. I hope you dont mind. I fuck him because I get raise after raise from him and he fucks pretty good, I hope you like this arrangement”
Mukesh wasn’t mad. He was as turned on as hell. Did he like the arrangement? Do I leave them to it? Do I watch? He rose and hugged his wife, kissing her before his motherin law,” Yes Ishita, it suits me fine as long I have your beautiful and sexy mother as my fuckmate. I dont care if you fuck Mr Gupta or anyone else. I know I love you and Yashodha. Now you dont have to call me beta whilew fucking you as I have got my real Saasu maa. Lets celebrate our new arrangement. Lets have our first threesome. Lets drink to this lucky chance.” He was hugging Ishita and Yashodha joined them, their hands wandered all over each other. Yashodha undressed her daughter and touched her daughter’s boobs, her engorged nipples pushed at her mother’s hands.
Mukesh’s heart pounded in his chest. His erection strained as the daughter and mother touched his cock and felt his balls. He kneaded the soft flesh of his wife’s boobs. Ishita writhed with pleasure. His excitement took over him as Yashodha cupped his balls and asked him to fuck her daughter’s ass- as a gift from a mother on joining in a threesome.” Keshi beta, you have fucked my daughter on the wedding day but tell me one thing. Have you taken Ishita’s ass? Have taken her anal cherry?” He said no.” I want you to take her anallly. A woman does not submit to her man until she has been fucked by her man in the ass. Ishita, get on your hands and knees. I have to lubricate your ass otherwise it will be painful.” Mukesh felt his heart pound.
Yashodha unclasped her daughter’s bra and threw it to one side. Her nipples stood up. Next she slid Ishita’s panties down, revealing her wet pussy. She touched Ishita’s pussy, stroking it.
Yashodha instrucked Ishita to bend down on Mukesh’s cock and suck it while the horny mother sucked her daughter’s asshole. She slid a finger into her ass. He felt his wife stiffen. Yashodha dipped her finger into cold cream and began a slow fingerfuck of her ass. Ishita closed her lips on Mukesh’s cock who fondled his wife’s boobs.
“Saasu maa,” he huskily whispered, “Finger fuck your daughter’s ass slowly. Rotate your fingers inside her whore ass…Ishita seems to love your fingers in her ass…use more cream…..make her ready for her first anal fuck….open her ass for my thick cock meat…Teri beti ke baad teri gaand bhi chodunga…Yashodha tumne mujhe ek naya rasta dikha diya hai(After fucking your daughter’s ass, I will fuck yours…You have shown me a new way).”
Yshodha’s fingers moved in and out and around the puckered ass hole, making her writh. “Oh god, Mom!”Ishita cried, “You’re dong fine, fuck my ass, mom. His cock is all hard and ready now!”
Mukesh frees his wife’s mouth from his cock and moves to the back where her ass is lifted up for him. Yashodha replaces Mukesh in front of her daughter’s mouth and spraeds her cunt to be sucked. Mukesh held Ishita’s hips firmly and placed his cock at the enterance of her asshole. The lust filled husband pushes forward slowly, making entery into the virgin ass.
“Ohhhhhhh! God!” she moaned. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh….mom…..aaaaahhhhh….slow…..gentle…..Mukesh…behanchod dheeere…..main mari….it pains…bastard….slow!” she squealed in pain, “Oh Bhagwan! slow!” she screamed out of pain. She felt as if a thick log had been pushed into her ass.
” Relax your ass, beti…it is painful….relax your ass….Be gentle beta….take your time…Ishita is taking your cock well, just a matter of time, Keshi beta” guided the mature widow.
Yashodha’s hands reached up to cup her daughter’s boobs and feel her hardening nipples. Mukesh saw his rock hard cock go in and out of his wife’s ass as he began picking pace.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Ishita screamed out in pain and lust, “Ohhhh Mukesh…keep fucking me! Oh god! keep fucking my ass….I love it in my asss…fuck my ass…meri gaand……your daughter is loving his cock in her ass…ohhhh maa!”
Her mother lovingly cupped her tit and pinched her hard nipples and the daughter ate her mature wet pussy. The room was filled with raw lust and sounds of sex echo the room. The smell of sex fill the room as Mukesh went on ramming his cock in the virgin ass.
As Mukesh watched his wife relaxed her ass muscles and stopped clenching her asscheeks together as she had been doing earlier. He slipped his cock deeper into her virgin ass. Ishita was muffling her moans in the pussylips of her mother who was cumming on her daughter’s tongue.
“You are my slut, Ishita, You both are my sluts from now on. My cock is deep in your ass” Mukesh growled into her ear in a husky whisper, “Your ass belongs to me.” Even as he was speaking he was squeezing her asscheeks Ishita felt her pussy spasm as his cock poundeed the depths of her ass. She began to push her hips back to meet his thrusts.
Ishita’s body was writhing as she wanted his cock deeper in her anus. “Ohh,” Kay moaned into the sheets as her fingers clawed at the comforter.
Mukesh now pumped hard and fast as he felt he was on the brink of his own orgasm. He loved to watch the tiny beads of sweat on her ass. She needed his throbbing cock buried to the hilt.
“Fuck me now Keshi,” she whimpered, “fuck my ass please, I need to feel your cock deep and hard in my ass…my gaand(ass).”
Kay could feel every pulse of her husband’s rigid cock as it filled her ass. She squeezed her asscheeks tight as he worked deeper.
“Keshi, you bastard, please fuck my ass hard! Maa, tell him to rip my ass…tear it…fuck it…. I need vhis LUND in my GAAND” she screamed and begged.
Mukesh grabbed hold of her asscheeks and spread them so he could watch his cock slide in and out of her asshole. His wife was in a state of orgasm as she bucked back to meet his strokes. He felt his balls slap his wife’s lower lips with each thrust. Ishita was about to receive her first cum in her ass.
“I’m going to cum,” he roared as he went wild fucking her asshole. His hands were gripping her asscheeks tightly and he thrust as deep and hard as he could go. Suddenly his cock spurted drops of cum deep inside Ishita’s asshole.
As the first shot of cum rushed into Ishita’s ass, she felt a new level of orgasm which was so intense that tears started running down her face as her clit throbbed. She couldn’t speak, moan or whimper
Hi all this is Ajith from Sri Lanka, i am a big fan of ISS and I am going to write this story this is not a fantasy or some imagination. I was thinking for the past 3 to 4 years whether I should post it or not but then i thought let’s put it so that others will realize that incest is prevalent and it’s not a bad thing. This story is about me and my aunty (mother’s younger sister) I am 33 now and my aunty(wife now) is 45.i call her Nelu, her real name is Neluka, Her stats are 38-32-36 very young looking even today, anyone who see her will definitely get her age wrong, many people think she is around 30 or 32.
She was a divorcee; my grandfather had got her married to a person much older than her she got married when she was 22. He was an alcoholic and she bore the brunt for almost 8 years and she decided that enough is enough and one day came home to our place middle of the night in a taxi. I was a bit too young and I was kept out of the conversation and somehow things moved on and years and years passed away. Eventually Nelu moved into her place and lived with our grandparents. They are about 3 hrs drive from where we lived, and we don’t see on a daily basis only once in 2 or 3 months we would visit them.
I finished my college and went to the UK to do my undergrad and i came home after 3 years and all my relatives have come to my place to see me, as I am coming after 3 long years. I saw Nelu and she immediately caught my eyes, she was wearing a nice cream and maroon shalwar kameez (it’s an Indian dress Sri Lankans also wear, as both countries share many cultural things) She came up to me and told me, so it took you 3 long years to see your aunty, I smiled at her and told not only you I am seeing everyone after 3 years including my parents. For that she told me but i am your special aunt and you should have at least called me and
Nelu started to complain. Somehow i managed to convince her that I’ll call her next time and the day went ahead. Grandma and Nelu stayed overnight but grandma was in a hurry to go but i can clearly see Nelu didn’t want to go but she had to as grandma can’t go alone and Nelu don’t travel alone either so they have to go together or stay together. Next day around 4 they started to leave and i also went up to the gate to say bye to them my parents were ahead of me and Nelu, she came with me and she held my hand she clasped my palm like lovers do, further she pulled my hand in such a way that my elbow was touching her breast, this gave me an instant hard on.
Then she asked me to visit her, she lives in a hilly station, a place called Kandy, the way she held my hand made me think of her in a different way. I never had a sexual feeling for her but now i liked her touch and i was excited. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, i was so much troubled and very next day i decided to go to Kandy, i told my mom that i am going to Kandy and she said ok and told me to take some stuff if i am going by car. I told yes i am travelling by car and took some stuff for grand. I told mom not to tell that i am coming to grand’s place as i want to give Nelu a surprise, I reached Nelu’s place i parked the car at a little distance so they won’t be alerted by the vehicle noise. I went up to the door and rang the bell and stood aside,
Nelu came and asked who it is and since there is no response she didn’t open the door, i again rang the bell and she again asked who it is, no reply and i rang the bell and this time probably annoyed she opened the door and when she saw me I don’t know where all her anger disappeared. She hugged me and i reciprocated and we would have been hugging for about good 10 minutes actually i felt it like a few seconds. I got so hot I kissed her lips and she responded without any hesitation. We broke off the kiss hearing grandma’s approach.
Then Nelu playfully hit on my chest with her fist telling grand that I came without informing them.
Nelu’s house is a big house it has 4 rooms and 2 storied, grand lives down as she is not comfortable climbing up and down. Nelu’s and the other room is on the 1st floor. I went to the other room to keep the bags, then Nelu asked me why are you keeping your bag there keep it in my room, then I asked her what if grand think if my bags are in your room, she said “doesn’t matter I will tell her that you are staying in my room”We chatted the whole day, and in the evening Nelu wanted to buy some vegetables and groceries so we drove to the city centre and bought the stuff.
Then Nelu asked me to take her around the Lake and we walked a quite a distance and she held my hand and we were like lovers. She told me that you have grown up and she said she is very lonely and that she likes me a lot and asked me whether i like her, for which I told her I am in love with you, Nelu that word really made her so happy probably coz she was alone for almost 9 odd years, it’s a long time for a woman to be alone. We came home had our dinner watched a bit of tell and I could see Nelu wants to call me to bed but she can’t coz grand is also watching and I was giving company to her. Somehow Nelu had it enough and said Ajith i am going to sleep now and
I am keeping my room door open come and sleep, as you must be tired, and she signalled me winking. I can’t leave grandma suddenly so i told after about 15 minutes that we should sleep grandma, there is nothing interesting today. I went to the room and as I slid the door she told me Ajith locked the door please, I switched the light on and straight away went to take a shower when i came out of the shower Nelu was sitting in her dressing table brushing her hair, wearing a light pink satin like transparent night gown. I went up to her and kissed her we started kissing and I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her over to the bed. I was wearing only shorts and bare bodied,
I grabbed her breasts and that soft touch made my 8.1/4 inch demon to bulge, she saw my bulge and started kissing me, i kissed her again and start to undress her, Nelu immediately removed the night gown which was barely on her for about 15 mins. I sucked her nipples for about good 20 minutes by which time she had an orgasm and was a wet a bit. And Nelu was so turned on she asked me to fuck her, but i told wait don’t be so restless, i am not going to go away, I’ll be with her for the whole night and perhaps for another few days, and for that she smiled and kissed me and whispered in my ears that she can’t wait till
I enter her as she has been waiting for this ever since she fancied me (i got to know, that she was fancying me for the past 4 years). I went down to her clean shaven glowing pussy, the sight of the cleanliness and the musk drove me mad and i started lashing my tongue over her wet pussy, the moment my tongue touched her clit Nelu writhed and her body shivered, she grabbed my hair and she begged me to enter her once and then do the foreplay. I was not in a mood to listen but she moaned and repeatedly begged me she said if
I do this she might cum again and she wants to climax with me together so wants me inside she begged me, pleaded with me, i felt so sorry for her coz i love her so i need to consider her feelings as well, so immediately positioned myself, Nelu was so desperate that even before i got myself positioned she spread her leg, i took her leg on my shoulders and she was puzzled and asked me what am i doing, i told her to keep quiet and do as i say, she said ok and i asked her to mount her legs on my shoulders and i went in between her thighs and kept my huge tool right at the entrance and asked her to hold me tightly and slowly
I started to plunge into her pussy, as soon as my cock head touched her clit, her eyes rolled up and Nelu went motionless, i placed my hand under her shoulders for a better grip as I know I am so hot and turned on that i will violently ram her pussy, so i wanted a better grip to mount and ravage her. Nelu was so turned on that she was making movements off the bed and that prompted and pushed my dick inside her pussy by few centimetres, i got myself positioned for my satisfaction and I started moving in slowly, Nelu felt so tight, felt like a virgin it made a little easy coz she was wet but still it doesn’t get buried the way i want, perhaps i am not pushing enough, I thought myself, i was struggling to penetrate
I said to myself sorry Nelu, if i try to be gentle I’ll never bury this monster in your pussy, come what may be i am going to ram you a little harder and with that thought in my mind i made a huge push and plunged my huge dick inside Nelu’s hot tight cunt in one hell of a force and that made Nelu scream and gasp for breath, it was such a brute force that she couldn’t stop scream that she wanted to stop screaming Nelu inadvertently bit my shoulders, at that time i really didn’t feel the bite, coz i was so embroiled in her lovely fuck. I felt like my dick has been gripped by a wrench, so tightly clasped.
I started to give long strokes, i used to pull almost out and then ravage again and bury to the hilt and i did about 6 strokes and Nelu told me she can’t hold it anymore, even i wanted to stay for sometime but i thought its nice to climax together so why not and started violently ramming her and i didn’t know what Nelu told me or whether she screamed or said anything to me, I did hear she was saying something but nothing went to my head, all i knew i was humping her like a horse and i felt a gush of warm fluid hitting my dick which excited me more and i immediately exploded with a thud and all i knew was i have collapsed on Nelu.
I laid there inside her for some time and pulled my dick out after about 15 minutes. I wanted one more round as i was so horny but i could see Nelu was so exhausted, so i didn’t want to trouble her so i pulled her close to me and i kissed her on her lips and she again whispered in my ears and said ‘thank you”, i thanked her as well we slept the night at each other’s arms. When i woke up Nelu was not there, so i got up and brushed and got myself ready to go down,
Nelu came up with an egg coffee (in Sri Lanka newly married couple were given coffee and egg) this she had made without grandma’s knowledge for obvious reasons. I drank the coffee and started kissing her then she pushed me and told me, you were so violent last night that you have torn me apart, i really didn’t understand what she meant, then i asked her she showed me her pussy which was red in colour and a bit bruised, i told her sorry for she told me “I begged you so much you didn’t even take it in your ear”
I told her that I lost my mind some point of time and said sorry again for which she said, “I will miss you after you go”, I comforted her saying I will take care of her, at that point she said “yeah one more thing and she said, last night i told you not to cum inside me and you spilt your whole load in me now i need to take a pill. For which I laughed and Nelu playfully said if i don’t you will father a child. I told her i don’t mind fathering or marrying her but not right now, for which she looked at me and she came up to me and asked me “are you sure or you just telling to comfort me”.
She asked me if I would marry her, I told yes and then she asked me if I am just another woman its ok but I am your aunt your mother’s sister, she said I really don’t have any issues coz I always wanted you in my life but what about others. I told Nelu , i need time and but not very long i asked her whether she could wait for a year that I will sort it out, she agreed knowing this is not going to be easy. I stayed for 4 days and all 4 days we had loads of love making, second night she told me she would only let me in if I would promise not to repeat last night violent ravaging,
She said “darling don’t get me wrong but please be very gentle today as its very sore, hope you understand and planted a kiss on me” I was gentle, even Nelu was not restless today and when I asked her she said “now I know I have a man who would satisfy all my needs so I know what I will get, last night i was coz i had sex after 15 years she said, though i was divorced for the last 9 years, i have given up sex a long time ago. Then Nelu came to our place in Colombo, but we couldn’t get much privacy as my place is full of people, she stayed for 5 days and we couldn’t anything as she was sleeping in my sister’s room, we did go out and in between we went to a hotel and we got laid there but it was only one day.
Nelu told me she wants to go home and whether i could accompany her, she asked mom and mom ordered me to take her this time i told mom that I’ll be staying in Kandy as Colombo is pretty warm and since i have come from the UK, I feel comfortable in Kandy. Hearing this Nelu’s face brightened up and she asked me for how many days are you going to stay with me I told may be another 2 or 3 weeks. So I stayed for 5 weeks at Nelu’s and we were like husband and wife, i really liked her and I felt like I am married to her,
We became close to each other and discussed many things and after living with her for 5 weeks I came home as my holiday is coming to an end i need to pack my bags so i was getting ready to go back to the UK. I had 1 year left to finish my degree as i was on a placement so my final year will end next summer. Nelu was so upset when it was time to leave, i know she wanted to talk to me but she can’t coz my parents were there all family members are around but I feel it that she wants to say something. At the airport she hugged me and her eyes filled and she whispered in my ears “I Love You, don’t forget me” and also told me call me daily, ‘I will wait for your call’.
I shook my head to acknowledge it. I went back to the UK, got busy with University as it’s the final year was so busy then my part time job etc. etc. Somehow i got so busy the next summer I couldn’t come to Sri Lanka, i finished my degree and applied for a job and i got a job a very good job so i couldn’t take leave as i was on probation, i told my mom and dad, my dad is trying to arrange a proposal for which I refused, when Nelu heard about this she immediately called me and told me, she told me if I want i can marry for which I blasted her off, i later apologized to her saying that if there is a woman in my life it will be only
Nelu, she was happy to hear this but at the same time puzzled how she is going to tackle this, she knows this is something out of her hand. I called her the next day and told her that i am happy with the work place and also the pay is good, benefits are good and i am happy, I asked her if she could come to the UK, and told her i want her with me, she said ok and she applied for a visa and she came to the UK, everyone was surprised when Nelu told she wants to go to the UK. I picked her up from the airport and went home, we are a couple here everyone think we are husband and wife and Even Nelu says if somebody ask she would say i am her husband. I ravaged her pussy the way i wanted, the very first time we made love in the
UK after her arrival, i plunged myself in her venting all my one year’s frustration in her pussy, i fucked her so hard this time as well, i positioned myself again put her legs on my shoulders and humped her to the hilt and back and i did this few times and, Nelu’s tight small pussy squeezed my dick out, I felt like my dick is clasped by a wrench, it was so tight I loved every bit of it, as soon as i felt Nelu is going to climax I know i can’t hold it back coz from our past experiences both of us know that, we enjoy climaxing together, so
I wanted to cum together and with one brute force and with a massive drive, i got buried inside Nelu’s sloppy cunt and we climaxed together, i shot my whole load in her, she has brought pills from Sri Lanka, but I told Nelu, here after you don’t have to use these pills, I didn’t let her take the pill and she asked me what if i get pregnant, I told her ‘Nelu, listen i want you to conceive this time no matter what, let everyone get to know it, we need to tell this and bring this to an end” One day after about 8 weeks into her arrival in the UK, Nelu phoned me while I was at work and told me she is sick, so
I had to inform my superiors and rush back home its about 20 minutes drive on the M4 from office, came home and asked her what it is and she kissed me on my lips and told me ‘I think i am pregnant, but i am not too sure, so i took her to the gp, and did a test and it was positive. Now Nelu is so worried I calmed her down and chatted with her diverted her attention somewhere else, took her to a nearby park so she’ll be relaxed. I asked Nelu to sit next to me, she happily sat next to me not knowing what i am going to do, I grabbed my phone and rang my mom, and i spoke to her as usual,
I call them on the weekend. After some chatting I told mom that I need to talk to her and confided in her that i am in love with Nelu, and that all this time she was living with me and now that she is pregnant by me, all hell broke loose and my mom started weeping on the phone and didn’t say anything, she said she wanted to talk to Nelu, i gave the phone to Nelu and the phone was on speakers, my mom didn’t utter a single word in a bad way, she actually loved Nelu so much but this is too much to hear, she asked Nelu how many months she is pregnant and upon hearing then she asked for
How long we have been carrying on etc, she listened carefully and she told Nelu i can’t scold you coz you are my sister and I can’t scold my son either. Both of them started weeping and mom told her now it has happened now you should not be crying, an expectant woman shouldn’t cry then she told Nelu if this is what both of you want i don’t mind but i don’t know how am i going to put up with Ajith’s dad. To cut the story short after all this turmoil for around 6 months, we took wings to Sri Lanka, by this time we have been spoken,
Debated, and even possibly abused by everyone concerned but who cares, we went to Nelu’s place straight away from the airport, that’s what even mom told us to do. When we reached home grandma and mom were there, they embraced us and grandma was very happy to see Nelu, she has changed a lot become much thinner though she was sporting a moderate bulge as she was 6months pregnant. We chatted for some time and mom told Nelu that Nelu is very happy after going to the UK and they were teasing Nelu,
Adding into the conversation grandma said, one day when Ajith was here during his last holiday I heard Nelu scream and now I know why, which made me and Nelu blush, Nelu was pleased that things are easing off. Mom and Grandma was busy looking for an auspicious time for the wedding, mom told even though dad is not happy, he has no choice but will come for the simple wedding ceremony that they have planned, it’s only a family affair, no outsiders are invited just an informal ceremony, mom said.
In August 2000,
Nelu gave birth to 2 lovely girls, yes they are twins, i was 23 and Nelu was 35 at the time, since then we have moved to the UK and now we are blessed with 4 lovely kids, in addition to the 2 twins (Anjika and Nilukshi) 3rd is also a girl (Yolandi) the last one boy (Ashan) who turned 3 this October. It took me 3 months to finish this story as i was busy and i had to write when the small ones are asleep as they don’t know the story yet also this is of explicit nature not suitable for small children. We are planning to go back and settle down in Sri Lanka as me and
Nelu feel this is not the right country to bring up children, may be next year around February we are planning to move to the blessed sub-continent. My advice is if you are in such a relationship, you should take the lead, at times women especially from Asian sub continental background feel odd to tell a man that she wants you, so if you are in love with your aunt, uncle, mother,father,brother or sister you have to be bold and take the right step.
I have read some stories in ISS, which are a pack of lies…but there are inspiring ones, there are many people who are indulging in this sort of thing but not comfortable enough to come out. Its been 10 years since we are married and we are happy, so don’t worry make the right decision you will get happiness in your life
Nurse Aunty
AUTHOR: csk5885
I m going to narrate a real incident which happened one month back in my life the name of my story “nurse aunty” in aunty category. I’m Jomi, a male nurse by proffession,25 years age working with a prestigious hospital abroad presently in india for my research and phd. Anita aunty and I used to work together in a hospital in India sometime back in India she is a sexy fabulous lady with right amount of fat and curves at appropriate places in her body in size 36-32-38″.her boobs are like about to pop out from her blouse, the ass swings when she walks lips like strawberry red and dripping honey,
She is 30 years, married and got a child of 1 year, her husband was working abroad. We used to enjoy out duty together she seducing and tempting me with her moves one day i was doing my work in the computer room where no one was there Anita aunty came & stood behind.”you are really a hard worker you might have got tired let me massage you” she told and started massaging my shoulders & coming down slowly on my chest underneath my shirt, I was enjoying she started moaning slowly ahhhhhhh…. Emm….your nipples are so……..
Warm she told. I was sitting on a chair, she came in front and sat put in her legs on both sides of my thighs we started kissing each other our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth I bit her lips in intimacy and blood came our from it i sucked the blood ahh……… You naughty boy she replied, I slide my right hand into her pants & caressing her ass, left hand on her Big boobs from above her shirt her moaning got louder “a press me harder fuck me emmm…. Shhh…”. She was rubbing her pussy(vagina) on my erected dick(penis) from above, her ass movements were getting faster as if we really are fucking on the chair she told she is about to cum.
But suddenly i heard someone coming we got up from the chair, it was a patient, I saw her pants wet I told her that & she got changed she told her friends that her periods are on and she forgot to keep her pads so pants got wet. I didn’t got an opportunity to fuck her after that. My contract with the hospital got over & I resigned and got a chance to go abroad to work there when i came back to spend my leave in India I got a call from a unknown number, it was Anita aunty after some talks she invited me to her new house which was recently build,
I went there their house was located in a place where no other houses were adjacent. I rang the door bell, Anita aunty opened the door she was wearing a red color saree she was looking like a newlywed bride we both sat close to each other on a sofa. I know she called me to have sex but was hesitant to make my first move she kept her hand on my lap & was rubbing my thighs slowly going up to my dick, it got erected, she hold it from above & started moving it up & down she told me Jomi I’m a sex starved women her husband bothers about her and is abroad from a long time she planted a kiss on my lips & told me
I’m completely yours do whatever you want today. I responded with a strong kiss exploring her mouth. I made her lie on the sofa and was pressing her boobs she told me to go slow as no one in going to come & we have a whole day. I removed her saree pallu & started kissing her popped out boobs she was moaning badly ahhh……. Emmm…..shh……..i need you i want your dick in my pussy fuck me………fuck me…..ehhh………I took her in my arms & went to the bedroom, I removed her saree completely & started removing her blouse even she was busy removing my clothes hurriedly,
Within sometime we were naked on bed. I went down to her bushy pussy and started licking it she was enjoying and told me that her husband never did that to her she refused to give a blowjob & I did not insisted her in doing that. She took my dick in her hand & guided it into her pussy this was my first experience i felt pain which was worth she told me to push it in not short I did that & she shouted loudly”yes  Jomi fuck me harder more harder”. I know she enjoyed that push our hips were moving up & down in one swing she took my hands kept on her boobs and told me to press harder her boos were so
Big it was not coming fully in my hands her nipples were erect. I started sucking her boobs like a small child as she was still feeding her child milk started coming out from it I drank the milk we both were enjoying her moans got louder & louder I close her mouth with my lips…yes…..yes…..she arched her back like a bow I knew that she is about to cum we both came together.
Her pussy was dripping the mixed milk of ours she rubbed it whole over her body & to my surprise she took my dick sucked & made it dry. We were tired so we lay down for some time she told me that she never enjoyed a fuck like this with her husband and thanked me for this. I left promising her that well meet again. For all those sex starved aunties in Bangalore don’t worry I’m still there I can satisfy you do write to me if you liked this my email id waiting for your feedbacks.
Love Between Mother & Son
AUTHOR: mugeembo
Rajiv was only 19 years old. Rajiv’s father name was Dipak and rich businessman in city. His mother Rupa was the house wife. Rupa was 39 years old now. She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly visit to clubs and gim. Rupa like to dress very conservatively. She understood the modern concept of sex and liked it better. Her husband Dipak was busy most of the time with his business, cannot give much time to his wife. Rupa was happy, but her sexual life was far from what she desires.
As a mother of a grown up son, Rupa hardly let her sexual urge to surface. She maintains a regular happy mother, happy wife kind of all around her all the time. Rajiv was a very good looking young boy and college student. Both Rupa and Dipak were very proud for their son. Rajiv plays hocky and was very athletic. When Rupa watch her son playing at the hocky on ground, running behind ball with hocky stic like a bull and Rupa could not hold back her tears from joy. She cannot believe that this handsome boy once was her little son who sucked on her breast. Rupa loves Rajiv more than anything in this world.
Rupa had slim and tight figure even at the age of 39.Her tight round big boobs add to her sex appeal. Her tight round ass something to die for she is just a sex goddess. Rupa think- I was fair, eye catching personality with added weights at appropriate parts with appropriate proportion I measure 37/29/39,I weight 64 Kgs,stand 5′.6″tall, I had firm boobs, with brown nipples, good big swaying ass. Rupa had been thinking about her own life many times. Her husband Dipak had lost his Interest in sex almost due to business from years ago. For many years she had been without sex or with little sex.
Somehow it had seemed tolerable for these long time but tonight it somehow seemed unbearable. She wonder if she will never again had sex in her life. She had thought of sometimes having an extra marital affair but it scared her What if somebody finds out? She did not want to take all those risks. But yet the fact remained that she yearned for a man today as she lay there beside her money powered husband. She need someone between her sexy strong legs. Her body urge for sex. Why so strongly? Rupa did not know that her son Rajiv was already dreaming for his charming sexy mother. What he say -The strange thing about it was that….. I really want to do pornographic things to my own mother.
I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to had my mother warm lips pressing on mine. I want to do gently massage her bare breasts. I want my mother with me on bed. Rajiv likes his own mother as lover. Where did it all come from? I grew up in India. My business man father was a mild mannered man who always worked in a mood of money. I show him many night he would pass out for business and He was good to my mother and I can see that my mother respected and loved him. But I sensed there was also sadness in her and at that time, I could not understand why. I helped mother out at every opportunity. I had a crush on her and this way it kept me close to her.
Mother always looked up to me for help. I was constantly chatting her up; I could see that she appreciated this as it helped to break the boredom of her day. Dad would go to business in the morning and the next time we show him after days passed. When he would come home tired after which he would proceed to rest. It seemed to me that the spark had gone out of my parents marriage. Don’t get me wrong, dad was loving father and husband also. but the romance that the earlier part of the marriage was rare in my parent life. All this started when I was studying in BBA college; so many friends of mine were waiting for me as usuval.
But From last 6 month I am spending more time with my mother not with friends. Six month before when I have completed my BBA 1st year exams and I had one month holidays. I get bored at home during the day time. Even my friends left for their places to see their parents. So I told about this to my mother. She said me to go to movies and go to your favorite play hocky as long as I want or go to grandfather’s house or visit your sister. I was not interested in going to grandfather’s house as my mother would be left alone. So I started to go to play hocky, than to movies and go to internet and spend lot of time at the net, nearly 2 to 3 hours daily.
I started to see all the sites about movies, education and some porno sites etc. One day I found this site as the someone who came before me might had opened this site. I opened one of the stories and started reading and this became my routine from then on. I used to read all the stories in all the categories with incest category also. I mostly like mother son stories. This makes my attitude changed towards my mother when I unexpectedly found this site. I read all the categories of stories but most liked incest from the first time. Initially I didn’t like this m-s stories but after some times I like only mother son stories.
After habituating to reading the stories, I started reading the incest stories only and really liked incest stories. I cannot explain the feeling I felt after reading the incest story. I was unable to see at my mother’s face in the evening. I couldn’t behave normally with my mothes. I cursed myself for reading such a story. My mind started to think only about the incest stories. I started reading only Mom-Son stories as I find them very interesting than other stories. From then I was seeing the woman in my mother. I saw the beauty in my mom. Her figure used to make me mad.
So I used to hug my mom for some reason or the other and satisfy the devil in me. But she thinks as a son’s love towards her. I and my mother used to go for shopping and movies. We behaved like best friends. I used to hug my mother on occasions like on her birthday or my birthday etc. whenever I hugged her she too used to hug me tightly. Rupa need sexual satisfaction but she never thought incest even she didn’t know about it. One day when I was in internet I got an idea. I thought of sending these incest stories of mother and son to my mother’s email id so I created a new mail id to send the stories. After sending incest stories to his mother,
Rajiv tries to note the changes in attitude of his mother. But I can’t find any change. I began to pay her compliments on her looks at which she would blush. As days passed my desire increased to had my mother in bed. I was regular to send her all types sex stories. Days went I can see changes in mother as she use to wear her nightwear in the absence of my father. First I thought I might be due to summer she might had wore the nightwear. After few day I found she had brought some new nigh ties and she even wears in day time also. Which exposed her big boobs. Now I also had collected lots of mom and son incest’s and send them to my mother. I fall on love to her and I want her body to love.
But I was very confused how to approach my own mother who had given birth. But due her dressing which revealed most of her big boobs. As she looked very beautiful now a day as she is just 39 and this was not a oldies age. And now a days I was thinking more and spend more time in house with her helping in some way to other. So after long way I thought I had to do something to get her so I decided to expose my cock to her but how? Rajiv do not know that his mother will find him naked twice within short time.
Rupa was well educated woman and used computer daily. One day when I was checking my emails on net.I received a mail from unknown mail address I opened it and saw there was a file attached to the mail. I click on it and saw there was sex story. I started reading it. I like that story. Every day I got this type of sexstories in my a/c. Rupa was habitat to read sexstories. She likes stories of sex between relatives. When she read love stories and sex stories of relatives like Bhabhis, SIL,MILFIL… she got hot and excited. Once she got strange story……After reading the first page I was shocked to see the content of the story. It was a son in love with his mother and trying to fondle her.
I was really disturbed by the story. I was unable to behave normally that day. After two days I think to read the story again. I started computer and I checked the other mails I received some more mail from the same unknown mail id in this two day. All those had some files attached of mother son. I thought them has an incest story and opened some of them. And they were the incest stories slowly but steadily I liked incest stories. So I planned to read story whenever i am alone at home. I spend the days reading these stories. I like all stories but thought about my own son was impossible and rare for me.
I was Indian woman where relation of mother son were prices. But my thought was changed due to some incident took place. A week later my son’s collage started and I was regularly reading sex stories on net. Every thing was normal and up to the topic until that day. It was Saturday I was home and my son had gone to his classes. I had finished all the home cores and had taken afternoon nap, at 4 o’clock I was awake. I thought to take a bath, I had took the bath, thinking no body at home and as the main door was locked I came out from bath semi naked and wiping my body with a short towel,
I was shocked to see my son sitting in sofa, he had entered home with a duplicate key he had and he was little early to home than usual. I was stormed, stood few seconds ashamed, and my son was glaring on my body, I was quite surprised he stood from sofa continue to see me. My son gazing at me as he gave me the surprise. He stood there for no longer than few second. However, I never forget the look on his face in that instant. He was speechless, stunned, his eyes wide open. He glanced at my large breasts, the nipples erect in the moist heat. His gaze then drifted to my whole sexy body. He looked up at my face. Immediately I ran back to bath room,
Then asked him to get my petticoat, sari and blouse from my room, he got me and I was out. After that we were failing eye contacts there were no much talks between us on that day. After this incidence, my son got his manly behavior?.He started to glare at me. I noticed him looking at my breasts, and ass at all possible times. I even had observed him displacing my inner wears. I never objected him. From When Rajiv was sixteen, with friend we already enjoy porn movies many times.
We read adult stories. I had been now daily visitor of ISS but I was too aroused from the day I saw my mother semi nude after bath. I saw the size of her breasts and her beautiful navel. My mom’s figure was 38-29-39.Imagine a beautiful lady dressing only in towel. Thought I had seen her body showing her breasts along with the exposed navel her thick satin legs for few seconds. I couldn’t take out her sexy figure from my mind. There was mother in her wet body wiping with towel around her waist and naked on the top.
I might had seen her semi naked boobs before but never saw her in that position. It was getting blood pressure me my head was shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she come out bathroom into passage to room. As she raised her leg, I could see a hint of her pussy shape underfed. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation toward room and I then saw her big breasts with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her tight nipples surrounding her most sexiness. My cock was pushing the fabric of my underwear to the limits.
She slowly turn back and her lips parted in a surprising as She find me gazing her. Her head titled back and her breasts jump up. I felt dizzy and confused at that time. This was my own Mother here. But she was half naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching my mother as she looked beautiful and voluptuous. My mother was an average horny lady. My mother figure is perfect, she had firm tight belly long sturdy legs, big breasts and wide hips to match. Her big boobs were bit tight and her waist was a bit normal.
Her shape was sexy than among most house wives in India. Her sexiness was more displayed with her buttocks and her body was moist with some after shower sweat. After that I was unable to behave normally with my mother for some days. She asked me the reason as I was not normal these days. I said nothing. She said if you had any problem say it to me and I will solve it. I said nothing. By the time I started noticing my mother’s feminine assets. I was already nineteen years old and built like a bull. At that age I was too possessive about my mother and always thought about keeping her safe between my thighs. After some days I used to go to internet to read these stories.
I was really getting hot after reading the stories. My attitude changed towards my mother. I use to observe her body in all the way possible. I use to watch the woman in my mom. I began to notice my dear mother in a different light. I was growing aware sexually and with some incident that bought, him to the realization that his mother Rupa was very sexy. She was really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. She was fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two could not be kept within her Bra and Blouse.
Most of the time when she was doing household work her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage was always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. As usual she was watching the T.V. movie and I couldn’t resist the temptations of seeing her boobs and fleshy thick thighs. Her tight ass was a bit big but goddamn sexy. All the males whomever seeing her will definitely dreams about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking her real hard. No exceptions. Then think about me. She was my fantasy woman. I know she was my mother. But couldn’t resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her.
To tell you the truth I was dying to had sex with her but always scared and think about the divine relationship of mother and son between us. Most of masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only. She had long dark hair, hair that reached to her round huge butts. And even having birthed two children she had a killer figure- 38-29-39. Her eyes were very dark and twinkled in good humor. But I don’t know how to get her.
I planned for so many things to get her. But dropped on those options as I want her in bed with her approval. I was thinking how to get her without concentrating on studies. Next early morning I walked into the bathroom and when I open the door I saw my son Rajiv drying off with a towel and the position he was in I could clearly see the his big cock, “O h my god”, his cock had to be at least 7 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, it was an incredible site, I never thought about my son like that before in fact I was totally against it, but the thought’s running through my head was making me a little dazed, I was dying for sex from long time.
It was very difficult to explain the thrill which ran through me as I watched Rajiv drying his strong body.I was tired of fucking myself with my finger. As any proud sexy mother, I kept to see his wonderful manly body. At night in bed I thought about morning incident. To be honest, he looked extremely handsome. That whole day and than nights, I got reimage my son’s strong body in mind specially his manhood. I also pictured in my mind’s, the image of my son as he gazed at my wet, half naked body after the shower incident.
It very quickly became clear that his expression was more than just normal adolescent male curiosity. It was the undeniable expression of lust that seen from men a thousand times for sexy look women. What was perhaps most surprising was not this realization but my reaction to it. I found myself pleasantly excited whenever I remained my son expression during that incident. The thought that I actually turned on my own son became strangely thrilling to me. My sex life had remained irregular to say the least. My husband perhaps assumed that we weren’t young anymore to had our share of fun once our son came out of the high school.
He was content with his quota of business, transcendental meditation and yoga. He seldom revealed his horny side and when he did, it was more out of his own personal compulsions. He had always remained predictable on the bed. He looked so methodical while having sex and it was never enjoyable from the start till he eventually groaned shooting his cum inside me. He wasn’t getting anywhere closer to what I normally expected from him. I kept telling lies to him that I had enjoyed his intimacy as was expected from a typical Indian housewife.
At 39, it was humiliating to resort to masturbating although it seemed the only option available to me. The fantasies about having a loud orgasm remained a distant dream. I had noticed even young guys and now I believe my handsome son staring at my rather large breasts also my full and round butt. Like most of the women who were born and brought up in India, I had dark, long hair that nearly touched my waist. My eyes were black and had long hairs. I was having milky white complexion. I like to wear bra and panties of latest design. I dress in nighty when at home in night. I pass my time in household work.
I was a housewife. I was missing the prince of the house very badly. But the fact that I am a married woman in a respectable family, had always prevented me from falling into relation to other than my husband. But some incident occur between me and my own son that and due to reading of sex stories more specially when I came across some fantasies of MOM and SON Incest relationship. After reading stories which i got regularly in my email and read them, so that my desire and lust to had sexual relation with my son increased and started working to make it true.
I often get urge for sexual acts, helpless in those nights where I was having desperate need for manly pleasures on my body. I was passing those hard days with masturbation, fingering myself. I too started fantasizing about my son when I saw him naked in bathroom. Rupa’s mind get horny. She noted sometime her own son gazing my breasts. I thought It was after he saw me in towel that day, from same day that I noticed that, while alone, Rajiv started paying more than usual attention to my breasts. Being used to living alone,
I was a little careless about my dress at home and on more than a few occasions, I found him peeping and staring at them. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on my tight boobs. I noticed that even while talking to me, his eyes made a regular stares on my succulent breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that, he would be embarrassed and then try not to look again. But again after some time, his eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. After all, he was also a sex-starved young man, I thought and did not give it much thought.
At first I thought, it must be only my imagination but when I observed and confirmed it, it excited me too in a strange way. As a Indian woman and a mother I was feeling little awkward but after reading fantasize for mom I too got daring to get my son inside me. I clearly note that my son finding woman in mine. I was really getting attracted towards my son. I was moving very close to him. But it was not enough to satisfy me. Rupa was thinking for her son.
Today noon I was alone at home. While going to college in morning Rajiv during breakfast told me that he will back in evening. Today she check her all email. With the new incest story of mother-son there were some images of incest fucking. Rupa had just checked thumbnails of images. She want to see all images but one of her neighbor came to meet her. So she had decided to check all images at night as her husband was out of station. In evening Rajiv checked history in computer when his mother was busy with neighbored. His mother had got story with images which he email to mother.
That night, Rupa was reading a story, an erotic incest of mother with her son. I found it fascinating and finished it in one go.  After finishing the story , I realized that my cunt was dripping with excitement. My choot was on fire and I had nothing else other than my fingers to satisfy my urges. But I wanted something real inside me. My fingers were not able to satisfy my desires.
I put off the table lamp and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. She did not know that her son was just left from the her bedroom door. He was there when rupa was fingering her cunt…..As Rajiv came to kitchen for drink water. When he pass near her mother bedroom heard some noise. It’s late night so he surprise and he turn to door. He peeped through key hole. Rajiv’s penis get erection. Her mother nude body was hot in room. She was reading mother fucking story on computer. She open images which she got with story. There were so many image of mother taking her son lund in her cunt.
Rajiv watching his mother’s horny fingering her own cunt. He was unable to get all view of her sexy mother. He now know that his mother likes incest and she was so sexy and too hungry. He get too hard on. He left when her mother finger stops. Now he has to relax himself. He was back in his room and open hidden box in cupboard and print out of incest stories and some pictures. He sit on bed holding his large penis in hand. In other room Rupa was try to sleep for some time. Then left the bed. I came out of my room. The mild cold air in her balcony had a freshening effect on me and I feel my body energized.
I noticed that the light is still on in my son’s room, which was at the up stair room’s balcony. His windows were though draped, but it was clear that he was awake. I feel curious. It was surprising that Rajiv was awake till now. I return in my room and go to up stair. I reach to my son room near the windows and try to sneak a quick look through the gaps between the curtains. What I see inside make me to excitement and embarrassment. Rajiv my dear son was lying on his bed completely nude. His eyes were in to a papers in his one hand and his other hand was massaging his rigid penis vigorously.
Rajiv was busy with his papers with some pictures of fuck and his hand was moving in rhythm. I feel ashamed in seeing my own son in such a condition but an underlying excitement prevent me moving away from the windows. My eyes were watching on his massive hard meat between his fingers. Rajiv’s penis was long and thick looking. My son has dark and thick hair and his balls seemed large and heavy on his thighs. A wild shiver pass through my body. I was witnessing the first penis after my husband’s.
My fingers automatically move between my thighs. I was getting wet very wet down there. My body was shivering with excitement. My fingers rubbing my wet cunt and I insert two fingers inside my hungry cunt. Looking at rock hard penis of my son I try to feeling as if my fingers are my son’s penis moving between my hungry cunt lips. Rajiv was busy in working on his tight penis now faster. I can guess that he may about to shoot at any time. I too sense my approaching orgasm. Suddenly, Rajiv moan “oh maa take it” excite in ecstasy, and large white cream start spraying from the tip of his penis on his chest and stomach.
His penis keep on jerking and shooting his love cream .My fingers were moving in and out of my cunt and intense orgasm shook through me. I was shaking frenziedly, and I feel my juice moving out of my hot cunt wetting my hair, my panty and then moving downwards towards my sexy thighs. I never feel such a state of delight. I remain there till I get back to my senses, my son had already wiped cleaning his penis and his thick cream from his stomach and was putting his nightdress back. Then he open his hidden box to keep all papers which I don’t know till now. When I lay on my bed, my mind was filing with the excitement of what had happened few minutes ago.
I had watched my own son masturbating and it had turned me on. I just could not believe that I too had masturbated while watching my own son. For a moment, I feel a guilty. “What am I doing?” I thought. “He’s your son idiot and you’re thinking of fucking him.” As I had read so many stories of mother son fucking my mind thought about morality of our culture. Image of penis of my own son’s didn’t erase when I fell asleep. It was a disturbed sleep and I kept dreaming about my son’s hard penis until I woke up next morning. Next day as soon as my son left out for his college, I quickly go into his room.
I open his hidden box and pick up papers and images and lying at the same place where my son had masturbate last night. I quickly flip through the pages; the paper were full of photos of fucking in every possible manner and papers with full of the incest stories, but what caught my attention was the captions of those all stories of mother son which I got in my email. Rupa highly surprised as she came to know that All these stories were download from that email address from where she got all incest stories in her email.
Each one photos appeared to be depicting the fucking between family members and among them most of the pictures were of mothers fucking their teenage sons. Last night my heart asking that you need sex, you may ready to fulfill your desire with Rajiv. But how Rajiv accept you? How I would ask my son to fuck my choot? I didn’t know whether he would agree to fuck the cunt of a thirty-nine years old woman. I was busy weaving my plans to seduce my son and never realized. It was difficult to say whether those photographs were of real mother and sons, but the message from the captions were crystal clear.
My mind began feeling with excitement; I could feel my cunt getting moist. My problem was solved by itself. My own son send me mother son sex stories. I could not believe it; last night my son was masturbating while probably thinking about fucking me. I felt euphoric. Last night, I had been thinking about my son’s handsome lund and now I realized that it could be possible. The papers of stories convinced me that my son also wanted to fuck his mom’s cunt. Just imagining that my son was thinking about fucking me, my cunt began twitching, and I again had to use my fingers to relieve the aching in my cunt.
Later I take all papers keep in as it is in box. Both mother and son were in search of man and woman in each other. Till now Rajiv loves his mother as a son and now he loves his mother as a lover. He desire his mom to make love as sexy woman. Rajiv wants his gorgeous mother in bed. He want his hand, palm to move on mother’s marvelous body. Till today Rupa loves her son as a mother. She was sexy by looks and more sexy by nature. Since long Rupa was unsatisfied from her husband. She had read so many sex stories. She like incest stories, specially mother gets satisfaction by their own son.
Rupa was getting excitement when she read this types of mom-son story. She thinks about her handsome son after story reading but she can’t more because she was mother of him. She born him. Now all her thought vanished as she know that Rajiv her own son send her mom son fuck stories. Rupa now know that Rajiv love her as woman. She fill proud for her self as her handsome son want her. She could clearly remind his big cock, his cock had to be more than 7.0 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, it was an incredible site last night. She never thought about her son like that before she came to know incest.
In fact she was totally against it, but the thought’s running through my head was making me a little dazed, I was dying for sex from long time.  She was tired of fucking herself with her own. Her mind was now think what I was fantasized about son was bad, this was sin. I should not think this type of relation with my son. This was not possible. She was very confused and in same manner she sleep because yesterday night was sleepless. She don’t know that tonight also will be sleepless for her.
Yesterday night Rajiv sleep well after masturbation watching photos of m-s fuck and reading m-s stories while imaging own mother as usual but last night he got more pleasure as he saw her mother naked and fingering herself. Her mother’s every part was so sexy. Tonight he also wouldn’t be sleep. What will going to be happen in next 12 hour due to that both mother and son will not sleep? DO you know what happened in Next part of story. Do you like story? My email
Sissss Ki Kissss – Part I
AUTHOR: Hardik.Malhotra2512
Hi readers…..Reading ISS for a lot of time…But was unable to add my stories…But now I’m adding my stories to this site..I have lot of stories to narrate you that happened in my life..But I will begin it the way it begin with me. I’m a 24 year old guy with average body type but ya I must say I’m not that bad as well..In my childhood days an my teenage I had a cute decent looks that’s y no girl ever take me in a sexy or naughty way until one day.. The day when I realized I’m also made for this..Made for some sex…
This is my story when I was in my 10th standard.. I was neither among toppers nor among tail enders in my class. I used to be an average student.. Always a bit shy not interacting enough with classmates an people around. And girls? I never had the courage to talk to them much.. There was a girl named Shivani(the lead of this story)..When we were in 9th standard when we were in same tuition. She was very close to mean we considered each other as Brother-Sister. She also tied Raakhi on my hand on the eve of raksha-bandhan.
She was one of the very few girls with whom i used to talk. Infact she was the only one with whom i used to discuss everything. When we were in 10th, we used to study math’s tuition together..I used to like a girl in the school those days…The girl was in different section.. many times i decided to talk to her and do friendship but never had enough courage.. Then i got an idea.. I told Shivani about her and told her that she do friendship with her so that through her i could become a friend of her.. And when the time will come I will also tell Shivani to tell her my feelings about her..So the very next day Shivani went around her class and found the girl..she asked her for friendship..
But the girl refused to even be a friend with Shivani..What the fuck I said the girl even refused to be a friend with a girl she don’t know then how will she be a friend with a boy..All my dreams shattered when my sis told me that she is a very attributive girl an there’s no way she will be a friend with me an its better for me to forget her..i sadly when to home. In the evening me an my sis were chatting through messages..Now i will tell u the conversation btw me an Shivani..
Shi: Bhai tu thik to hai na?(Bro are u okay?)
Me: Han yar thik hu bas thoda mood off hai(ya…i m ok but mood off a bit).
Shi: Chod yar usko..Uske bare me mat soch..tujhe koi or mil jaegi(Leave her..Dont think about her.. You will get another one)
Me: Nahi yar..mujhe kabhi koi nhi milegi..mai akela hi rehjaunga..( I know i won’t get paired…i will be alone forever)
Shi: Aisa nahi hai..dekh mai bhi to akeli hu.(Its not lyk dat..See even i m single)
Me:Magar tu to ladki hai. Tu to ek bar bolegi to tujhe 100 ladke miljaenge( But u r a girl..U will get 100 boys in 1 single minute)
Shi:Aisa nahi hai..Ache ladke milna mushkil hota hai.(No not like dat.. Its difficult to find nice boys)
Me: Ache ladke matlb?(What do u mean by nice boys?)
Shi:Yar tujhe to pta hai aj kal har ladka ek hi chij k bare me sochta hai( You know now a days every boy thinks about doing just one thing)
Me: Or wo kya?(And wats dat?)
Reading this from my is i was shocked.. How can she say this word so easily to her bro..
Me:Pagal hogai kya? Aisa tujhe kisne keh dia? (R u insane? who said u so?)
Shi:Mujhe sab pata hai yar. meri jitni frens k bfs hai wo mujhe btati hai.(I know everything..My frens that hav affair tell me dat)
Me: kya btati hai?(What do they tell u)
Shi:Yei k unke boyfriends unhe sex k liye kehte hai.(That their boyfriends ask them for sex)
By now i was enjoying the was getting from boring to in resting..An i was getting a little aroused by the way my sis was talking about all this freely to me..
Me:To unhone ne kia hai? (Have they done it)
Shi: kya?(What?)
Shi:hehehe.. kya woi?(What that)
Me: Sex yar
Shi: 1-2 ne(1-2 have)
I was shocked to hear that…how can a 10th class girl do sex at this small age..
Me: Sahi hai beta..Tune bhi kuch kar rkha hai to btade..(if u also had done something you tell me)
Shi: Pagal hai..Mai aisi nahi hu( mad by.. i m nt that typ of girl)
Me:Btade btade..Aunty ko nahi btaunga( tell me.. I won’t tell that to aunty)
Shi: kehdia na nahi kia( i said u na i hadn’t)
Me: Thk hai..kario bhi mat( don’t do even)
shi: kyu?( y?)
Me: aisei.(just lyk dat)
shi:acha mere baap..
After that day’s conversation we came even closer to each other…i used to sit in classroom with her only and we regularly had chat on phone…
Then after few months rakshabandhan eve came.. i was very happy..But Shivani told me that instead of tying rakhi on my hand in school like previous time, this time we will celebrate it at her home…i was even happier…i got to meet her at her home..
At around 3:30 pm i left my home to go to her home..i was walking and chatting with her on msgs..
Shi: kaha pohocha?( Where r u?)
Me: araha hu..raste mei hu( coming..on the way)
Shi: aja ajaaaaaaa mai hu pyar teraaaaaaaaa
Me: hehehe…kaunse wala pyar? Behen wala ya??( Wich love? Sister or??)
Shi: Tujhe kya lagta hai( WAt do u think?)
Me: Mujhe to dusre wala lagta hai..(I thnk the second one)
Shi: To dusre wala hi smjh le janeman..(So take it as second one)
With ths mesage she even added a tongue smiley
Me: Acha beta…Chal gate khol de mai agya..( OK..Open the door i hav arrived)
she opened the door an i quickly came in and she closed the door..
Oh my god…I was so amazed to see her…She was looking ravishing.. Tight jeans tight top..Her whole figure was making my mind think wrong about her.. I was not taking my eyes off her…She was looking damn gorgeous and sexy..
Me: oy hoye..Aaj kya khalia aisa?( Wow…Wat did u ate today)
Shi: HEhe…kyu aisa kyu kehra hai?(hehe..Y r u saying so?)
Me: Badi..(with a pause) soni lag rahi hai..(Looking very (with a pause) pretty)
Actualy i wanted to say sexy but couldn’t say so…
Shi: O thank u thank u..
Me: Uncle aunty kaha hai?(Where r uncle aunty)
Shi: Wo mama k gaye hai..(They have gone to uncle’s)
Me: tu akeli hai ghar pe?( u r alone at home?)
Shi: nah…tu hai to mere sath(Na… u r wid me na)
Me:Acha…matlb hum akele hai ghar me?( Oh means we are alone at home)
Telling this i gave her a wink..
Shi: Han..ab saari baate yahi karega? Chal upar..(ya..lets go up now)
saying this she startd moving towards the stairs…i followed her..When she was moving up the stairs i was behind her..i was watching her ass moving..oh i was feeling some movements in my jeans..I was totally lost in her ass movements dat i dont know that stairs were over and she body touched her bck body coz i ws still thinking its the stairs…
Shi: bhai shahab seedia khatam hogai..(Bro we r up now)
me:pta hai pta hai(i knw i knw)
She gave me a naughty smile an then start moving to a room…
Shi:ye hai mera kamra(This is my room)
Me: oh how nice…
Saying this she fall on her bed and said Or Ye hai mera bed(an this is my bed)
I sat on her bed..
Me:Bada soft hai yar tera bed to..(its so soft)
Shi: mujhpe isse bhi jyada soft soft chije hai(I have got even softer things)
Me:jaise ki?(Lyk wat?)
Shi:Dikha dungi..abhi to aya h tu(i will show u later..)
Me:ok madam ji
Now she stood up and then sat in front of me…
Shi: or bta ghar dhundne me koi dikkat to nahi hui?(Tell me was it difficult to find my home)
Me: na na…khoobsurat ladkio ka ghar mai asani se dhund leta hu( no no…i can find the home of beautiful grls with ease)
Shi: bas kar ab..kitna flirt marne laga hai tu.apni behen se koi itna flirt marta hai?(stp it flirty r u..Does any1 flirt with her sis so much)
Me: kisi ki behen itni sunder hoti bhi kaha hai..(an who’s sis is so gorgeous)
i dont know how these words were coming from my mouth…
Shi:Hey bhagwan..Acha or kitni sunder ladkio k ghar dhund chuka tu?(Oh god…and how many homes of gorgeous girls hav u found)
Me: Aaj pehla hai..(Its the first one)
Saying this i noticed a nice but bit naughty smile on her face..
Shi: Kuch Khaega ya piega?( Will u have smthg to eat or drink)
Me:piunga(I will drink)
Me:Jo tu pila de.(Wat ever u make me drink)
Shi:acha…susu pile…(oh really…dink pee)
Sayng this she started laughing…
I winked her again…
saying this she raised her hand to act to slap me…
Me: are…tune mehndi lagai hai..(hey u put on mehndi)
shi:are haan..tujhe apni mehndi dikhana to bhul hi gai mai…dekh(Oh i forgot to show u my mehndi…see)
SHe gave me her hands….I holded her hands with mine..seeing her mehndi and then looking into her eyes..
Me: bohot sunder hai(Beautiful)
And I bent little to kiss her hands…i kissed both her hands..she closed her eyes…
I started kissing her hands alternately…then i was licking her fingers…her eyes were closed….i made her lie down on the bed..And came in front of her legs..i raised her leg an started kissing her toes..she started moaning in pleasure..I kissed her toe fingers..she was making a little mmmmmh mmh sound…I was kissing her legs…She said ye kya kar rha hai tu(What r u doing).. I said tujhe pyar(loving u)…magar hum to bhai bhen hai na(But we r brother sis na) she said… haan the magar ab nahi hai(ya we were but not anymore) i said…hmmmmm…hardik mujhe bht acha lag rha hai(I’m feeling good).
I came up kissing her legs then I came on top of her…she was looking into my eyes…I was coming closer and closer to her…an then I kissed her on her lips…wow I was first time kissing a girl…I was licking her lips..we kissed for 5 minutes and then the kiss broke..she put her face on the other side not facing me….I put my face on her chest…suddenly the door bell rang….guys I will tell u what happened next in my next story…how I did sex for the first time and that too with my sister….
Being doctor to Madhobi-Di
Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.
I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.
Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.
It was few years ago, when I was studying in Rajshahi University. Though I’m a Muslim but I never like fanaticism and I’m not a fanatic with my religion. So I have many friends of different religion. I also visit their houses, eat, drink, sleep and all you my readers know if I get chance I don’t hesitate to go in bed with any kind of girl/lady. To me all are equal, all are human being, all are my friends and all are my relatives. Religion is a faith, everyone faiths as like his own believe, so nothing to argue there. As a result in the University I got many Hindu and Christian friends easily and they all are my very intimate.
One of my those friends, Monish was very close to me, we were residing in the same room in the hostel and Monish’s thought flows like me and I also took him at my house and he also visited all the places there. After that he opined to take me to his house to introduce me with his family. I also interested to meet with his family. His father is the head teacher of the only high school of their locality and his father daily attended the school which was very far from their house. He had two elder sisters and two younger brothers. His younger brothers also studied in the same school and went school with their father.
Both of is two elder sisters are married, but the oldest between them Madhobi-Di was divorced and resided with them after her divorce. The cause of the separation was her barrenness, as I heard from Monish, his Madhobi-Di was not so cute to look, so they did not give her marriage again. Now she is not interested to marry again and she did some handicraft and earned sufficient money for her own. I was very eager to see her because I honored the lady in my thought.
The main difficulty was the communication. Monish’s house in the village named Quabashi Idilpur of Pabna district. All who are of that locality know about the communication of that low land area. All over the year the land of the village became muddy except the flood season. It was so difficult to go that village except by boat in the flood season. There was then no road communication and the villagers travel only on foot mile after mile. So Monish did not want to take me in the dry (summer) season. Luckily the University remained closed for indefinite period for the political odd situation.
That was the flood season and Monish took the chance and offered me to visit his house. I gladly accepted and board in the train. After train there was a short bus journey and then we hired a boat. We reached his house in the dawn of the next day. The whole scenery enthralled me, Monish’s house was looked like an island from the far. Actually the whole village as far as my eyesight went was sunk under water and the houses of the cultivators looked like an independent island. Monish’s father cordially welcomed me and I soon introduced with his younger brothers, they were very gentle like Monish and they both became busy for taking care of me.
They had a separate guest house a little far from the main house, I saw such house at maximum cultivators’ house. After taking rest about one hour in the guest house, Monish called me to go inside his main house. I thought he would reside me in the guest room but my thought was wrong. He took me to their main dining room and there I met with his mom and his eldest sister Madhobi-Di. Being a Hindu family all of them cordially accepted a Muslim friend of Monish, it enthralled me. I sat on the table and the breakfast was served. While I was taking breakfast, Madhobi-Di looked after us. Once I saw her standing in front of me and she was staring at me, she looked so innocent that I could not replace my eyes from her face.
Madhobi-Di also stared at me without falling eyelids and at last she smiled an innocent smile. I got a shock within my heart. Madhobi-Di was about 5 years older than Monish, I counted that she was then just 26/27 years and she was with her husband only about 5 years. She got married at her 19 years age and after 5 years she was divorced and about 3 years she had been residing with her parents. She wore a nose-ring and it gave an extra beauty to her appearance. She was about 5’-6” tall and slim figured with 32C cupped breasts. She wore shari and blouse and when she was stooping to serve us I could easily guessed her breasts.
Village girls do not wear undergarments and Madhobi-Di also wore nothing inside her blouse and for that I clearly guessed that though she didn’t bear any child but her breasts were not plump but slightly saggy. I thought she regularly suckled her husband, which means she is very much familiar with fore-playing before fucking session. Her husband too utilized her breasts properly. This thought made me erected and I was repeatedly staring at Madhobi-Di and she also looked at me with inclined eyes and smiling. I got some positive signal from her and became very cheerful to think that at least my traveling would not go in vein. But I strictly took the decision that from my part I just show positive sign if Madhobi-Di willingly offered herself only then I will advance, otherwise not. After all she was my friend’s sister and not only was that she the eldest sister of Monish.
I was passing my days by travelling on boat and visited various places. I also went the high school where Monish’s father served and his two younger brothers studied. The school was very far from their house and it took about two hours to reach there. They went out at about 9 AM for their school by boat and returned at about 6 PM. They carried their dry lunch. Monish was always accompanied me so except some gossiping there was no chance to be closed with Madhobi-Di, it disheartened me. I also noticed that when we chatted Madhobi-Di always show some gloomy attitude and could not hide her exasperation about Monish’s appearance with me always.
As my good luck a strange occurrence occurred. After 5 days had passed, suddenly few men came with two boats at Monish’s house at the dawn. After few minutes I heard some crying from the inner house. I became very thoughtful about that and was waiting to know the reason. After about 20 minutes Monish came to me and informed me that his granny (mom’s mother) suddenly died with snake bite and his mother must go to see her dead mother. Monish would have to accompany his mother and he begged apology for my sufferings. I scolded him and told “Monish, why are you hesitating? I’m your friend also, you must go with your mom, I never mind anything and I would be fine here, after finishing all the funeral activities when you will return we enjoy again together. Don’t worry about me, I would not face anything disappointing here.”
Monish called Madhobi-Di and repeatedly requested her to properly look after me. Madhobi-Di also assured her brother not to worry about his friend and she would take all care of his friend. Monish departed with her mom and the environment became calm and quiet. At the fixed time Monish’s father and his younger brothers went out for school and after that we became alone in that house. I was in the guest house and Madhobi-Di was in the inner house. Once I desired to enter into the main house to see what Madhobi-Di was doing, but I suspended my thought soon. It may be harmful for me, if Madhobi-Di thought otherwise then it would be so harmful for me that the faith between friends would be spoiled.
At about 1:30 PM Madhobi-Di came to the guest house and invited me to go inner house to have lunch. I went into the inner house and saw that she arranged lunch for me on the ground, she spread a mat and arranged the lunch on it. When I reached she smiled and told “Ami chair table-e khaoa posondo kornia, matite matur pete khetei amar valo lage, sejonnei tomar jonnyo matite khabar sajiesi. Tomar somossa hobe na to (I never like to take food in the chair-table, I feel comfort on the mat on the ground, so I arranged your lunch on the ground. Would you feel problem)?” I smiled and replied, “No didi, I always take food on the mat in my own house. We never use dining table, it’s comfortable to me also, please don’t hesitate, I will feel very comfort on the ground.”
I sat on the mat and Madhobi-Di also sat in front of me. She was serving my foods, she cooked various delicious items for me, the cooking was so nice and she was serving sitting in front of me. May be intentionally she slipped her shari from her chest and I could see the mounds of her breasts. When she was stooping to serve me I could clearly see the cleavage of her breasts. Madhobi-Di’s complexion was not so bright but fair though she looked slightly dark complexioned, she tied a cotton band with her right arm and she wore some red glass bangles. She also tied a black thread at her wrist. Why she tied those I don’t know. May be she tied those for getting a baby when she was with her husband.
While I was having my lunch she smiled and told “Moni, tomar kono kisu dorkar holey Didir kase chaite lojja korona, tomar ja dorkar jokhon dorkar amake bolo, ami amar saddhyomoto chesta korbo, pore abar bolona je didir kase cheye paini (don’t hesitate to want anything you need, just tell me whatever you need any time, I will try my best, don’t tell later that you didn’t get your desire from didi)”. I smiled and told “No Didi, nothing would be required, though if anything need I’d tell you and I have nothing to hesitate to you”. She giggled and mysteriously told “ar didi Jodi tomar kase kisu chay, debe (and if didi wants something to you, will you give)?” I replied “why not, you are caring me so cordially, whatever you will demand to me I’d try my best to fulfill that, just utter.” She again mysteriously smiled and told “thik ase dekha jabe (okay let me see)”.
When she was stooping forward I was staring at her cleavage of the breasts, I think she noticed that but she didn’t cover her blouse with the shari, otherwise she was smiling and stared at me repeatedly. After finishing the lunch I went the guest house and as there was no work for me to pass time I lain on the bed to take a nap. In the flood season there was plenty of mosquito’s attack. They also bit at day time and it was very difficult to sleep without mosquito net. But the net was in the inner house and I had no intention to call Madhobi-Di to give me the net. I might go in a nap and suddenly I woke by hearing some odd sound. I silently opened my eyes and saw that Madhobi-Di was appearing there with a mosquito net and was setting it with the stands.
I decided to act like sleeping and not to know Madhobi-Di that I was awaking. She set the four corner of the net with the stands and then began to tuck the edge under the mattress. I was lying on my back so I clearly could see all activities of Madhobi-Di. She started tucking from my legs and then gradually increased towards me head. For stooping forward her shari was removing from her upper body and there was only the blouse, she wore a green shari with matching blouse. When she was tucking the net at my flank I could see the deep cleavage of her soft breasts and it made me erected. Luckily I was lying attaching my legs, I carefully suppressed my penis within my thighs which was just raising upwards, Madhobi-Di couldn’t realize anything.
At last she reached at my head, the mattress was stuck with the headrest of the cot, so it became difficult to lift the mattress for her. She stooped more and applied more strength to lift the mattress but she failed. But when she was trying to lift the mattress, she had to apply force and her body became downed and as a result her soft breasts were smashing with my face. After few minutes she sensed that and I think she became very horny fro rubbing her breasts with my face. Which was happening unwillingly, it turned into her intention next, Madhobi-Di realized that her breasts were rubbing my face and she sensed and her sex aroused as she was very familiar with those.
Madhobi-Di became very sexual aggressive and I felt her nipples became very hard and one nipple was poking on my lips, I was keeping shut my mouth. Madhobi-Di was acting like she trying to tuck the net but she was busy to poke her nipple into my mouth, she was pressing so roughly that her soft breast covered my nose and I couldn’t breathe properly. As a result I had to move to breathe and she understood that I woke up. So there was nothing to hide from her part, she realized and pressing her breast with my mouth she whispered into my ear “chuso (suck)”. At first I didn’t react and decided to wait for some time. But Madhobi-Di didn’t let me wait and she opened my mouth forcibly with her hand and inserting her hard nipple into my mouth again whispered “chuso, jore jore chuso, Didi etai chay (suck, rapidly suck, Didi wants it)”.
I had nothing to do otherwise sucking her nipple and I began to suck the nipple, she was hissing in ecstasy and then began to moan “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah”. I was sucking the nipple over her blouse and the nipple was covered with the cloth. Madhobi-Di then again whispered into my ear “lokkhi dada, blouse-er botam khule nao (dear honey, unbutton the blose)”. I opened my eyes and she was staring at my eyes, I saw lust she was staring with lustful eyes and smiling. I unbuttoned the blouse and she removed it from her body, then her upper body became fully bared.
Her soft breasts were slightly baggy and the nipples were short but hard. The nipples were surrounded within about 2 inches dark black circles, the circles were very supple to look at. I took the nipples with the whole black circle into my mouth and began to suck one and grabbing the other breast I began to squeeze, the breasts were very soft and very nice for squeezing. Madhobi-Di was then suffering from sex fever and her whole body was shuddering in ecstasy and she was hissing like snakes and moaning loudly. I was sucking and kneading her breasts and she then stretched her hand and untied the knot of my lungi and removed from there, my thighs were then bared. I kept my penis suppressed within my thighs but she held my knee and dragged to part my legs.
My erected iron hard penis got loose and sprung from the confinement of my thighs. When the penis jumped upwards she grabbed my penis and began to press my penis, I saw she was staring at my penis with greedy eyes. She then stood up releasing me and horridly removed her shari and petticoat and became starkly nude, I noticed that she shaved her underarm hairs neatly but didn’t shave pubic hairs. Her sparsely curly long black hairy pussy was shining and when she astride on my head I could see her long and huge swelled black clitoris, within no second her pussy descended on my mouth and I felt she already took my penis into her mouth and began to suck. Her pubic hairs were rubbing with my chin.
Madhobi-Di was rubbing her pussy with my mouth and I was licking her pussy and clitoris, I got brackish taste of her pre-cum oozing from her pussy hole and I was licking and drinking the juices. I was kneading her soft breasts and nibbling her nipples with my both hands. She was rubbing her pussy with stormy speed and was sucking my penis vigorously that she was thirsty for long years. She became moaned louder and louder and was rubbing her pussy with my face like fucking action and soon she pressed her pussy with my face and with loud moan she ejected on my face. Some thick yellowish sticky juice was oozing from her pussy canal and dripped into my mouth, it was alkaline taste, I licked and drank all the juices oozing from her pussy canal.
Madhobi-Di became calm and laid on my body keeping her pussy on my mouth. She laid at the same position about 20 minutes and I thought she has fallen in deep sleep. I stretched my tongue and licked her pussy lips then I touched my tongue tip at her clitoris and rubbed the clitoris to titillate. Soon Madhobi-Di responded to my action and again began to rub her pussy, she again started sucking my penis and she was licking surrounded my penis head and it was giving me immense pleasure. I again started licking her pussy and her pussy canal and I inserting my tongue head into her pussy hole. I was also licking her pussy end till her asshole and she was crying in ecstasy.
I then got up and laid her on her back and again keeping me in 69 position I was licking her pussy, at that time her lower portion of the body was at the out of the cot and her legs were touching the floor. After few minutes Madhobi-Di told me “niche namo (get down).” And I got down from the cot. She lifted her feet on the edge of the cot and parted her legs wider bending from her knees to give me easy access within her thighs. Her legs made a big “M” shape. Then she parted her pussy hole with her hand and ordered me to insert my penis. The pussy hole was well lubricated and I set my circumcised strawberry shaped pointed penis head with the orifice of her pussy hole.
I grabbed her thighs and applied pressure from my waist to thrust my penis into Madhobi-Di’s pussy. It was hardly erected and for the hardness my penis’s body followed the head for both shoving and lubricating. She screamed first that my penis was hurting her pussy canal but when the penis inserted totally till its base she then calmed and began to enjoy the movement of my penis. I was moving my penis in and out bending my body forward to knead and suck Madhobi-Di’s breasts. While I was fucking her hard she was just moaning and then she told me “dada, tomar barata eto boro ar mota je nite kosto hoy kintu ekbar niley monta vorey jay. Amar onekdiner shokh cilo eirokom barar chodon khaoa kintu sobi amar durvaggyo, amar shamir bara cilo 5 inchi lomba, amar sonar tola porjonto jetoi na. aj mone hocsse amar sona sarthok ekta bara peyese, chudo dada valo kore chudo, chude chude amar sob ros khosaye deo, kotodin barar thape ros khosate parina, angul diye kam sarte hoy.”
She continued her talkativeness “oh dada, tomar abrata giye amar jorayur sathe dhakka lagacsse, ki je moja lagtese, deo aro jore hore dhakka deo, amar vaita je keno aro aage tomake anlo na. Oida ekta nadan, boner kosto bojhe na, sobsomoy tomare guard diye rakhe. Chinta koro na dada tomar bara amak pagol kore dise, ami ratre palaya tomar ghore chole asbo, je kotodin ekhane thakba amare sarart dhore chudba, ami tomake raite ghumate debona. Chudo dada jore hore thapo, tomar sorire onek shokti amar maang fataya deo. Chire felo oh oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah aha hah ah. Dada kemon lagtisce didre chudte ta to bolle na, amar sona tight na? Ei dada bolo na valo lagtise na, darao tomare sona diye kamrai.”
I then brought out my penis and placed her on the cot on her flank, then I got up on the bed. I lifted her one leg towards the ceiling and sat on her other thigh. Then I rested my body on my knees and thrust my penis again into her opened pussy hole, this time my penis inserted till its last millimeter and Didi then started her moaning “oh amar sona, amar chader konas, amar lokkhi dada, tomar barata amar peter moddhe ekebare kolijay jeye guta disse. Maira falao, ami ar sojjo korte partesi na, chudo, tomar moner moto kore chudo, thapao, ghapao oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ummm uh uh uuuuhhh uuuhhhh aaaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhh ooooooohhhh uuuuuhhhh waaaaa.
I fucked her about five minutes at that pose and then again dragged her at the edge of the cot and placed her body on her chest, then I parted her legs along the edge of the cot and thrust my penis again standing on the floor. That time her asshole became opened at my front and I inserted my finger into her nice asshole and she was screaming in the ecstasy. She told “oh amar sona manik, amar nanger nang, amar putkite angul disso, khub moja lagtese, deo deo valo kore deo.” I told “Didi, I will fuck your asshole too.” She again screamed and told “sotti bolteso sona, amar gaar chudba, chudo, ami konodin gaar chuda khaini, kokhon chudba?” I replied “next time sona, please wait.” I again rolled her body on her back and began to rub her clitoris while I was fucking her.
She made some spasms within her pussy canal, it was giving me more pleasure. The pussy wall grasped my penis tightly and the spasms were great sensible. She also uplifted her waist to give me more joy from the fucking session. She pressed her pussy wall with an extra capability and I was enjoying much. She was moaning “oh dada, tomar barata amar sonar moddhe khape khape sete gese, eto mota tomar bara je amar sonar futo sobta dokhol kore niyese, thpao aro jore jore thapao, oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah ah ah mmm mmm mmm mmmm aaaaaah aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh and bended upwards with her full strength and her orgasm happened. She ejected her load drenching my penis inside her pussy.
The flow of her semen gave my penis so excited sensation, and for the ejection her pussy walls spasm bit my penis so nicely that the warm sensation and spasms feeling made me ejected within few seconds and I shot my load inside her pussy hole. Then we hugged both and lying on the bed for half an hour. Then she got up and dressed herself and then went into the main house. She served me snacks at the evening after her father and younger brothers returned. She nicely served the dinner and never looked at me. At the deep night after her father and younger brother slept she came to the guest house and really she didn’t let me sleep in the whole night, I had to fuck her thrice in the night, at the dawn she returned.
In the next day she wore a nice orange colored silk shari and I offered her to let me take some pictures without the blouse. At first she hesitated and when I acted that her decision hurt me then she agreed. I had the camera with me and I took some snaps placing the shari in between her breasts cleavage, her breasts clear view I confined into my camera. Then I offered her to give the pose without shari and I wanted to take the snaps of her nice pussy, she first argued but when I swore that I wouldn’t expose the pictures to anybody except me and I convinced her that when I would be alone the pictures will be the remembrance of her then she agreed and I took some photos of her nice hairy pussy.
Monish returned after the funeral of his granny after 7 days and those seven days I had to fuck Madhobi-Di twice in the day time and thrice in the night. Meanwhile we decided to return to the university and I have to leave some nice experience in that remote village where I would never return, I know. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely can mail me at
It All started In The Train.. Yumm!!
AUTHOR: arpitha4sex
This is my first submission here. I was thinking that I am not the kind who looks for porn or porn literature – I prefer hardcore action! But I just happened to stumble into this site today, and was blown away by the variety of stories!!
Here goes mine.. One of the craziest, whackiest experiences I have ever had. I am Arpitha, a 23 year old software professional from Chennai. I am well endowed (38B cup). The story I am narrating happened 5 years back, when I was 18. I was an engineering student, a very horny one at that. At 18, I already had 4-5 different partners. Had a pretty bad reputation at college, but I was least bothered. I had gone to Mumbai with my classmate for my semester vacation. Both of us are very sexually adventurous girls.
It was my first visit to the Maximum City. I travelled by the local train. My friend asked me to get into the general compartment because she told me there a lot of men will feel ur body, and u will enjoy it a lot. And how true it was! The entire half an hour journey was filled with all sorts of men trying to feel my ass and legs. I felt very very aroused after the experience. I then suggested a very naughty thing to her.
We alighted the train, went to a near by shop, bought a pair of shorts and a nice t shirt each (we were wearing jeans earlier). We changed into our new clothes, and removed our under garments. We then caught the train again, and boy, what an experience it was!! One man behind me put his hand under my shorts, and to his pleasant surprise, I didnt wear any panty. He started pinching my ass. The best part was nobody else in the train noticed any thing because it was so crowded. Emboldened by this, I spread my legs a little(not much because there was no place). This man slipped his hand into my wet pussy and started fondling it.
It was the most amazing moment of my life. A man was fondling me to glory in an overcrowded train, without people even noticing – wow!! He then signalled to his friend who was standing near me. This person moved in front of me, and slowly put his hand under my t shirt. He was also very pleasantly surprised that i didnt wear a bra, and he started pinching my boobs. It felt amazing, and I was unable to suppress my moans.
These beautiful moments of pussy fondling and boob pinching continued for 15 minutes. The same thing was happening to my friend also. We were now desperate to have sex. Both of us got down at the next station. These men also followed. We were now 6 of us – 2 friends and 4 total strangers (coincidentally, all 4 men looked ravishing from outside. I didnt know yet, that their inner (read inside clothes) beauty totally overshadowed their external!!
We then went into a hotel. All 4 men were thanking their stars that 2 young girls, sprang out of nowhere, and were desperate to have sex, that to free!! We were thanking our stars that our harmless train journey was turning to be so much fun!! We soon got a hotel room, as soon as we entered the room, they started removing our clothes. 2 men were working on her, and 2 on me. they literally tore open our clothes. And they let out a cry of surprise seeing how well endowed we were. My nipples were erect, and my pussy was dripping with cum.
One man buried his face in my pussy and started licking my clit all the way to glory. The other was massaging one boob, and licking the other. Both men were simultaneously licking my pleasure points – one the nipple and other the clit. I was moaning with pleasure, and begging them to take me. They didnt listen and were continuously licking, and increasing their speed. I was having orgasm after orgasm after all the oral sex.
After some time, they removed their clothes, and to my amazement, out came their erect cock – the hardest and the longest I have ever seen! I immediately started stroking one. The other man came and stood near my mouth, and I grabbed his and started licking and sucking his cock. I cupped his balls and squeezed them, and he started moaning. The other man put his cock between my boobs and I was squeezing his cock through my boobs.
A similar scene was happening with my friend. After a few minutes of cock sucking and masturbating, they entered me – one into my cunt, and the other into my ass. I started another round of orgasm.
We then swapped partners, and repeated our sex marathon. The men then wanted us girls to do some lesbian stuff. So me and my friend started kissing each others pussies and drinking our cum. We were also fondling each others boobs. It was the first time I was tasting a woman. She tasted so good!!
In our excitement, we hadn’t even closed our room door properly. One of the room service men entered the room, and he saw our party. He apologised and then tried to move away. But we were in such sexual frenzy that we wanted him also to join. He called his friend. There were now 6 men and 2 women. The 2 of us had an insatiable sex drive, and we felt like we could have sex the entire day. We were just cumming and cumming and cumming. The best part was that all the men in the room were expert at oral sex. The way they drank our pussy – Oh my God!!
we split 3 men for each of us. And the men filled all our holes – mouth, ass and pussy. I have very sensitive nipples, and I get aroused at the slightest touch. They quickly sensed that, and were constantly pinching and fondling my nipples – with their hands and their cock. I also get very turned on when a man’s face is covered with my juices after he gives me a round of oral sex.
This continued till late evening, and we had to leave in the evening. It was one day of unadulterated fun. All my lusty intentions were satisfied to the fullest extent.
The best part of the day was that we didnt even ask each other our names. It was sex sex and only sex!! Wild wild sex at that!!
Group Sex
AUTHOR: ronychaubey
Hi guys and gals,
Kartik here with new experience happened last week.i am 26yrs old guy basically from chennai working in coimbatore and while i was having chatting with one person from trichy called babu he said “i want to see my wife get fucked by other man” , i was instantly had hard on because that is my favaroutie fantasy to have hot wife in front of the hubby. on further enquiring i come to know that they are 28/26yrs age and no kids. the only problem is how to talk to his wife regarding this because she was not at all liking the group sex.
we had terrific phone chat and many times chatting and we met in coimbatore, (myself and babu) he shown me his wifes photos the moment i saw those photos i was totally horny to have this cute girl. she is tall figure and exactly the replicate of gayathri raguram(actress in tamil circuit ) huge boobs and great lips and shapely ass…. so on.
we made a simple plan for this 3 some (actually he wanted to see thats it, so it may not the exact 3 some). as planned i came to srirangam and taken good lodge just in front of the temple. and phoned him that “i took this lodge and number is so and so”, he brought his wife to the temple and told her let us visit my friend here who also came to srirangam for official visit.
she was not having any doubt as it was kept secret to her that she is going to be fucked by the stranger within hour.
when they entered my room in the lodge i was only in my lungi and without any ungergarments. i was in only lungi and with bare body after she and him came inside i could see her face the uncomfortable facing me and she was not at all looking at me . i had a terrific hard on after this gal for the real. this is visible through lungi and even babu was having some tensed up this point. i made them to sit in the chairs and i ordered tea for them and he introduced me to her as long time friend and she was hesitantly looking at me and after seeing my hard on she could not able to speak anything just she said “hi how r u?” . i was standing in front of her without hiding hard on in front of her through my lungi.when the tea came and she was telling him”ok lets leave to temple …” he was looking at me in a confused manner as if “what should i do next?” .. i asked hema (her name is hema latha but called just hema) to dance with me for some minutes and leave because i have to practice for next dancing event in my office party (it was an just some reason i told her) even babu told her hema just help him out for few minutes then we will leave as he dont have any girls known to him for the practice just dance with ..
She was reluctant and babu said thats ok hema only dance practice as couple for few minutes then we leave.( she wanted to outside as soon so she agreed ) she said “ok only 5 minutes not more than that ” i said ok. she got up and stood in front of me . she was in sarree and i was only in lungi . i held her hands and kept over my shoulders and i caught her waist by both hands and pressed agasinst me in the process i laishly pressed my hard cock over her hip she could sense and the moment it touched her body she wanted to leave but i held her firmly she was trying to go away from me.
I held her close to me and by the mean time baby ensured the doors and windows are all locked. she said to me please leave i dont like this type of dancing and let me go.i held her tightly and said to her please only for 5 minutes as you said lets practice some movements and i will leave you as i will face frustation in office party as i dont know how to dance at the same moment babu said to her from behind and please hema just for few minutes he is not going to do anything ..
She kept quite for few seconds and closed her eyes as i held her even firmly. my cock was touching her hips and her both hands was around my shoulders my one hand was over her ass and another was over her neck and this time i held my face close to her ears i said ” shall we star hema” she just moaned “ok” in my ears and said” please be quick i dont like this since babu is telling i am doing this funny dance” i said ok dear then started to move my hips and hers i said her just move your body as i am telling she said ok.
i was so horny that i pressing my cock deep in to her hips and trying to trace her cunt over her saree and i lifted her from the ground i indicated babu to remove my lungi…. this time i held her above the ground like a baby and my hands where inside her arms and ..she closed her eyes
when i carried her to the bed in the same fashion she saw me i am naked got panicked “hey what r u doing please leave for the god sake” babu was having his full tension and i carried her to the bed anyway and she tried to escape by pushing me away .
i asked babu to help me and i placed her on the bed and immiediately i was over her . babu came and caught her hands and held it over her head. now baby was holding her wifes hands over her head and i was over her all over her naked while i am pressing my cock over her hips and removed her pallu and teared away the blouse.. and started to massage one boobs and sucking and byting the other boobs over bra. i held her both legs against mine and she was looking terryfied towards me and telling her husband what are doing your wife is molested by this fellow and ur helping what kind of person you are?
he was laughing now and said hema darling i want to see you with other man and this is my long time fantasy even you knew it this is the only way . it is better if you enjoy with us otherwise he is going to fuck you by any means..
as they were talking i was busy in opening the bra and removing the sarree and she was not giving way to remove the petticoat by closing her legs together.
i simply taken the knife kept by the side of bed in the table and teared the whole petticoat vertically and even teared off the panty.
she was crying please dont spoil my clothes ” i dont have spare one how i will go”
he said be quit we have another piece for you . she said ” you shameless creature you people already planned for this ??/” we where just laughing now she too become naked and i was all over her with my cock over her cunt lips caressing i was sucking her boobs one by one and held it together and sucked both nipples together and really one should see the face of babu how happy he was looking as his wife molested and enjoyed by his friend.
she was able to do nothing other than telling some bad word about us.
now i opened her legs and got in to the favourite spot of cunnlingus…..
she was clean shaven( this was his idea as he know i love clean shaven pussies).
this is the weakest part of any woman as i started to lick her cunt she started to move her hips… i kept her legs over my shoulders and i told him leave her hands as expected she kept hand on my head ( caught my hairs) and pressed to wards her cunt even further……
i started to lick from bottom to top and top to bottom finding out the g-spot and started tease with my tongue….( i die to eat pussies…. so far all the ladies came to me only because to get their cunt licked by me).
i spread her cunt lips wider and my eyes closed as her eyes to and she was pressing her legs on my back and her hands over my hairs on the head.
she started to moan suck me pls even deeep….. babu who got naked by te mean time started to kiss her lips and sucking her boobs.
she that time told him “thanks babu even i liked to be forced by stranger and this happened in front of you even looks great….” he could bot believe his luck said thanks hema and kisses her lips and i was watching them kissed now taken her legs from my shoulders and kept around my hips … my cock touched her cunt wich was full of her juices flowing..
i seperated her from him from kissing and i started to kiss her in her mouth and started to pump her madly……………
she was giving me thrust by her hips and and the bed got rocking instantly…. now it was perfect missionar position…. he was enjoying took out my handy cam started to record this action………………(now i used to enjoy this by seeing we have two copies one with them and one with me pls dont ask for this)
she was telling me in ears” nalla azhuthu kartik pls innum nalla azhuthi okkanum” (press ur cock even harder deeper kartik…)
it was just 15minutes of continuous marathon fucking in the same position. while babu took cam from around the bed …
within that i released my cum deep inside her pussy as she held me tightly..
i was lying there only without taking out my cock . it was damp wet as i about to go away she held me tightly and said you great kartik….. i just smiled and kissed her lips but she opened her mouth and taken out her tongue which i started to suck like a baby…..
she was not leaving me she held me tightly by her hand around my neck and legs around my hips……….
i was kissing her lips and tongue i told her lets clean ourself she said no need dear now she came over me and started to pump me now she was on top of me.
i told her it will have some time baby before i am getting erection let babu fuck you now . he said” i already cummed by seeing you actions it will take time for me” she immediately took my cock inside her mouth and started to lick like hungry dog she was massaging my balls and sucking my pole and cleaning my cum and her cum.
it was about 10 minutes babu was recording her wifes licking my cock and even i was seeing through this cam how her face expression looked like….
it was awesome experience….
now she kept my cock inside her mouth and like a lollypop she was eating it.
sucking it and my cock getting back to life slowly and withing few minutes of the same sucking she got on top of me and placed her cunt over my cock and started to pump me ..
it was a masturbation by her cunt lips around my cock…… she held my hands over my head and started to fuck like i did to her… ” how is this sweet revenge kartik….” she asked babu to hold my hands as he charged up and kept my hands over my head and while she came to my lips started to suck my lips and sucking my nipples and chest and byting my neck
babu and me could not believe what is happening …. even i thought this is there plan ( but later she told me it was her long time fantasy to get forced by the total stranger that made her real hot)
now i started to moving my hips along with her hips and it was slow pace and as it was second pumping for me this time i held my erection longer period she said to babu to leave my hands and i taken her face by her hairs and started to kiss her lips and again she given me her tongue to taste….. now she kept her face by the side of my neck i too started to byte her ears and as we where automatically increased our pace of pumping to each other.
she was rotating her hips in circular fashion clock wise and anti clock wise..
and finally after 25 minutes and more( thanks to handy cam it was exactly 28minutes) of pumping both came together…….. again she held me tightly and this time she was over me and playing with my tongue and mooch( mustach)… we where relaxing as babu came from behind over her inserted his cock over her hips and ( they started to fuck her ass recently)
this time he actually not inserted into the ass but kept over her ass and pressing hard this made her cunt to press my cock and i pressed back her cunt with my cock and this made her ass to press babu cock back….
he was over her and she was over me and we were playing each other in the same bed she was sandwiched between us…….
we where not knowing how the time went we oredered lunch and ate their itself . before having lunch we took bath together…….( i had her in the bathroom for the third time )
it was doggy in the bathroom while he was holding hema from front. she bent over and sucking babus cock.
we had very good sleep and this was around 7pm when i got up ( they came in the morning around 9 am)..
as all where sleeping naked inside the same bed sheet?(the bedspread we used as bedsheet and she kept her hand and legs over babu and babu was facing the other side)
i was having my legs and hands over her from behind as i got up i became hard again and pressing her ass with cock and taken her boobs under her arms and started to massage and kneading her nipples and byting her ears……
within few second i got hard on she was in deep sleep and i rotated her towards me and opened her legs and inserted my cock inside her pussy ( i wanted her ass but her cunt so juicy and tight i loved to have her cunt again and again)
she too got up and giving me thrust slowly and it was again the perfect missionary position and this time we taken out the bedsheet and thrown over him and he got up and saw what was happening and went back to sleep as the cot started to rock again due to our heavy pumping……..
this time we had good chat while pumping with her she told me please come to our house again and i liked to have your cock it is real nice and your way of cunnlingus is making me mad…. i was telling her your body is beautiful…. you look like that actress and the moment i saw you in the photos babu shown to me i loved you boobs and lips and you ass and while i was slapping her ass and massaging her boobs and sucking her nipples like a baby……………
we had great fucking till 0745pm. as we where relaxing in the same position and playing with each other mouth and tallking dirty to each other babu said hema lets go its time….
but hema was in no mood to go away from me as i we where held to each other as newly married couples…… she told him why cant we stay here tonight for that he really shocked…..
he was begging to me and hema . i told him it is your wife you ask her. but he said kartik your the real lover to her pls tell her to come with me now. i told her hema please stay back she was so excited and kissed my lips and again we locked our mouth together.. then he said ok let me tell the house( we are staying in our friends house ) he told let me go out side and bring some dosa for you people atleast close the door…. for which she said ok. as babu went away hema his once shy wife was totally naked followed him and closed the door firmly and jumped back to me in the bed i had her in doggy style and she loved it every moment.
as she requested i was eating her cunt to my hearts content and her cunt got so much reddish in colour i never had seen so much red in colour and so much juices . when babu came back with dinner we where in no mood to have that as i was having wonder ful dinner i.e. her cunt.
he got surprised to this cunt and he said only a day her cunt changed so much in colour and lips started to came apart wow……..
waiting for ur responses to or offlines messages. bye then.
Mohan and his Amma
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It was after midnight at the Nair house and everyone in the family was in bed for the night. Everyone, that is, except for Sushila and her son, Mohan. This was not the first night that the mother and son had stayed up after everyone else had gone to bed, and they both knew that it wouldn’t be the last. For, Sushila had recently become her son’s concubine. She had noticed her son showing interest in her and actively enouraged him until they finally got together when they were visiting Sushila’s mother in their village. They could not hide their love affair for very long from other family members. When he came to know about it, Mohan’s father Kuttan Nair did not mind his wife and son having an affair. After five children with Sushila, he was a bit tired of sex with her. Further, he had his own interest in his fourteen year-old daughter Mala. He now saw the opportunity to reveal his love for her and take her to his bed.
Everybody in the house knew about the affair between mother and son. Only outside the house, Sushila and Mohan behaved like mother and son. Inside the house, they were practically husband and wife. Mohan even wanted to call his mother by her name rather than amma. But Sushila insisted that he call her amma. When he called her amma when they are making love, Sushila felt a special thrill. Mohan sat in an overstuffed chair across from Sushila who sat on the couch. He studied his young mother as he had so many times recently, realizing all over again just how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous, sexy mother as his lover. Sushila was only thrity-one years old, having married when she was fifteen. She had biven birth to Mohan exactly eight months after her marriage. As her first baby, she had a special place for Mohan in her heart. Sushila smiled seductively at her son. Her hair was dark like night, tumbling down around her shoulders in gentle waves. She had bedroom eyes and her mouth was full and sensual. Her face was young and gorgeous but it was only the beginning of her rare beauty that made her son Mohan crazy about her. Sushila also had a body that wouldn’t quit–long, slender legs, a narrow waist, and gigantic tits that stood straight out from her chest. Good looks ran in the Nair family for all the females were fair, big-titted and gorgeous. And all the males were tall, handsome, and ruggedly built with wide shoulders and muscular frames, even the youngest of the boys in the family.
“Let me get you some milk”, Sushila said, suddenly rising and moving toward the kitchen. Mohan rose, too, following his sexy mother. His eyes fixed on the perky sway of her little ass, which strained tightly against the thin cotton sari she wore, each asscheek threatening to pop out from tight confines of the fabric. Mohan knew that his mother wasn’t wearing any underskirt. Mohan had requested her not to wear it so that it is easy for him to lift his mother’s sari and kiss her tasty womanhood nestling between her hot thighs. The kitchen door swung closed behind the son and mother and Sushila swung around to face Mohan. Her arms wound around his strong neck and she pulled herself snugly against him. The huge mounds of her tits rolled over his chest and her mouth covered his.
For long moments, the lovers tongue-kissed each other, embracing tightly and moaning with excitement. Mmmmm, Sushila sighed, easing back a little. I’ve been wanting to kiss you like that all night! Yeah, me too, amma, the boy muttered huskily. Then, her mouth was once more planted over his and her tongue darted into his mouth, twisting and turning and exciting him with lewd thrills that raced up and down his spine and made his big cock stiffen. His mother’s blouse was no longer buttoned. It was now tied in a large knot beneath the bulging mounds of her tits. And, her eyes glittered with excitement as she watched her son take in the exciting curves of her partly exposed tits.
You’re really sexy, you know that, amma? The sexiest mother I’ve ever seen! Mohan said, his voice filled with admiration. Thanks, son Dear, but you know, you’re really something yourself! Sushila said, flashing him her warmest smile. Back in the living room, Sushila ran one of her hands up her son’s thigh in a deliberate teasing motion as they sat side by side on the large couch. When her hand stopped, her fingers moved to the crotch of his lungi and rested on the growing hard-on there. Mohan moaned and reached out, pulling his mother against him. Their lips met again and their tongues flicked hotly against each other. Then he thrust deeply, driving toward the back of her throat. Sushila moaned around his taunting tongue, turning on even more.
As they continued to tongue-kiss passionately, Sushila rubbed her son’s crotch greedily. The huge cock still concealed in his pants strained painfully against the fabric, trying to free itself as Sushila caressed it. While she continued to stroke her son’s prick, Sushila’s lips and tongue clamped down around his tongue. She held his tongue firmly and the boy realized that she wouldn’t let go until she was good and ready. Then she sucked. Hard and fiercely, she tugged on his tongue, as if she wanted to pull it out at the root. Her own tongue whipped and twisted around his, while her rubbing hand increased the pressure of its strokes. Mohan’s hands slid from Sushila’s back, inching toward her bulging tits.
Mmmmm, the young mother moaned into her son’s mouth as he rubbed and pinched her big tits. Suddenly Sushila’s mouth released Mohan’s tongue and her hand grasped his wrists. A glowing fire of lust burned deeply within her beautiful eyes as she gazed up at her handsome son. Just relax, kunju. I’ve got something special planned for you, she murmured huskily. The boy grinned and offered no objections as his mother eased him back on the sofa, her fingers working to unbutton his shirt. Pulling his shirt open to expose his chest, she leaned down and licked and sucked his chest-flesh. Then she loosened his lungi and pulled it down. Mohan was now completely naked and, watching him, his mother gasped with excitement. Her full, sensuous lips parted and she let her tongue slip out. Glistening wetly, the pink tongue-tip slowly moved over her lips, slickening them. Then, quickly, with an impatient groan, the young mother removed her sari and her blouse, revealing her lush nakedness to her son’s hungry, devouring eyes. Mohan reached out and pulled his lovely mother to him once again. Her tongue stabbed into his mouth, locking with his tongue for a few ammaents before withdrawing. His tongue followed hers back into her mouth and she sucked on it just as she had done before.
She burrowed against her son, her heavy tits pressed excitingly over his broad chest. And her hands lovingly caressed the throbbing shaft of his cock that jutted out from his naked crotch. He palmed the underside of his mother’s ripe tits with both of his hands. He squeezed and fondled them, moaning with excitement. His thumbs inched up the slopes of her gigantic tit-mounds and rubbed over the stiff buttons of her nips. She moaned with lust, finally releasing his tongue. Just lean back, kunju, and I’ll do the rest, Sushila said, smiling up at her son, her hand still stroking the rigid length of his prick. He swallowed hard, watching her slide from the sofa and kneel between his widely spread legs. She paused there a few seconds, her face turned to his. The moist pinkness of her tongue danced behind her parted lips. Then her eyes rolled down to the huge rod of cock-meat throbbing upward toward her face. Tenderly, her finger moved along the pulsing length of his prick. As her fingertips reached the throbbing crown, they lightly teased over the sensitive surface.
Ohhh God, amma! What you’re doin’ to me? the boy said with a groan as hot lust-filled sensations shot through his loins. The horny mother gripped her son’s rock-hard cock-rod at the base with one hand and pulled him forward a bit. Her head bent down, her lips parted, and her moist tongue flicked out and touched the pulsing head of the blood-engorged prick. Ohhh, yeses, amma, yess! Mohan groaned. His cock pulsed and jerked lewdly in his mother’s gripping fist. Her eyes widened with excitement as she saw a pearly white drop of pre-cum ooze from the slit at the top of her son’s cock. Her eyes moved back to his for a brief moment, just to make sure that he was watching her every movement. Then, her gaze returned to his prick. Again, she eased forward, her tongue sticking out toward the knobby head of his cock. The tip of her tongue touched his prick-head again, capturing the glistening drop of pre-cum, then curled back into her mouth. Mmmmm, good stuff, she purred while her son watched her in fascination. She savored the taste of the boy’s cum, just as always.
For the third time her tongue licked out and this time it washed over the entire aching surface of the pulsing cock-head. She bathed it in the moist warmth of her saliva, soaking it with her mouth-juice. Oh, amma, you’re great, the boy muttered, completely mesmerized by the big-titted blonde kneeling at his feet, her tongue lapping over the head of his hard cock. Her tongue slid down the swollen prick-shaft, then licked back up his length. And, once again, her tongue swirled over the aroused head of his cock. Now and then the teasing tip probed at the little cum-slit, as if she wanted to drill right into it. Her lips puckered. She leaned closer and tenderly kissed the throbbing cock-meat. God, amma, God! he moaned. His hips jerked forward uncontrollably as he felt his mother’s hot breath flowing down his cock, arousing him even more- -if that were possible. Her mouth opened wide and wider still. Her lips moved downward, slipping over the head of his prick, then moving even lower. Her head stopped moving when a good half of the meaty cock-rod was inside her mouth.
As she continued to suck her son’s prick, her tongue kept lashing around and around its thickness. As Sushila felt the huge prick jerking crazily inside her mouth, she knew that it was only a matter of seconds before he would come. As she continued to suck him off, Sushila cupped his balls and gently squeezed them, moaning with excitement when she felt them jerking slightly at her touch. Ummmmfffff, she moaned, the sound of her pleasure muffled by the meaty cock in her mouth. Ohhhh, yeah, baby, yeah! Keep it up! You’re sucking me off soooo fuckin’ good! Mohan groaned. Her lips formed a tight ring around his cock as she began to suck him even harder. And, at the same time, her merciless tongue licked his hot cock-meat over and over again. Her head moved up and down over the wet shining prick easing in and out of her mouth. Higher and higher her mouth rose, her cheeks hollowing deeply as she sucked at his prick with her mouth. And then she sucked her way back down, filling the boy with more fuck-lust and pleasure than he had thought was possible. Unnnhhhhh, he groaned.
Up and down, up and down, she ate him. She sucked and rode his swollen cock lustfully. In and out, in and out, she filled her face with her son’s throbbing, thick cock-stick. And, over and over, she whipped her tongue around his prick, lashing against him, using her tongue as a whip. Gonna come! Mohan cried only seconds later. Sushila sucked even harder, turned on beyond belief by her son’s words. As much as she loved sucking cock, this was the part she always loved the best–when she felt his creamy, hot cum gushing into her mouth. She could hardly wait! Suddenly, gallons of hot white cream jetted from the crown of his prick and splashed obscenely into his mother’s sucking mouth. Yeaaaaah, commmiiinnnnggggg! Mohan cried, trying to keep his voice down so that he wouldn’t awaken his family. But it was hard to think straight at a time like this. His entire body was screaming out with joy and relief as he dumped his load into his mother’s mouth. The mother was still sucking him hard.
Ummmmfffff, Sushila moaned happily as she felt her son’s thick cum sliding lewdly down her throat. She struggled to swallow each and every delicious drop of the boy’s goo. His entire body shuddered with abandoned pleasure as he emptied himself into his mother’s hungry mouth. His cock jerked and twitched, banging against the inner walls of the mother’s mouth, which was still clamped hungrily about the long shaft. Sushila’s nostrils flared as she sucked harder, taking every bit of cum he had to offer. Then her hand made a tight, squeezing fist and slid up and down the fatness of his cock a few times. She milked his prick, getting all the remaining hot cream. Then, all of a sudden Sushila came. Her wet pussy spasmed with excitement and her entire body trembled as a thunderous orgasm rocketed through her. Her pussy-hole jetted out thick streams of warm cunt-sauce that overflowed from between her bloated pussylips and trickled lewdly down her trembling thighs. The instant that her orgasm subsided, Sushila climbed up on the couch with her son. He moved his hands to her tits, squeezing her nips and rolling them between his fingers. Then, he bent his head and sucked one large, hard nipple into his mouth, biting it gently with his teeth. Ohhhh, yessss, Mohan! the mother groaned with excitement as she felt herself turning on all over again. Her cunt was slippery with pussy-juice and her clit grew hard again with hot fuck-lust. Her nips were so hard they felt as though they would burst as her son continued to suck and bite on them. Her already huge tits seemed to expand and grow even larger as he expertly sucked them. Her son was the best and the young mother could not wait for him to fuck her!
She reached out and ran her hands down the boy’s hairy chest. She moved her fingers on down to his hard, flat belly, lovingly stroking his warm, naked flesh. Mohan turned his amma to him and pressed her body tightly against his. She felt his still-hard cock pressed wetly against her pussy and she moaned with excitement. That was another thing the sexy mother loved about making it with her darling son. No matter how many times he came, his cock rarely got soft. She wound her arms around his back and pulled him even closer to her as she raised her head for his hot tongue-kiss. Sushila felt hypnotized. She loved and admired her son’s style. They both knew that they would soon be fucking wildly, yet he was taking his time with her and she savored every sexual move he made. She enjoyed quick, hot sex once in a while, too, but she usually preferred Mohan’s slow, deliberate pace. Her son never failed to arouse her beyond belief.
They kissed over and over, their tongues touching and probing into each other’s mouth. Mohan ran his hands through his mother’s thick, lustrous hair, then cupped her tits again. While he massaged her bursting tits, his amma reached down and stroked his big cock, feeling it throb lewdly in her hands. Mohan shifted his position and pushed his mother down onto her back. He lay next to her and, propping his head up on his elbow, he traced designs on her tits and belly with his fingers. As usual, the young boy couldn’t get enough of his mother’s tits. They were the thing that had attracted him to her in the first place a long time ago. He had never seen such huge, firm tits, especially on such a young mother, and he was still as captivated by them as he had been the first day she had let him see them naked.
Mohan caressed Sushila’s stiff, throbbing nipples, thinking about all the times he had blasted his jism all over her huge tits, burying her tit-flesh under his hot cum. Over and over he stroked the mother’s massive tits, delighting in how round and firm they were. Her nips were huge, about the size of his thumb, and he bent forward again, sucking and stroking the rock-hard nubs with his tongue and lips. Ohhhh, yessssssss, his amma moaned. Oh, yesssss, Mohan! Suck my tits! Bite them! Your mouth feels so hot and good! Her cunt was drooling and she felt her clit twitching with excitement. Mohan’s tongue set her tits on fire and they hardened and flushed even more under his expert touch. Sushila felt her entire body tense and stiffen with a hard, cunt-drooling jolt of pleasure as Mohan sucked and bit her tits over and over. You love it when I suck and play with your big tits, don’t you, amma? the boy panted huskily. Ohhhh, yessss, I love it, Mohan! she cried, not ashamed to admit it.
Mohan gripped her hard nips between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them hard, twisting her throbbing tit-flesh. his amma clenched her teeth tightly together, stiffening with the thrills of pleasure that shot through her horny young body. Her nips felt crushed and she thrilled to the obscene sensation. She reached down, searching once again for Mohan’s huge cock. It felt excitingly rock-hard to her lewd touch and she stroked his cock gently, from his hairy balls to the large, glistening cock-knob. The mother was rewarded by his erotic moans of pleasure. Mmmmm, yesssss, amma! Rub my cock! That feels great! Mohan groaned. Sushila’s entire body felt flushed and hot. She spread her legs as wide as possible, continuing to stroke her son’s huge cock-rod, hoping that he would ram her cunt with it soon. She honestly didn’t know how much longer she could wait. Her little cunt gushed out gallons of hot pussy juice. It overflowed her pussy and splashed down her thighs and onto the surface of the sofa.
Mohan inhaled deeply, savoring the fragrance of his little mother’s hot cunt-juice. He moved one hand down to her pussy, thrusting his fingers between her puffy cunt-lips. He continued to suck and nibble her gigantic tits. His fingers slipped wetly over her juicy pussy as her pussy-juice drenched his hand. Knowing that the young mother was so hot for his big cock made him hornier than he had ever been before. He felt his prick stiffening and growing in her hot hands. As she stroked his bursting prick, Sushila arched her back, jamming her huge tits into his sucking mouth. She moaned, feeling a hot thrill tearing through her lusting body. She wriggled her shoulders, rubbing her swollen hips against her son’s teeth. Mohan bit gently into her huge nip, biting gradually harder and harder as she seemed to want more and more from his mouth. She moaned loudly and tossed her head back and forth in the heat of her passion. Her pussy was so wet now that Mohan’s fingers kept slipping out of it. He knew that she was more than ready for his hard cock. But he somehow wanted this to be the hottest, most fulfilling fuck of her young life and he knew from experience that the longer he delayed it, the better his amma would enjoy it. Ohhhh, God, Mohan, his amma moaned, jerking her ass up off the couch and thrusting her pussy against his hand. Please fuck me now, Mohan! Her voice was hoarse with lust. She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on before and she could barely stand it. I can’t wait any longer, Mohan! You’re driving me mad! Please fuck meeeee!
Mohan pulled his mouth away from her full, throbbing tits. He jabbed his tongue into her ear and she moaned with pleasure. Then he covered his mother’s mouth with his own, thrusting his rigid tongue between her lips. His amma opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against his. She sucked loudly and wetly on his hot tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against his mouth. Finally Mohan shifted his position and climbed on top of his beautiful mother’s hot, willing body. He felt her huge tits pressed against his hairy chest and his cock grew even harder when he thought of the pleasure awaiting him. Ohhhh, yesssss, Mohan, do it! Fuck me! Sushila cried wildly. She felt his large cockhead pressing against her and she spread her legs even wider, as wide as she could, as she wriggled her hips impatiently. She just couldn’t wait for his cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt. Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you all right, amma! Like you’ve never been fucked before! the boy yelled. Slowly and teasingly he fit his huge prick snugly into the wet slit of her tight cunt. Then, he gave a hard, deep thrust which sent his large prick-shaft shooting all the way into his mother’s sucking pussy.
Yessssss! she hissed. Sushila thrust her ass high in the air and drove her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full length of Mohan’s throbbing cock. She ground her pelvic bone against her son’s firm, muscular body, feeling his balls mashing against the lower part of her small cunt. The young mother had never been this hot before. As her son began to slowly grind his hips, moving his ass in lewd circles above her, Sushila began to pump her cunt up and down on his huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around his thick, hard prick. Yeah, baby, yeah, that’s it! Squeeze my prick with your little pussy! he groaned. Mohan could feel the mother’s huge tits pressing against his muscular chest and it turned him on even more as he continued to pump his cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy. He tried to slow his fucking movements because he still wanted to fuck her slowly so she would enjoy it all more. But his young mother wanted none of that. The way she was pumping her cunt up and down on his rigidly fucking cock-pole, he had no choice but to keep pace with her. After all, he told himself, he could hold back only so much.
Again and again, Mohan stabbed his prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of Sushila’s grinding pussy. It was as though the mother were fucking–even raping–her son and he loved the lewd sensation. All riiiight, baby! Go! Go! Shake that little ass of yours! Mohan hollered. With a groan of lust, Sushila pulled Mohan’s head down to her bursting tits and he sucked her tits again and again as his cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Her ass shook under the impact of his prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from his driving prick. He was ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust into her pussy-hole. Ohhhhh, Mohan, I’m commmmmiiinnngg! the mother suddenly squealed, grabbing her son tightly and pressing his hard body against her soft one. She moaned and tossed her young, teenaged body back and forth on the sofa, almost making her son’s prick slip out of her coming cunt. But he held onto her, scooping his hands under her shaking ass and jerking her hips up toward his prick. He rammed her deeper and harder as she continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around his steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod.
Ohhhhhhh, God, it feels soooooo fuckin’ gooooood! she cried, thrusting her hips up even higher, shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again. Ahhhhhh, Mohan, commmmiiinnngg! she moaned loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at the boy’s cock, trying desperately to milk it of his hot, thick jizz. She pumped her ass off the sofa, feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the sofa between her legs. Oh, God, Mohan, fuck me, fuck meeeee! she yelled. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and shudderingly powerful. She didn’t know how her son could hold back his own cum, but she sensed that he was doing it for her sake, to make her orgasm all the better, and it was working. As always she silently thanked him for his thoughtfulness. The young mother’s long, sharp fingernails clawed her son’s shoulders and back as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of his hard prick. Mohan was about ready to come as he felt his mother’s orgasm finally easing off. He realized that he had just given her the most exciting climax she had ever had and now he had to get his own rocks off.
He jammed his cock into her cunt, pumping her full of his thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot jism blasted into her pussy. She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum shooting into her from his cock-head. The creamy spunk burned deeply into her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls spasmed violently as her pussy sucked his cum from his jerking prick. She grunted hard as he pounded into her cunt, pumping her full of his hot cum. She slammed her legs flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd assault of her son’s hammering prick. Ahhhh, yeses, Mohan, yessss! Fill me full of your cum! I love it! I can feel it! My little pussy’s full of the stuff! More! I want more! she yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her lovely face. As the last of his cum-load shot into Sushila’s pussy, Mohan dropped his head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with the edges of his sharp teeth. She jerked at the sudden pain but she loved it and both she and her son knew it. She held him tightly against her as he continued to thrust his cock deeply into her cunt. She felt completely filled with the boy’s cum and she loved the lewd sensations. Ohhhh, such a good fuck, Mohan, his amma moaned delightedly.
You fucked me so good and hard! Keep on fucking me, Mohan! Don’t stop now! And she came again and again, hard and violently as the boy kept on thrusting his still-hard prick in and out of her spasming cunt. His cock twitched and jerked deep in her pussy, which was now sopping wet with an obscene mixture of her pussy-juice and the boy’s cum. Mohan’s cock was still hard, even after shooting off all that cum. He continued to pump his prick in and out of the mother’s drenched pussy, but slower and more gently now. He fucked her slowly, rubbing the length of his prick up and down over her clit, which was still hard and rigid. He could feel her clitty jerking against his cock-meat and he knew that he could make her come again if he wanted to–and he did want to. He continued to slowly pump his hard cock into Sushila’s tight, little pussy-hole, rubbing her clit over and over until she came again. Commmmiiinnnnngg! Oh, God, Mohan, you made me come again! I can’t stand it! It feels sooooo fuckin’ good! Sushila wailed excitedly.
Shudders of violent pleasure washed over her as she grabbed his handsome face and kissed him passionately on the lips, finding his hot tongue with hers. Finally, her incestuous orgasm passed over her and she rested, feeling the warm cum oozing from her trembling pussy-lips, which still held her son’s cock.
I stood staring at the Luftanasa ticket from Delhi to Hamburg. The amount of trouble and money it took to get this great escape from poverty ticket. At the last moment father had been able to find $15,000 US for the greedy travel agent after nearly 26 months of uncertainty. To cut to the chase, here I was standing in IG international listening to the travel/immigration agents final advise while my brothers, sisters, parents and other people.
He said to contact job set up for me and explained European immigration process. In Hamburg, there were no jobs waiting for me, no such contact person. Few days I slept at homeless shelters, ate from church soup kitchens. The warm cloths I had from Ludhiana were like old fashioned cotton shirts in Hamburg's cold windy Northerly autumn.
The welfare authorities managed to get me a job preparing sandwich's in one of the shipping company. They also got me a bed in a room to share with another person. That person turned out to be a 6 foot, red haired. sometimes whore and other times drug runner called Vernia. It was social housing, I couldn't complain, at least it was warm inside.
On the first day I objected to her smoking, she reached out and squeezed my balls so hard that it almost made me cry. That evening she showed up with a giant 7 foot tall Swede. His two fingers were bigger then my wrist. Vernia said he wanted to fuck my ass, he pays well. I shat bricks. Terrified I told them to fuck off. They laughed they were only teasing.
But I was dripping cold sweat. Imagine getting raped in a strange country. One of her lovers was a Polish computer whizkid working as a professional hacker for security companies. For a small fees he hacked into the immigration status and managed to get my file ahead of other people for early hearing.
In three years I managed to get residence status while still living in housing assistance room. She was friendly and plenty street smart. She needed the room during the day for her clients. At night she was out till early morning. By the time I was going for work she was turning in. The room was free and it suited us both. Some nights she bring a client in for sex.
she would make so much sounds at faked orgasm while having sex with clients. I would pretend to be sleeping. She did not care if I looked. One evening, she encouraged to hide a video camera and shoot it so we could sell the shoot. We made some money that way too. We were good friends. I had became used to seeing her naked.
She never shut the door of the washroom for any reason. I also more regularly started changing cloth or going out of the shower naked. Now and then when she didnot have clients or there was snow blizzard (of which there was lot in Hamburg), initially she would slip in into my bed she would give me oral sex while I gave her a relaxing back rub.
She taught me German, cook western food, appreciate fine wine and how to have good satisfying sex. In fact by the time I got a frantic call from my mother asking me to come back urgently, we were having marathon hour long sex sessions. She would joking accuse me for being bad for her business.
Most of her client lasted only a few minutes she was never happy, at the end of the day we would cuddle and have unhurried slow sex sometime in the bed, sometimes in the hot water tub and quite a few time in the community sauna. She liked quick deep penetration and thereafter small to and fro movement rubbing my penis head on her G point making wet sounds.
One day j I found her things gone. She had left a note for me, it a big heart and a lipstick starined kiss and simply said 'love you, take care'. She was gone, her friends had vanished too. I was heart broken. I was glad I was leaving for a short break too. Those of you readers who have been through a heart break would know how it is difficult to ever love a girl again,
without thinking twice how much that relationship might hurt again. In three yrs from a minor sandwich job I had became an asst. pasty chef. There was lot of money in bakery and I dreamt of opening a bakery one day and that was going to come true sooner then I thought. After four years abroad, I came home to our village surrounded by lofty snow capped mountains to attend someone's marriage.
(That someone, was going to be me.) Step Mother cried, she never let me miss my real mum, her elder sister. Father hugged me and wanted to know what & how much booze I had purchased for them. I told them I was there only for a week apparently they had told me to come for a important family marriage. Next day we went to nearby village where my cousin was to be married.
A tailor came took my measurement for a suit. That evening the suit was done superfast. Before the people started coming in. I was asked to come dressed in my suit. My father thrust a turban on my head that had garlands on them like a marriage turban. He and another male relative Hari forced me to sit down on grooms chair.
A photographer appeared and furiously began to click picture of us. I asked my step mother what the hell was happenening. She explained father had to take RS 4 lakhs from Uncle Hari to pay the travel agent for my Hamburg documents with the promise that once I got settled I would marry a girl of their choice and take her Germany.
Once she there I would divorce her and after gaining residency will come to India to marry Hari Uncle's son Inder. That way Inder and his wife can settle in Germany too and the same travel agent had suggested all this as common practice. I protest at absurdity of plan, it was a fail plan. Nobody paid attention to me. They were too busy at getting drunk.
While I was still mauling for loopholes in the weird plan. In came a girl all decked up in bridal dress, she seemed to be in hurry, her lovely bosom was heaving up and down from the stress of running late and sat next to me on brides chair. I looked at the girl and almost fainted. She was Charu my own fucking SISTER FOR REAL. How could they do this?
I grew up with Charu, she was my real sister, she was born to my step mum. I asked Charu how could she do this marriage? She said she could do anything for Inder. He is so sweet and intelligent. For next 5 days my life was filled with Inder. It was Inder is this and Inder is that. Fortunately I was drunk most of the time. It was not that Charu was ugly looking girl far from she was exquisite.
We fought and grew up together.When we were very young we played doll house often. After putting the doll to sleep, she would take off her frock and I would remove my underwear. I would open her legs wide open as we had seen adults do. Then I rub my little penis on her pussy. One day the maid caught us as I was trying to insert my tiny penis into her shit hole during a bath.
That ended it all and we never spoke about that again as we grew up. And now here I was, on brotherly mission to set up her life in West. We boarded the plane to Hamburg. I spoke in German to the air hostess, she was surprised.Charu had been on a aircraft before, she held my hands tightly and prayed during the take off.
To ease her mind off I started telling her about German people. At first I was telling her the right things. She wondered if they would like her and Inder? Again Inder. Then I started telling her to play her role as my newly married wife, if anyone suspected foul play they will deport us and her dream of settling with Inder in Germany will be dead in a second.
I also told her crazy thing like how bathwurst is made, about the Germen porn industry, for good how liberal and broadminded Europeans are, they discussed sex openly, women smoke, drank and kissed openly I told her all this in case any immigration person asked her she should not be shocked. They were super clean people.
Germens specially were super hardworking too. Charu told me that Inder was very hardworking too. I blew a fuse. I asked her did she even know what a condom was? She didnot know. Now that I had finished two cans of beer but I was still not up to the task of explaining a condom to my own sister. Just then the airhostess came to take our meal order.
She naturally presumed we knew German and asked whether we are having a good flight? I told Charu she was asking whether we had a good honeymoon and reminded her again that we were just married to the world at large, she smiled awkwardly to the air hostess. The air-hostess asked whether we would like alcholic beverage with meal?
I thought this could be fun, I translated for Charu in Punjabi that she is saying that she hopes we had plenty sex and if she is pregnant now as a result of plenty of sex in honeymoon? Charu looked at my straight face and smiling face of the airhostess as we both looked at waiting for her reply, Charu turned red and nodded her head to mean no.
The airhostess asked whether we would like chicken or vegetarian meal? I was having fun, I translated for Charu whther she was satisfied the lenght and hardness of her husbands cock? From red Charu's face turned crimson red, she looked at the airhostess and smiled. I said chicken for both of us please. The air hostess asked if we would prefer to sit elsewhere on the aircraft?
I translated that for Charu that she was now asking whether we would like to have a quick sex session in the air craft to remember this journey by. Charu giggled heavily and swayed her head to indicate no. The air hostess giggled back too in some secret womanly way, which actually confused me. After the air hostess Charu told me that was very embrassing question she had asked.
With a straight face I said wait this is nothing when the immigration people grill you they will want to know if you really know me inside and out. If they felt she was lying they will throw us out and thats the put an end to her & Inder pipe dream of settleing in the west. Sweet vengeance. She suddenly eager to know everything about me, what toothpaste I used, what after shave I used etc.
Suddenly I saw light in the end of the tunnel or rather in this context I saw a chance that if I coaxed her enough with this immigration bullshit I might succeed to see her glorious pussy and who knows even park my cock inside her. I start feeling hard between my legs Things started to look up for me now in my mind.
I began to dwell on Charu's game of wait-stay with this jerk-till -citizen grant-then call Inder to Germany-who can then fuck my arse and pussy' plan into a rich three year of sex feast for me. I could see a possibility to manipulate the situation for plenty of free sex with her. I began telling her thing to frighten her of the Germen immigration people.
I saw the airhostess coming towards us with our food. I suddenly pulled her to me and kissed her hard on lips, she immediatly opened her mouth to screamed then she too noticed the air hostess looking our way. She had no choice but to comply and let my tongue gently caress her tongue.
I though of pressing her breast but I thought that will too much too fast and make her withdraw for me completely. Getting to make love to a women is a slow and gentle process. She choose to close her eyes and pretend she was enjoying the kiss. The air hostess coughed gently to make us aware of her presence.We broke the kiss, her sweet sliyva and lipstick on my lips.
Charu shyly looked away, her face was blushing, her neck and ears were blood red. My cock had made huge tent. Charu and airhostess both looked at my pole tent at the same time. I fidgeted in my seat. I pulled the food table down fast. It hit me hard on my pole. I groaned with pain. Both women laughed at my discomfort.I took the food tray from her.
When the airhostess had gone she said to me "Kuta (dog) what was that kiss about, look I am warning you do not get fresh with me..I know you men are all the same only want one thing please do not do that ever again?" She didnot know I actually wanted two things, her pussy hole and her asshole.
In my most apologetic tone I said quietly in Punjabi "I am very sorry, thousand pardons didi but please understand this act it is important if we have go through with this charade in which I am a unwitting accomplice, I might look like a bhenchood (sister fucker(I was trying to see how she will react to a swear word)) but am trying not to be one.
But now she will go tell her crew of what she saw and they will say sooo cute. They will remember us this way when immigration people query them on our behavior in the plane, thats how a newly married couple is supposed to behave, so please play your role of my wife or kiss see-Inder-in-Germany good bye"
She realized the logic of what I was doing and said "ok I am sorry... it... this marriage thing is so new to me, bhenchood" she surprised me by using a dirty word. I told her that you have to learn everything about me and I about you, you never know what these immigration officials might ask. Her eyes went wide open and she said
"Everything?? like what else do I have know about you..I know you quite well" I replied " Intimate things Charu didi like... sex" in additions to her wide open eyes, wide open mouth she raised her eyebrows in worry in the directions where all this was leading to. Now she was understood that I was planning to get inside her pants..salwar in this case, to get her naked under me in the cold Germen morning.
As time will prove she had no way to stop me. But for now, she looked at me sternly and said "Bhenchood, do not even try it" Warming up to the subject I asked her if she had any problem with that? hadn't Inder had sex with her?. She replied "No.... since our elder have put both of us on this tight spot, you are playing your part and I too am trying to play that part,
I have no problem with you as such, I even like you... I know you are also putting your chances of settling in Germany in jeopardy too because of me, it will be a pity if we get thrown out because you insist in being a bhenchood I won't let you do that.ok?..., I am sorry about that. You are taking a great risk with me. I know that and I love you for that in a sisterly way"
That is the most sensible thing I had heard from her and immediately felt ashamed at myself for what I was thinking of doing with her. Disappointed at her throw back I drying replied "Its good to know that we are tight" After that we kept our talking to minimal. We reached Hamburg. It was event less 6 weeks, we filed our papers and waited for response.
We lived a social housing one bedroom apartment. She slept in the bed I slept on the sofa. We hardly talked. I would shack alone at night. Sometime I could her playing with herself when she thought I was asleep. When we were outside like she was seeing me off in the bus stand or meeting me in shopping mall, thats the only time she allowed me to take liberty with her.
Like I could kiss her for no more then 10 seconds. I kissed her often. She payed along, I told her you never when we are being spyed on by immigration sleuths. By the end of 6 weeks she got called for first interview. That shook her up. I did not know what they asked her, but from that week onwards she allowed me to kiss her longer.
That weekend we were called for networking dinner to get to know others in the building. During dinner people drank wine, so I insisted we must also do in Rome what the Romans do. Thats when I discovered one her biggest weakness. After drinking two glass's of wine she became extremely horny. After dinner wine was served, mostly in Europe they drink more after eating.
The immigration boss raised a toast to us newcomers in Germany. I gave Charu one glass of wine, she drank it reluctantly and joined the toast. Then the couple took the floor for dancing. Not be left behind I led Charu to the floor. She said that thing she drank was very nice and made her glow warmly. I held her close. So close that our crotch were touching.
I put my lips to her ears and whispered dirty little things like was she feeling warm below in her tuss too. After some more dirty talk. She asked me not to talk dirty as somebody will hear us. I said so what? we are married and look around you every couple in the room is going to have sex later in the night. I kissed her lips. To my surprise she let me kiss her for more then a minute.
I was still kissing her when I gently began to press her breast. After about ten minutes of kissing and squeezing her breast she broke up and said lets have another drink. We returned to table and filled another glass, all under the watchful eyes of the immigration officials who were actually more busy getting drunk then noticing us. But one official smiled at Charu.
Charu quickly lifted the glass of wine to show that she was conforming to normal norms said cheers and drank the whole glass. I was going to tell her to take it easy with the wine but I didnot. We went to the dance floor, to the darker corner of the room. I began kissing her, for the first she began to return my kiss's. I quickly pulled her tighter to me by her soft ass.
She closed her eyes. I fondled her soft ass, parting her ass cheeks. My cock became bigger and bigger. Her kiss became more passionate. I glided my hand to her pussy, I had just start rubbing her pussy, she took my hand and put on her breast. Even that was good. After pressing her soft satin like breast they became as hard as cricket ball.
I took her hand put on my cock. She quickly squeezed my cock hard and released it. She pulled her hand away. She opened her eyes and looked around for something. To my suprise she put her hand back on my cock and began to twist my cock round and round sometime clock wise sometime anti clockwise.
She broke off the kiss and whispered in ears " Are they still observing us, bhencood". I kissed her long beautiful neck and without looking I said yes. I asked her to let me have sex with her, she refused. In sales till the customer doesnot refuse three time you shouldnot take it as a refuse. My cock was getting bigger in her hands.
I pleaded with her again to have sex and described to her her the various pleasures of sex in detail. She still refused second time and she she also withdrew her hands from my cock but we still remained lip locked, slowly gliding bumping into other couples on the floor. She was tired and wanted to sit.
We sat and again the same immigration guy who by now was fully drunk loudly raised his beer mug towards us. I poured some more wine in our glass, we reciprocated the cheers. I looked into her eyes which were red, I lauded her beauty her smell and her softness, she also said I was handsome and that I could have any women I want. I told her I only wanted her for that night.
She said only for one night not for other nights. I said for all my nights. She said it cannot be possible. So she refused me the third time. When a salesmen is refused three time the next course is direct action, assume order. The German immigration official floated to our table. He asked us in English how we liked Germany are we having a pleasant time here?
For Charu's benefit I replied in English the days are pleasant and nights are very pleasant too thank you, pulling Charu closer to me by her slender waist. He laughed loudly "yes we hear you both at night all the time" he said drunkenly laughing at his own joke. After that we another dance, some more kissing some food around 11 pm we decieded to go to our room.
On the elevator ride she broke my kiss to ask what that that man meant by hearing us at night. Obviously she did not get the joke. I said "Oh our rooms are bugged, lts called behavious anaylsis, they give us points for how we behave" She was keen to know more whether they also gave negative points.
I said sure if we do not behave as per pattern, they will suspect something and give us negative marks" She said "You are joking you are only saying that to get inside me" I laughed and admitted the last part was only to have sex with her. She looked at me and sighed "You really want to do it with me, you think I am beautiful?"
This was my moment I said seriously "You are very beautiful, I love you and need you" Pulling me close to her "ok lets do it, but be gentle, do not make a baby inside me I am new and I heard it hurts" I burst with happiness. I kissed her hands, her arms, under her arms. She giggled. The lift door opened. We ran to our room. I locked the door and she pushed me to the bed.
In few swift movement she removed her clothes and threw them in the corner. By the time she came to the bed I was already out my pants and under wear. She loving took my cock in her hand and smelled it. I couldnot wait. I tuned her around in the bed doggy style and I parted her pussy. I took some spit and applied on her pussy and on my cock.
I slowly pushed my cock head inside her so that it doesnot hurt her. She said more more deeper and without warning pushed her butt back into my cock as I was pushing forwards in a instant my cock was half lodged inside her, it felt so good to be inside a warm tight hole. I slowly began to push to and fro, enjoying every friction and softness of her ass under my hands.
Everything I rammed Charu did, her ass would ripple like a wave starting from her love hole. I grabbed her melons abd began rocking Charu did back and forth, both enjoying the tremendous amount pleasure sex was giving. Thats when Charu didi started screaming. I quickly withdrew my cock and looked at blood dripping on the bed sheet.
Charu did said "no you fool deeper deeper now" So I rammed my cock deeper inside her. My balls hit her her pubes. With friction inside her Charu did's cunt my cock began to enlarge itself. I pushed forward and she pushed backwards. We were fucking furiously like rabbits. I turned her around and held her ankles to her shoulder.
This way her pussy was wide one for my pentration. And I began banging away slowly her screams turned in loud moaning. After some one minute seventeen seconds I came. I withdrew for her hot cunt splilled it in her tummy. She said you are done already. I said this is just a quick commercial break wait. She said good resume pleasure.
I slolwly kissed her burning body with kiss while to drain any cum left in my cock. I told her to suck my cock, for a few minutes we did 69. We resumed making love albiet more slowly and for longer period till she shuddered and came too.
After that for three years she married Inder but we had so much sex that she nows says her husband Inder is a wimp. On winter we used have marathon sex lasting about one hour. She complians that I have made her a slut and complete sex slave. She is a mother of two now. She still comes for a suck and a fuck.


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