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English - True Story

Introduction: A true story of my first sexual experience with my older sister.   I was looking into the bathroom mirror shaving when my 17 year old sister, Christine, poked her head through the partially closed door and said: "Hey, Jake, I know I'm supposed to be done with the bathroom, but I overslept and missed my turn. I'm going to be late for school if I don't take my shower now but Mom locked her bedroom door when she left for work. Mind if I jump in the shower in there while you finish up?".

"No problem. Go ahead." I replied. Although I was just wearing a towel, I was not bothered, since Christine and I had often seen each other in towels or underwear as we had grown up. Besides, I was not ashamed of my body, at 15 I was 5'9"and already had an athletic build.

"Thanks!" she said and entered, closing the door behind her. I couldn't help but stare at her voluptuous body barely hidden by her sheer white negligee. She was 5'8" with jet black hair,36D breasts, a slim waist, curvy ass, and drop-dead legs shaped by her years of athletics at school. Her large nipples and half-dollar size areolas were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, as was the closely trimmed bush between her legs. She smiled embarassedly as she walked to the shower, saying: "I'm your sister- keep your eyes on the mirror before you cut yourself!",

She hopped in the shower, closed the shower curtain, turned on the water, and a few seconds later tossed her negligee over the curtain rod. I could see her washing herself, although partially obscured by the clear curtain. She shampooed and then began washing her body. When she began soaping her breasts and then pussy and ass, I could feel my erection growing, imagining myself in the shower soaping them for her. I had often fantasized about fucking her since she had developed into young womanhood, and my jealous friends often teased me about getting to see her in various stages of undress over the years, often saying: "You know what they say, incest is best!". It was embarrassing when our World History teacher told us how the ancient Egyptian pharaohs married their sisters and my friends all turned and leered at me. But although Christine and I had a great relationship and were loving siblings, I had never acted on my fantasies due to the incest taboo, although it was getting harder to control myself the sexier she became.

Christine turned off the water when she had finished showering and said: "Jake, could you hand me a towel? I forgot to get one". I smiled and took a hand towel from the rack and tossed it over the curtain rod.

"Ha, Ha!" she laughed "You WISH! Now get me a bigger one! C'mon, I'm going to be late as it is!". I pulled a regular towel from the rack and tossed it over. She quickly dried off, tied the towel around her, opened the curtain and stepped from the shower. The towel barely concealed her. She looked at me and said: "What, STILL not done shaving? What were you doing, watching me or something?"

"Couldn't help it" I replied. "You may be my sister, but that body of yours is SLAMMIN". She gave me a mock disapproving look with pursed lips and said: "Naughty boy", wagging her finger. But as she turned she looked down and partially closed her eyes, smiling, which I took to mean she had secretly enjoyed my spying.

She began to brush her teeth at the other sink, and I noticed that her towel began to loosen by the movements of her arm. She rinsed out her mouth, and as she stood up from that her towel lost its tie and fell to the floor. There she stood in all her naked glory. She exclaimed "Oh my!" as she tried to cover her breasts with one arm and pussy with the other, but I noticed she did not bend to pick up the towel. Something told me it was now or never to act on my fantasies. She looked at me with wide eyes for a few seconds, then I stepped towards her and gently pulled her arms away from her body, saying: "Wow, with a body like that it's a shame you have to cover it with clothes". I ogled her large, perfectly shaped breasts still unaffected by gravity and her closely trimmed pubic mound.

She gently pulled away and with and with a sly, wicked smile purred: "So you think I'm sexy?" while striking a provocative pose with one hand on her hip and the other behind her head, legs apart. "HELL YES" I replied.

"How about my ass?" she said as she turned around for my inspection. Her perfectly rounded butt cheeks almost made me drool. "Awesome" was all I could croak out.

By now my towel was sticking way out from my fully erect cock, and as she turned around Christine noticed it. She unconsciously licked her lips and softly said: "Hey it's not fair for me to be the only naked one in here" and pulled my towel from me. My 8" rock-hard cock sprang into her view. She focused on my cock while I stared at her perfect body for ten seconds or so until she muttered: "Damn, you sure have grown into quite a young man. And you sure are excited, too".

I could barely keep myself from jumping on her. I said: "Christine, you have the body of a porn star. Your tits are so perfect they almost look fake".

She again gave me a wicked smile and replied: "That's what most of the other girls at school think, too. But they're real, all right. Feel them if you don't believe me".

I knew for a fact that her breasts were real since I had closely watched their development over the years, but I wasn't going to pass up a chance like THIS. I stepped forward and began to gently squeeze her magnificent rack, rotating my hands. Soft yet firm, DEFINITELY real. I was thoroughly enjoying mauling my sister's tits when I felt her hand close around my cock and rub its helmet with her thumb and forefinger. "And THIS is obviously real" she murmured.

With that I groaned and dropped my head to her chest, beginning to lick her suddenly hardened nipples and circling her areolas with my tongue. I began to suck her nipples with my lips as they grew to the size of the tips of my index fingers. Christine began moaning, continuing to stroke my cock and reaching around to squeeze one of my ass cheeks.

Leaving my mouth on one of her juggs I began to run my hands all over my older sister's body, squeezing her ass and rubbing her pussy lips, her moaning egging me on. When I began to rub her clit with my forefinger, she suddenly pushed my shoulders back and exclaimed with wide eyes: "WAIT! STOP! We can't be doing this, we are brother and sister! This is INCEST!".

I replied: "Please, Christine, I'm so horny for you I could explode. I've felt this way for YEARS now. I've jerked off hundreds of times fantasizing about fucking you. I won't tell anyone if you don't".

Her eyes softened but she firmly stated: "No, I don't know what got into me but we have to stop this right now or we'll never forgive ourselves. It's WRONG. Besides, what if our parents caught us?"

I said: "You know they're both at work and won't be home for many hours."

She replied: "It's STILL wrong!"

We looked each other intensely in the eyes for several seconds, then I slid down to my knees, grabbed her ass with both hands, and began to lick my tongue up and down over her pussy lips. She tried to push my head away but I held her ass intently and continued to lick her pussy. She continued to resist, but when I started tonguing her clit, I felt her legs go rubbery and her resistance lessened. Soon she ceased all resistance, and began moaning, She tilted her hips up to make her pussy more accessible, began rotating them, and began to caress my head with her hands, encouraging me by pulling it closer into her.

"Ooooohhhh, Jake, that feels so gooooooood" she groaned. "Don't stop, eat your big sister out!" I growled agreement.

Suddenly she pulled me up by my armpits and said, smiling: "Hold on- let's go somewhere more comfortable. We can get each other off, but you've got to promise me we won't actually fuck. Maybe then it isn't incest." She pulled me by the hand, looking back into my eyes lustfully, into her bedroom.

Once there, she told me to lie on my back on her bed: "I want to do YOU while you do ME" she purred. She straddled my head with her legs and quickly lowered her head to my throbbing cock, sucking it into her mouth while she stroked the shaft with one hand, holding her body up with the other. It was the most exquisite feeling I had ever had to have her soft lips moving up and down my cock.

"MMMMMMMMM" she groaned as she bobbed up and down on my cock, reaching down to fondle my balls with her free hand.

I looked up to see the glory of her squirming ass and wet pussy. I reached up and parted her cunt lips and began to lick inside. Eventually I focused my attention on licking and flicking my tongue on her pulsating clit. My sister's moans began to increase in intensity, indicating her increasing excitement. Continuing to manipulate her clit with my tongue, I began to alternate squeezing her magnificent ass and breasts.

I could feel the cum building up in my balls and knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I began to buck my hips to meet her mouth until finally the cum surged up my pulsating cock and exploded in Christine's mouth in burst after burst. She swallowed as much as she could but some of it oozed down the shaft of my cock.

Once my cock ceased to spasm, I flipped my sister onto her back, groaning: "Now I've got to finish getting YOU off!", I started by slowly circling her clit with my tongue, gradually increasing the speed and alternately flicking it with the tip of my tongue and sucking it between my lips. She held my head and guided my cunnilingus.

"OH MY GOD, JAKE!!! THAT'S IT!! KEEP GOING!! LICK YOUR SISTER!! MAKE ME COME!!!!!!" Christine began to moan loudly, as her ass squirmed and her hips began to buck. I licked and flicked faster and faster to bring on her orgasm.

"YES!! YESSS!! YESSSSSS!!! I'M COMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" she screamed, eyes closed, as she grabbed my head tightly while I felt her body stiffen and her pussy began to try to suck my tongue into it with its spasms.

While she was distracted with her intense orgasm, I took the opportunity to quickly move up her body and place my once again rock hard cock on her clit, rubbing it back and forth on it. Christine's orgasm subsided and she opened her eyes to see why things felt differently. She looked at what I was doing and her eyes initially grew wide but then grew dreamy again as she whined: "YES!!! THAT'S IT!! RUB MY CLIT WITH YOUR COCK!! THAT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!! OH MY GOD!! I'M COMING AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Her big tits were shaking violently as she screamed.

My sister's eyes rolled back in their sockets as she enjoyed her second intense orgasm, and now I embarked to finish the plan I had made in my head on the way to her bedroom. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and parted its lips with the cockhead. It was incredibly tight but also very wet and I slowly began to push it in, inch by inch, until my cock was buried balls deep in my sister's pussy.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH" Christine groaned, eyes closed, as my cock made it journey to her cervix. She moaned incoherently, finally opening her eyes. "But you promised we wouldn't fuck" she whined. "I never said a word" I replied. "Do you want me to take it out?"

"Yeeeeessss" she moaned in ecstasy. "You're still my brotherrrrrrr". She feebly tried to push me away.

I pulled my cock back slowly until it was almost out, but then slowly inched it back in, My sister's groan grew louder and she made no further effort to stop me. So I continued to saw my cock in and out of my older sister's tight pussy, faster and faster, our hips bucking together, our moans matching each other, her breasts bouncing with the rhythm. The feeling of her pussy's warm velvet liquid vise was exquisite on my cock.


I kept up the in and out slamming of my sister's pussy with my cock while I put my head down and sucked her breasts and nipples, adding even more excitement to her experience as indicated by her squealing. I then began to kiss her, our tongues exploring each other's mouths as we bounced with our fucking.

Since I had already cum once in my sister's mouth I found I was able to hold off the second one for much longer. I pulled out of Christine's pussy to her disappointed whine but told her to switch places with me and get on top. I turned her around with her back facing me and told her to lower herself onto my cock. She did so eagerly and began to bounce happily up and down, her pussy squeezing my cock tightly and her juices leaking on my pubic hair.

I said: "Lie back, Christine, I want to show you something I saw in a porno flick". She laid her back onto my chest, her legs cocked and feet flat on the bed, my cock remaining inside her pussy. I began to buck my hips up and in, sawing my cock back and forth in her pussy. My hands were now free to molest her gorgeous breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples.


I reached down with one hand and began to rub my sister's clit with my forefinger at the same time I ground my cock up into her cunt, continuing to rub a nipple with my other hand.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Christine screamed at the pleasure of this triple stimulation.

I could feel myself approaching orgasm so I flipped my sister over again and mounted her missionary style, this time putting her legs over each of my shoulders and slowing things down to make myself last longer. This position made her pussy even tighter and made my cock rub her clit as I pistoned it in and out.

"OH MY GOD YOU FUCK SO GOOD JAKE!!!" my sister gasped. "THIS IS THE BEST FUCK I EVER HAAAADDDD". After five minutes of this I was getting very close to cumming so I dropped her legs and got to business fucking her willing cunt as fast as I could. Christine began to scream louder and louder with each thrust. In and out, back and forth, with Christine bucking her hips up to meet each lunge of my cock into her tight, wet pussy.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'M COMING AGAINNNNNNN!!!!!!!" she screamed.

"MEEEEE TOOOOOO!!!!!!" I bellowed.

Once again the cum raced up my shaft and I plastered the inside of my sister's pussy with my hot cum. I felt my balls completely empty themselves as I continued to ram my cock in and out of Christine's cunt. Finally I collapsed on top of her, both of us shuddering in intense ecstasy.

Our breathing slowly returned to normal as we lay there, my cock still buried to the hilt in my sister's pussy. "Are you mad at me?" I asked her. "I should be" she replied with a smile "but that felt far too good to be angry about". I suddenly remembered: "Oh shit!! I didn't use a condom! What if I got you pregnant?" She reassured me: "Don't worry, I'm on the pill."

"That was incest, you know" I said. She smiled. "Well, like you said, if you don't tell anyone I won't. It'll be our secret".

I remembered something else: "Uh oh! What about school? We're massively late now!". Christine replied: "FUCK school today!! I'll forge us some notes, don't worry. Besides, I want to get some more of that hard cock of yours and see what OTHER positions you learned from porno movies! Now roll off me and I'll go make us some breakfast to get our strength back up."

I did so and she walked to the door where she stopped and turned her head back with that sly smile of hers. She purred: "I don't think you'll ever need to jack off again or fantasize about me as long as we live together. Even after I move out. You can fuck me anytime you want. We just have to be careful not to get caught." With that she scooted off down the stairs, her tits jiggling. I laid back and smiled with the thought of the fun day I would have of hot sex with the most gorgeous girl I knew, my sister.

I love my older sister!
I went downstairs to see how Christine was progressing with breakfast. She was in the kitchen at the stove cooking eggs, completely nude, her beautiful round ass and magnificent 36D breasts jiggling as she worked the spatula. I snuck up behind her and slid up to her back, reaching around her to cup her tits in my hands, gently squeezing them, as I pushed my once again hard cock up between her ass cheeks. Since at 5'9" I was only an inch taller than my older sister, this felt comfortable.

"That was so hot, sis, thanks for making my fantasies come true" I murmured in her ear. She giggled and pushed her ass back, moving it up and down to caress my cock.

"Well, to tell you the truth, you weren't the only one with fantasies. I've been imagining you fucking me as well for a couple of years now while I masturbated, ever since I saw what a package you had when I saw you in your underwear" she replied. She turned her head to look into my eyes, then gave me a romantic tongue kiss. I slid my right hand down and began to softly rub her pussy lips.

"Whoah, boy!" she laughed and bucked backwards, pushing me away. "We've got all day for that. It's only 9:00 and Mom and Dad won't be home until 6. Let's eat some breakfast- I have a feeling we'll need the energy". I sat at the table as she dished out bacon and eggs, taking her plate and sitting across from me. We quickly began to wolf down our food.

"Just where did you learn to fuck like that, Jake? You're only 15" my sister asked as she ate, with a mischievous smile. I replied: "Well, I've watched a lot of porno on the internet and I've fucked a couple of girls my age from school. But NONE of them compare to YOU. And you said I was the best fuck YOU ever had, too. How many times have YOU done it?".

She laughed. "I'm only 17, it's not like I'm some slut or something. I've done it several times with guys I dated, but they all just jumped on top and rushed through it. I had to fake orgasms because they didn't last long enough to get me off."

"You mean I'm the first guy to make you cum?" I said with surprise. She smiled demurely, looking down, and softly purred: "yeeeahhhh.....THREE times!".She closed her eyes and tilted her head, remembering their intense lovemaking, and moaned: "mmmmmmmmmmmm.........". Then she stood up abruptly, her plate clean, and said: "I'm going to take another shower- you left me all sticky and sweaty before" and walked to the stairs. I hated to see her go but I sure enjoyed watching her breasts and ass jiggle as she left. She stopped a couple of steps up and looked back at me. "You can join me if you want to" she said suggestively. She didn't have to ask me twice, I chased her up the stairs into our bathroom.

My sister turned on the water and hopped in the shower once it had warmed a little, and I followed. I took off the detachable shower head and rinsed her off from head to toe, and she did the same to me. "Wash me, baby" she purred in my ear. I turned the shower head away, took the soap and lathered her head to toe. I spent a lot of time sliding my hands in circles over her big, slippery tits, squeezing and groping them, and did the same to her round, yet firm, ass. We tongue-kissed passionately as I fondled her soapy body. I was in heaven with this tactile experience, living out the shower fantasy with my older sister that I had enjoyed so many times before while jerking off. She groaned and squirmed with pleasure as I manhandled her, stroking my cock with her slippery hand. I finished by soaping and washing her pussy, then rinsed her off.

"Your turn" Christine whispered breathlessly, repeating my treatment of her on me, paying special attention to soaping and washing my cock, balls, and ass. She rinsed me off, then dropped to her knees, and as she softly stroked my 8" cock with her hand she put my balls in her mouth, gently sucking and tonguing them. The feeling was so exquisite and the sight so erotic I nearly blew my load then and there, but I restrained myself with huge effort.

I let my sister suck my balls for another minute, then lifted her up forcefully and blurted: "I want to fuck you NOW!". I placed one of her feet up on the shower stool that Christine used to shave her legs and placed the head of my rock-hard cock just inside her pussy lips, grasping her ass with both hands. "Do you want it, Christine? Do you want it?" I lustfully murmured in her ear.

"YESSSSSSS.......STICK IT ALL THE WAY IN! FUCK ME, LITTLE BROTHER!!" she moaned. I teased her by only pushing in a tiny bit and then pulling my cock nearly out, over and over. She began to groan and squirm her ass in frustration, then began to try to lunge down and impale herself on my meat, my firm grasp on her ass preventing her from doing so. Finally I slowly pushed my cock entirely in to the hilt, as my sister hissed with pleasure. I began to slowly thrust my cock into her tight sopping wet pussy, over and over, faster and faster, as my sister rocked her hips towards me while I bucked mine towards her. The sight of my cock plunging into my older sister's cunt was awesome as was the feeling of her pussy squeezing on my cock to milk the cum out of me.

"OH MY GODDDDDDD!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Christine screamed as I continued to pound her pussy with my pulsating cock, sawing it in and out. She snapped her head from side to side as she screamed in ecstasy. I took my hands from her ass and grabbed her large perfect bouncing wet breasts, pushing them up and towards each other, circling the half-dollar size aereolas with my tongue, sucking her hard nipples and pushing them close to each other so I could lick them both at once from left to right while I squeezed her ample breasts with my hands. I alternately sucked as much of each tit into my mouth as I could, pulling them out until I released them with a pop from my mouth. My sister screamed her approval of this while she continued to grind her pussy towards my lunging cock, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.

We fucked like animals for several minutes, our excitement increasing and our moans growing louder as we both approached climax. Finally my sister gripped my shoulders hard and began to scream: "OH!! OHHH!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!! I'M CUMMINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!" I could feel her pussy pulsating and attempting to suck my cock in deeper as it plunged in and out. With that I began to feel the cum boiling up in my balls so I intensified the speed of my cock pounding into her cunt. Finally the sperm raced up my shaft and exploded into my sister's pulsating womb in burst after burst, flooding it and streaming down my cock as I continued to slam it in and out of her, grunting with pleasure.

Finally we slowed down and Christine collapsed in my arms, shuddering. "Jesus Christ, you leave me weak in the knees, Jake!" she muttered tiredly. I smiled and kissed her tenderly, my cock still buried and throbbing inside her cunt. I could feel her pussy continue to flutter on my shaft as her orgasm subsided. We softly french-kissed, our tongues circling each other. She pulled back, looked me in the eyes dreamily, and softly said: "I bet every girl wishes she had a little brother like YOU". We kissed a little more until I grew soft inside her, then I pulled out and we washed up again.

We quickly dried off, then my sister led me by the hand to her bedroom. She laid on the bed on her side and patted next to her: "C'mon, little brother, come keep me company" she said with a sly smile. I smiled as well and climbed next to her. We kissed softly as I ran my hand over her smooth ass and gently squeezed her beautiful breasts. She reached down and cupped my flaccid penis, giggling: "this poor guy must be all worn out after three orgasms in one day". I replied with a leer: "Just give him a little while, I've jerked off many more times than that in a day".

Christine looked thoughtful as she fingered my cock, then frowned slightly and said: "You know this is a sin, don't you? Incest?" I stroked her hair and replied: "Hey, it's not like I raped you or that I'm your father and you're a little girl. We're both practically adults. This is just sex for fun, we're not hurting anyone. And we won't be getting married or having any kids together, since you're on the pill". She smiled, reassured. Then she frowned again. "Whatever you do, don't tell anyone about this. If you go bragging to your friends about it the whole school will find out and we'll be outcasts. And Mom and Dad will find out, too. This has got to be our secret". I nodded agreement, and she smiled again.

My sister lovingly caressed my penis for a while, and eventually it began to respond, slowly getting harder. Once it was firm I mounted my sister. She spread her legs eagerly, and I eased my cock into her willing cunt. She was already wet, evidently she had enjoyed playing with my meat. We began to screw slowly, taking our time for once and enjoying the sensation of my cock slowly sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy, my sister squeezing my ass and pulling me into her, moaning.

After several minutes of delicious slow-screwing, I pulled out of Christine and said: "Turn around, let's do it doggy-style". She complied willingly, getting on all fours, and I gripped her ass as I slid into her pussy from behind. I slowly plunged my cock in and out, spreading her ass and watching her pink asshole pucker and open slightly as I did so. I got an idea and wet my forefinger in my mouth, then rubbed it in circles around her asshole and over it when it puckered.

"Oooooooo.......that feels goooooodddd......" my sister moaned. Encouraged, I spit a gob of saliva on my first three fingers and rubbed it around and on her asshole, lubing it up. I inserted my forefinger into her asshole slowly and gently, feeling her sphincter squeeze and release it. Christine gasped in pleasure as I slowly frigged her ass with my finger. Then I spread her ass and pulled my dripping cock from her cunt and placed it at the entrance to her bunghole, pushing against it gently.

"Whoah! Whoah! What are you doing back there?" said Christine, looking back.

"C'mon, sis, let me fuck you up the ass. That's always been another fantasy of mine" I pleaded.

She replied with a frown:"I don't know... I've never done that before. I bet it hurts like hell!" I said: "Hey, millions of women enjoy taking it in the ass. Shouldn't you try it at least once?" I gazed at her imploringly.

She hesitated, then said doubtfully: "Well, OK, but go slow and stop if I tell you to". I answered: "No problem. Now just try to relax your asshole". I very slowly began to push my cock in a fraction of an inch at a time, waiting until her rubbery sphincter became used to the intrusion at each stage. Eventually the entire cockhead was inside her, and I waited while her asshole spasmed and puckered on it, my sister gasping: "OH! OH! OH! OH!"

Eventually I felt her sphincter relax completely, and I continued to push my cock in deeper, my sister's ass shuddering in my hands, her moaning increasing. Finally I was balls deep in her ass. The tightness was incredible. I waited a little, then pulled back slowly, only to again ease it back in all the way. I continued this, gradually increasing the tempo while I grunted with pleasure, squeezing her ass cheeks harder and harder as I progressed.

"Ooooooooohhhhhh........that feels gooooooddddd....." my sister moaned. "I think I like it up the aaaassssssss...." I continued to ream her faster and faster, the vise-like grip of her ass on my cock driving me into frenzy. Christine reached back with one hand and began diddling her clit as I pounded into her harder and harder, my balls slapping up against her pussy and fingers.

"YESSSSSS!!!!!!" my sister screamed. "FUCK MY ASS, LITTLE BROTHERRRR!!!!" Her screams and the thought I was finally fucking my own sister in the ass, a long-time fantasy of mine, drove me almost wild and I hammered my cock in and out, over and over with increased brutality. After several minutes of this I could feel myself approaching climax, and I hoped my sister was almost there as well.

Finally I heard what I was hoping for. Christine screamed: "AH! AH! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'M CUMMING AGAAAAIIIINNNN!!!!!" I could feel her body shudder violently and her sphincter began to spasm, gripping and releasing my cock as I continued to ream her. That was all it took for me. My balls went tight and released what sperm was left in them to surge up my shaft and shoot deep into my sister's ass. My loud groaning matched my older sister's screams of pleasure. I stopped and shuddered myself, grunting as my cock pulsed repeatedly in the throes of orgasm, buried to the hilt in Christine's ass, which continued to alternately squeeze and release my cock.

We stayed that way for a minute as our orgasms subsided, then my sister collapsed onto her stomach with a satisfied sigh, her asshole pulling off my cock with a soft pop. She looked back up at me dreamily and purred with a salacious grin: "That was AWESOME. Thanks, little brother. I LOVED getting ass-fucked. We've got to do that AGAIN".

"Don't worry, we will" I replied with a smile, rubbing her ass which shuddered slightly at my touch. I looked at the clock, which read 11 a.m. Our parents still wouldn't be home for at least seven more hours.

This was going to be the best day of my life!
Christine looked up at me with that sly smile of hers and purred: "So what NOW, little brother?" I gazed down at her perfect naked body with lust in my mind, but the honest fact was that my cock needed a break for a while after fucking her so intensely so often in a short period. We still had 6 hours before our parents got home from work, so we were in no rush.

I had an idea: "Let me shave you". She looked at her legs with a frown and replied: "What for, I just shaved them yesterday, they're still smooth".

I said: "No, your pussy". Her eyes went wide with surprise and she looked down at her close-trimmed pubic mound. "Isn't it clean enough for you?" she said pensively as she spread her labias slightly with her fingers.

"It's GREAT, but there's nothing like a clean shaved pussy. They're sexy as hell" I countered.

She looked down again, looked up at me, smiled seductively, and said: "OK, why not? Just be careful". I led her by the hand to the bathroom, propped her butt up on the counter, and spread shaving lotion on her pubic hair. She spread her legs wide accomodatingly. I took my razor and very carefully shaved the area with hair on it, Following each shave stroke, I flicked my tongue out and licked her clit, with my sister responding with a squeal and squirm of her ass.

Finally I was done. I wiped her off with a wet hand towel and looked at the glory of her clean-shaven cunt, the lips of her labia slightly protruding and her excited clit standing at attention. "Let me be the first to eat that clean pussy!" I growled as I licked my tongue over her pussy lips and sucked and slurped on her clit. My sister grabbed my head and held it into her, moaning with pleasure. Her hips began to buck, so I reached my hands around and gripped her ass to keep her from bucking right off the counter, my tongue grinding into her pussy.

"Ooooooooo.... Ooooooooo.... Oooooooooo...... lick me Jake, lick me little brother....." my sister moaned as she squirmed on the bathroom counter. I alternated between plunging my tongue into her cunt, licking the lips of her pussy, and flicking her clit with my tongue-tip until her ass began to buck uncontrollably.

"AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'M CUMMINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! my older sister screamed as I continued to tongue her, her hips bucking wildly as I held them tight to avoid her falling to the floor. I held on firmly until her shuddering subsided and she was once again calm.

Christine looked into my eyes dreamily, moaning "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm". Then she said: "Your turn!" My sister got on her knees, spread shaving lotion on my pubic region, and carefully shaved it. She even went and found some scissors to closely trim the hair on my balls. When she was done, she stared at my clean groin, licked her lips, and muttered: "Damn, that makes your cock look even bigger! Let ME be the first to suck that bastard DRY!!!!!!!"

By now my cock had revived and hardened as my sister proceeded to suck it on her knees, fondling my balls with her free hand. I stood erect for a little while enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet lips sliding back and forth on the shaft of my cock, her tongue massaging my glans. Then I picked her up and led her back to her bedroom. Once there, I laid on my back and motioned her to jump on. She did so without hesitation, lowering her wet pussy onto my rock hard cock, quickly impaling herself with a hiss of pleasure. It was a highly erotic sight to see my cock plunging into her bald pussy. With no hair to hide it, I could see every detail of her pussy lips spreading on the shaft of my cock as she lifted up then tucking inside as she descended on my throbbing penis. She groaned with pleasure, her juices leaking onto my fresh-shaven groin as she bounced up and down.

I reached back and grabbed my sister's ass, lifting it up and down on my pulsating cock. She clenched her pussy tight on my cock each time she lifted, then released for each downward plunge. I groaned to match her moans of pleasure. I looked up to see her large, firm tits bouncing with the rhythm of our fucking and grasped them, squeezing them and reaching up with my mouth to suck her nipples and circle her areolas. My sister groaned with pleasure at this manipulation,

After several minutes of this delicious fucking, my older sister took control and began to jackhammer her ass downwards rapidly, slapping her ass on my groin, moaning: "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT LITTLE BROTHER? LIKE THAT? LIKE THAT? LIKE THAT? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, as I felt her pussy start to pulsate on the shaft of my cock in orgasm, her entire body shuddering with pleasure. She stopped bouncing on my cock and squirmed her ass, groaning in ecstasy as her orgasm continued. I prolonged it by furiously licking and sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her magnificent tits, my cock impaled to the hilt in my sister's fluttering cunt.

When her orgasm began to subside, I threw my sister down on her back and straddled her stomach. I growled: "Time for some tit-fucking NOW!" I placed my slippery cock between her 36D breasts and pushed them together to cover it completely, then began to stroke it back and forth, my cockhead emerging from between her tits with each thrust. She pushed her hands up under mine and took over squeezing her breasts around my thrusting cock. She said with a leer: "How do you like tit-fucking your older sister, Jake?" I groaned: "Awwweeesommmeeee.........". She tilted her head up and opened her mouth, sucking the head of my cock into it each time it emerged from the top of her breasts. I pinched and thumbed one of her nipples while I reached back with my other hand and fingered her clit in rhythm with each lunge of my cock between her tits. Christine began to moan and squirm her ass, bucking her pussy up to my finger, her clit aroused and hard. The feeling of the warm fleshiness of her breasts around my cock was different than her pussy or asshole, but exquisite nonetheless.

After several minutes of tit-fucking, I could feel my orgasm begin to build, and began to fuck her tits with increased speed. I also intensified the flicking of my sister's clit with my finger, and her moans of pleasure intensified. I began to groan loudly: "Here I GO!! HERE I GO!! I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!" This set off Christine's orgasm, and I felt her hips begin to shudder as she lifted them and screamed in ecstasy. Finally my balls went tight and my cum raced up my shaft, squirting several spurts on my sister's chest and neck.

I stayed straddled on Christine's stomach, kneading her quivering breasts with my hands, my cock still buried between them, as both our orgasms subsided. She took her hand and rubbed my cum over her chest, neck, and tits, licking off her fingers when she finished. "That was delicious" she purred with satisfaction.

I glanced at the clock- 2 p.m. We still had four hours before our parents got home.

What a day to remember this had turned out to be, and it wasn't over YET!
 flopped down next to my sister's left side on her bed, cupping and squeezing her right breast with my left hand. "You are so beautiful, Christine, I can't believe we are actually fucking now" I said. She smiled and replied: "You're a STUD, little brother. If I had known you could fuck like this, I might have spread my legs for you long ago. I can't believe how you can get your dick hard time after time like you've done." She giggled and I smiled back, bending my head down to kiss her tenderly,

"Let's go for a swim!" my sister said. jumping up and sprinting for the door. "Sounds good!' I replied as I chased her down the stairs. We went into our backyard and both dived in the pool, nude. We swam around, the water washing off the sweat and stickiness of our lovemaking.

I swam after my sister, finally trapping her in the shallow end, and grabbed her by the ass, reaching down with my mouth to suck her nipples into my mouth. She laughed and broke away, climbing the pool stairs and running to a pool lounge, flopping down on it on her back and parting her legs, spreading her quivering pussy lips with her fingers in anticipation. I chased her and dived on top of her, my once again excited and hard cock plunging into her wet cunt, immediately beginning to stroke in and out, my sister curling her legs around my ass and pulling me into her, moaning with pleasure. I was glad for our high privacy fences, as well as the recuperative powers of my 15 year old cock as I thrust it into my 17 year old sister. Her 36D breasts bounced deliciously. "FUCK ME, JAKE, FUCK MEEEE!!!!"" she groaned. "SLAM THAT BIG JUICY COCK INSIDE MEEEE, LITTLE BROTHERRRR!!!!!! She bucked her ass up to meet my thrusts in perfect rhythm, her pussy squeezing my cock each time I pulled it out, milking it for cum.

We fucked by the pool for a while, then I took Christine by the hand and led her back into the house. We continued to fuck like sex maniacs in every room of the house- the kitchen, laundry room, living room, the stairs, on the pool table in the family room. I fucked every hole in her body as we switched locations and positions. Finally we ended up downstairs in our parent's master bedroom, fucking missionary style under the covers, and feeling an orgasm coming on I was getting down to business and plowing my sister's pussy faster and faster, her breasts bouncing, her moans intensifying into screams of orgasmic pleasure.

I was balls deep in sister, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust, when I suddenly heard the dinging of the bell from the motion detector on our house indicating that someone had intruded into our driveway or in front of our house. I glanced at the beside digital clock- 6:09 p.m. "FUCK!! Mom or Dad is home!!" I groaned as I continued to hammer my cock into my sister's quivering cunt.

"SHIT!!: Christine groaned, bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts. "GET OFF!! WE'LL GET CAUGHT!!!"

I moaned: "Just a SECOND, I can't stop NOWWWW!!!!" and jackhammered my cock in and out of my sister's pussy, the tension building until finally my balls clenched and I spurted my cum deep into Christine's cunt, She groaned in ecstasy and lifted her ass, her pussy spasming and trying to suck my cock in deeper in the throes of her own orgasm.

We heard the front door open and scrambled to our feet, quickly pulling up the sheets and bedcovers and smoothing them out hastily.The door began to open in the master bedroom, and we dived behind it on the side away from the door, clenching each other in terror. We heard footsteps go to the master bathroom and the door close. We took the opportunity and sprang up, tiptoeing out the door and running up the stairs to our own rooms. I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed one of my textbooks, and flopped on my bed, opening the book and pretending to read it.

Soon I heard the flush of the toilet in my parent's master bath and soon after footsteps up the stairs. "HEY, KIDS, WHAT'S UP?!" I heard my mother yell, and yelled back: "JUST STUDYING!!. My sister yelled: "ME TOOOO!!!!!"

The footsteps went back down the stairs, and after several minutes I was mentally congratulating myself at our slick escape, when I heard my mother yell: "Christine, Jake, could you come downstairs!!!" I stood up and went into the hallway, meeting my sister there, both our eyes wide and teeth clenched. We went tentatively down the stairs, saying "YESSS!! What is it!!" innocently.

My mother stood in the kitchen with the phone in her hand, glaring at us. She said: "There's computer messages on the phone saying that both of you were absent at school today." She looked us both in the eyes for several seconds and asked: "Well?"

My sister thought fast on her feet and replied without hesitation: "I've got a KILLER test in Trigonometry tomorrow and I needed to study for it. We weren't doing anything important in my other classes that I missed".

With a few more seconds of time to think of an excuse, the best I could come up with was: "I was feeling sick to my stomach this morning, so I stayed home".

My mom looked at us suspiciously for several more seconds, then turned and hung the phone up. "OK" she said "but from now on call me and tell me you're not going to school if that happens!!" Luckily, we were both good students with excellent grades so my mom trusted us in this situation. If only she KNEW what we had REALLY been doing all day! Christine looked at me and I wordlessly drew the back of my hand over my forehead, whispering :"Whewwwww.....". She opened her eyes wide and nodded silently, then walked back up the stairs.

I stood there halfway down the stairs. watching my mother move around the kitchen. Not for the first time, I noticed how sexy she was, an older version of my hot older sister. She was 38, but she still had an hourglass figure sculpted by countless hours at the gym. Firm, round ass. Large, well-formed breasts jiggling in her blouse as she worked around the kitchen. Long, perfect legs, panty-hose enhancing their appearance. A beautiful face, framed by her curly jet-black hair. My friends all called her a MILF, and I had to agree.

y sister Christine (17) and I (Jake, 15) had sex for the first time after a morning bathroom encounter (Part One). We ditched school for the day for furthur sexual explorations(Parts 2-4). As this chapter opens, we had ALMOST been caught by our mother in her bed when she got home from work, but escaped by the skin of our teeth. We had even convinced our Mom that we had missed school that day for legitimate reasons.......   The rest of the evening went as usual. Mom made dinner and Dad got home around 6:30. Mom didn't display any suspicion about Christine and I not going to school that day- she even wrote us notes to excuse our absences! As we sat and ate dinner, my sister and I shot each other glances and sly smiles, pleased at our day of hot sex together and how we had avoided getting caught in the act. Our secret was safe, at least for now....

After dinner we watched a little TV together as a family, then Christine and I went upstairs to study a little, then went to bed. I heard my parents turn off the TV and go to their master bedroom downstairs about 11:30. I laid there for another hour or so, but couldn't sleep- remembering all the sex that day with my sister had me aroused and horny. My cock was rock-hard despite its exertions that day, and I reached down to it for my usual nightly session of jerking off. Then I muttered: "Fuck THAT!" and slipped out of bed and crept into the hall, nude.

I softly closed my bedroom door behind me and tiptoed to my sister's room. Luckily she had left it unlocked and I quietly opened it, slipping inside and locking the door behind me. I could see that Christine was asleep, laying on her back with no covers or sheets on since the evening was warm. I could clearly see her beautiful face and sexy body in her sheer white negligee by the moonlight streaming through her window, her mouthwatering 36D breasts rising and falling with her soft breathing.

I crept to her bed and climbed on between her legs, being careful not to disturb her sleep. I gingerly lifted her negligee up. She wore no panties to bed, and her recently shaved pussy was exposed, her legs already spread. I smiled and bent my head down, sticking my tongue out and softly licking her pussy lips and clit up and down. My sister licked her lips and softly moaned. Still asleep, her hips began to gyrate slightly as I continued to tongue her. I saw her snake her hand down and she began to rub her clit with it, forcing me to raise my head. She began to moan: "ooooohhhhh Jake, ooooooh Jake..." in her sleep. Obviously she was dreaming of our hot sex sessions that day.

I moved up and gently eased her negligee down and below her breasts. They were quivering with her self-manipulation, her nipples hard. I cupped them from the sides and licked around the circles of her half-dollar size areolas. I licked her nipples up and down, and softly sucked them between my lips. My sister's moans grew a little louder, although she did not awaken. Finally I could control my lust no longer and I positioned my cock at the entrance to her vagina. I began to push my erect penis into her already wet and squirming cunt, her hand still diddling her clit.

At this Christine slowly roused to consciousness. By the time she became aware of what was going on I was balls deep inside her. Her eyes went wide and she began to let out a surprised squeal, but I clamped my hand over her mouth to muffle her and put my forefinger to my pursed lips, softly hissing "Shhhhhhhhhhh.....". I took my hand off her mouth and she whispered: "What the hell are you doing? Mom and Dad are home! Do you want to get caught?!".

I whispered back:"They're asleep. I locked the door, and they never come upstairs, anyway. Just don't make a lot of noise, it'll be OK".. She looked at me doubtfully, softly shaking her head no. I pulled my cock back to the entrance of her pussy and slowly eased it back in all the way. My sister closed her eyes and her frown changed to a soft "oooooohhhhh..." as she spread her legs farther apart, her hands gripping my waist. I began to saw my cock in and out of Christine's cunt at a moderate pace, being careful not to make the bed squeak or bang against the wall.

We quietly moaned and grunted as we fucked. My sister began to lift her hips up to meet my thrusts, clenching and squeezing my cock with her pussy each time it plunged to the depths of her womb, maintaining that tight grip as we pulled away from each other, then loosening her cunt walls with each thrust of our hips towards each other as my rod pounded home into her again. She continued to milk my cock for its cum for several more minutes that way as our passion intensified. Finally I clenched up in orgasm and buried myself to the hilt in my sister, my throbbing cock blasting cum deep into her in spurt after spurt as it spasmed. I let out a series of quiet grunts, and Christine reached her own orgasm, softly squealing "ooo! ooo! ooo!" as her ass squirmed and cunt fluttered on the shaft of my cock.

I lay with my cock buried in my sister until our passion subsided and I slowly went soft inside her. Then I pulled out and reached down and kissed Christine tenderly. "Night, sis! Go back to sleep now!" I whispered as I climbed off her bed. She smiled weakly and lifted her hand in goodbye with a satisfied groan as I slipped out her door and crept back to my own bed.

What a great finale to an awesome day!
My life changed completely after that. Christine and I went to school as usual, she in her Senior year, myself a Freshman (I had just turned 15, she would be 18 in a couple of months). The big difference was that we fucked practically every single day. Sometimes we started off our mornings with a bang in the shower, where we could make all the noise we wanted since our parents always left early for work. Sometimes we would go at it after getting home from school when we had several hours alone before Mom and Dad got home from work. Or if we didn't hook up during the day for some reason, I'd sneak in her room late at night and fuck her silly.

Due to our age difference we saw little of each other at school, but when we'd see each other in passing we acted nonchalantly, just saying: "Hey,sis" and "Hey, bro". I knew Christine was right when she said we had to keep our affair a secret- other than being a hero to a few of my friends who were hot for my sister, we would both become instants outcasts if anyone found out. And some girl jealous of my sister's looks would be sure to call our parents to tell THEM about it, and we'd be dead meat THEN. I didn't tell a soul what my sister and I were doing, much as I wanted to (These submissions are the first time I have revealed it to the world).

My sister still dated guys her age that asked her out, but didn't get serious with any of them, only rarely having sex with one of them just to have some variety in her love life. I sometimes dated girls my age just to keep up appearances, but found it hard to be interested in young girls anymore when I had a mature sex goddess spreading her legs for me at home nearly every day. However, that all changed about four months after my sister and I had started fucking.

Christine told a friend of hers, a black girl named Desiree, that on a family week-long stay at the beach last summer I had hooked up with some girl whose family had rented the condo next to ours, and this girl told my sister that I had a big cock and fucked like a porn star (this was pure fiction, by the way). My sister told me what she had said to Desiree that afternoon, right after I had finished blowing my wad into her pussy. She said: "Desiree looked interested. I'll bring her home from school tomorrow to study and you should put the moves on her". Surprised, I said: "Well, THANKS.....OK. But why are you doing this?"

Christine replied: "Well, it's not like we can be boyfriend and girlfriend or anything. I can't just keep you all to myself, now, can I? I'm not the jealous type. Besides, my girlfriends need some good sex just as much as I do, and most of the guys in our class are lame fucks". I murmured in her ear: "You are the most awesome sister EVER" and kissed her passionately in thanks, which of course got us both aroused and led to another round of fucking.

I arrived home from school first the next day, and eagerly awaited my sister's arrival with her friend. I sat in the living room in my Dad's recliner pretending to read a textbook. Soon Christine got home and brought Desiree into the living room with her. "Hey, little bro!" my sister said breezily. "Hi, Jake" Desiree added with her soft, sultry voice, flashing me a dazzling smile. I waved and ogled Desiree from the toes up. She was a tall girl with long, shapely legs, a drop-dead hourglass figure, topped with a beautiful face framed by curly black hair almost to her shoulders. She had a medium brown complexion, large doe-like eyes, and full, lucious lips. She was wearing a tight beige dress with a short skirt and low cut neckline showing ample cleavage. She didn't appear to be wearing a bra, nor did she seem to need one since her breasts stood out firm and proud. She giggled slightly as I gazed at her with lust. She obviously knew what affect the sight of her sexy body had on males and relished it, and my cock started to thicken in my shorts.

"Let's study!" Christine said to Desiree, and they sat on the couch, pulling out books and quizzing each other about information from it for several minutes. Desiree and I kept sneaking smiling glances at each other as I pretended to study, too.

Suddenly my sister hit her forehead with the heel of her hand, exclaiming "Damn, I forgot I've got that paper due in English tomorrow and I need to get a nice report folder for it'. She looked at Desiree and said: "I've got to go to the store and get one. There's no use in you wasting time going with me, why don't you stay here and study and we'll study some more when I get back, OK? Just hang out with my little brother for awhile. I'll get us some sodas and snacks, too, won't be gone more than an hour!" She said as she grabbed her purse and walked out the front door.

Desiree watched her go and after the front door closed she looked at me for several seconds, smiling, then said as she patted the couch next to her: "Well, c'mon over here, Jake, come keep me company". I rose and walked over to sit on the sofa with her to my left, trying to conceal my growing boner with my closed book. She looked in my eyes, then gently took the book from my lap and placed it on the coffee table, saying: "Take a break from that now and talk to me". Her eyes instantly zeroed in on my bulging crotch and lingered there for a while.

She flashed me her dazzling smile again and curled one leg up on the couch to face me, her right arm extended down the back of the couch towards me. I noticed how her skirt rode up on her thighs when she did this, entirely exposing her gorgeous legs and providing me a glimpse of black panties. She made no effort to rearrange her dress, although she couldn't have not noticed me checking out her goods.

"So tell me, Jake, you got a girlfriend yet?' she purred flirtatiously, cocking her head and pulling softly on one of her locks of hair.

"Not yet" I replied.

"That's surprising" Desiree said with a wicked smile, "I heard you were one hell of a STUD". I hesitated at her boldness, then countered: "Well, I'd like to THINK so".

"Ever been with an older girl before?" she asked coyly.

"Sure. LOTS of times" I replied, smiling and thinking of my older sister.

"Ever been with a black girl before?" she said sexily, gazing in my eyes as she ran her forefinger down my arm suggestively.

"No, but I've always WANTED to" I murmured, meeting her gaze intently.

She looked at me invitingly and I took the cue. I moved in closer to her, putting my right hand on her waist and left hand behind her head, bending down and kissing her passionately. She kissed back intensely, putting one arm around my back and one on my neck. Her large, wet lips felt wonderful to kiss, and our tongues circled and pushed against each other.

Soon I slid my right hand up and began massaging her left breast. I had been right- no bra, and I felt her nipple begin to harden as I rubbed my thumb on it through the thin material of her dress. She moaned and her right hand descended to my crotch, rubbing my now fully erect cock through my cotton shorts. I was not wearing any underwear, being prepared for action that afternoon.

Desiree gasped as she grasped the length of my shaft. She broke off our kissing and looked down, murmuring sexily: "Now WHAT have you got down THERE?" She reached with both hands and began to push my shorts down. I stood up as she slid them off, kicking them away, my erect 8" manhood pointing at her. Her eyes grew even wider as she reached out to grasp my cock, running her tongue between her lips, and with her other hand she pushed my stomach to make me sit down again, groaning: "Now THAT'S what I came over here TODAY for.. DAMN, you've got a big cock for a white guy! Circumcised and pretty, too. Just lay back, honey, I want to suck on that albino anaconda!"

I complied and enjoyed the erotic sight of her drop her head and wrap her luscious black lips around the head of my cock, bobbing her head up and down, tightening her lips as they came up and over the underside of my glans. She stroked my shaft with one hand and fondled my engorged balls with her other one. She licked and sucked me like a pro for several minutes, both of us groaning, my hips grinding upwards with each descent of her mouth down the head and shaft of my engorged and throbbing cock.

Finally I stood up, lifting her up by her arms as well. I reached down and pulled her dress up over her head as she raised her arms compliantly. Her magnificent black tits sprang into view, even a little larger than my sister's 36D's, with large black puffy areolas and erect nipples. She smiled at me salaciously as I reached down and slipped her black panties down, exposing a small closely trimmed pubic thatch and black pussy lips and clit slightly protruding. She turned around to show me her ass. Large and perfectly rounded, she jiggled it to show how her ass cheeks slightly bounced as she did so. I didn't think any girl's ass could surpass my sister's, but this one did.

I turned her back around and laid her down on the couch. My first move was to lay my chest on her stomach and reach out my hands and fondle her firm, round, jiggling breasts, squeezing their delicious meatiness as I lowered my head and sucked and licked her areolas and turgid, quivering nipples. (As you have no doubt already surmised if you have read all the chapters of my story, I am a titaholic). She groaned and purred: "That's it, baby, suck those black titties!" as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I slid down, murmuring: "I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours" and licked and sucked on her dark black labias and clit. Desiree's moans intensified: "OH YES!! LICK THAT BLACK PUSSY! OH! OH! OH! OH!". I spread her pussy lips to expose the pink inside of her cunt, and plunged my tongue in and out over and over again. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! TONGUE FUCK THAT BLACK PUSSY!!!" Desiree screamed, squirming her ass and bucking her hips.

After several minutes of cunnilingus, Desiree pushed my head away and groaned: "I WANT THAT BIG WHITE COCK INSIDE ME! Sit back, I want to RIDE that fucker!!". I did so and she straddled my legs, grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance to her cunt, and slowly lowered herself down on the entire length of my shaft, hissing in pleasure, until her exquisite ass rested on my balls. Then she began to bounce her ass up and down, gradually increasing speed, until she was jackhammering rapidly, her hips seemingly on a swivel, her body slapping loudly on mine with each downward lunge.

Desiree interrupted her grunts of pleasure with loud groans of: "YOU LIKE FUCKING THAT BLACK PUSSY, WHITE BOY?!?! YOU LIKE MY BLACK PUSSY?!!"

I sure did, reaching around to grasp her bouncing ass, then reaching up to maul and suck and lick her tits. We began to intensely french kiss, groaning with the pleasure of our frenzied fucking.

Eventually I felt myself approaching orgasm, so I lifted her ass up and flipped her on her back, keeping my cock inside her. I began to rapidly pound Desiree's grasping pussy, her eyes closed and her face frozen in a grimace of ecstasy. She squealed with pleasure as I reamed her cunt mercilessly with my pulsating cock. I opened my eyes at some point and was surprised to see my sister standing in the front hallway watching us, rubbing her pussy through her shorts and biting her lower lip. She smiled crookedly and raised her hand and twiddled her fingers when she saw me notice her presence. This only increased my excitement to know my sister was watching me fuck her friend, and I finally reached the verge of an intense orgasm.

"I'M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!' I bellowed as my balls began to tighten in preparation to release my pent-up sperm. Deep into her own orgasm, Desiree screamed: " CUM ON MY FACE, JAKE!!! CUM ON MY FACE!!!!" I pulled out and slid up, stroking my cock quickly, and very soon the cum raced up my shaft and spewed all over her face in burst after burst, some of it depositing into her open mouth and protruding tongue. I slid further up and put the head of my cock into her mouth as the last few spurts emerged, with Desiree sucking and swallowing it down like a trooper. I finally sat back on her stomach, spent. She smiled, eyes closed, and slowly wiped my cum off her face with her first two fingers, licking them off with relish.

"That was DELICIOUS!" Desiree purred as she opened her eyes. "Damn, that girl sure didn't lie when she told Christine you were a great fuck. Too bad your sister can't get any of that sweet cock of yours, I bet she'd like it!'.

I smiled, enjoying the sweet irony of her comment. Then I glanced up to see my sister shuddering in silent orgasm as she rubbed her twat quickly, her eyes closed and her hips at an upward angle. She finally opened her eyes and realized that Desiree and I had stopped fucking and quickly tiptoed out the open front door, closing it soundlessly behind her.

Desiree looked up at the clock and exclaimed: "OH SHIT!! Christine will be back any minute now!! Let me up and let's get dressed". We did so and she ran to the bathroom quickly and wiped herself off, brushed her hair, and tried her best to restore her appearance to how she looked before our intense fuck. I didn't bother with that, knowing what I knew.

Desiree returned and sat back on the couch. She gave me a soul kiss and purred with a wicked smile: "We've got to do that again SOON, Jakey boy....."

I replied with a smile: "Your wish is my command, baby".

Suddenly Christine opened the front door and walked in, saying loudly: "I'M BAAAAACK! Did you have fun while I was gone?" She glanced at me quickly with a knowing smile, looking back at her friend as Desiree replied: "Yeah, your little brother's alright. He was good company while you were gone". She turned her head away from my sister, looked at me and smirked. She turned back to Christine and said: "You know what, I've got to go. I've got to get home and clean the kitchen before my mom gets home." She rose and sashayed to the hallway, swiveling her hips seductively. Before she walked out she turned back and twiddled her fingers at me. "See ya, Jake!" she chirped breezily and left.

My older sister looked at me intensely for several seconds, then ran to me and we embraced. She blurted breathlessly: "That got me SO horny!! I want you to fuck me RIGHT NOW just the way you fucked DESIREE!!" I felt my cock twitch and begin to harden again, and smiled. I whispered in her ear: "Your wish is my command, sis" and happily complied with her request.

You might think my life couldn't get any better at this point, but you'd be wrong. Desiree, with no incest taboo to keep secret like my sister, evidently spread the word about our sexual liason to the rest of her and Christine's friends. Soon they all began to act much more friendly towards me than they ever had before, greeting me flirtatiously in the hallways, the bolder among them even running their hand down my arm or across my chest as they did do. My friends were in awe, asking me what the hell was up with all these older girls coming on to me like that. I told them about my sister setting me up with Desiree and our fuck session, and they were flabbergasted at my luck.

Not being able to drive yet, it would have been awkward to ask these 17 and 18 year old girls on dates. I was broke, anyway. But I came up with a new strategy- I began to ask them if they would come to my house and help me study for my classes that they had all taken their Freshman year. Of course, this was just a ruse to get them alone in my bedroom, and I think they knew that, because they all agreed. Once in my bedroom alone and with the door locked, I quickly made moves on each of them, and didn't strike out once. It was GREAT to have a reputation as an awesome fuck with the older girls at school!

Eventually I fucked nearly all my sister's hot friends, and she was a popular girl. These included a wide variety of girls of all shapes, colors, and sexual attributes (no fat ones, what for?). Among them were several Mexican girls (muy caliente in the sack) and one Asian girl (very submissive at first but wild once revved up). I even had a 3-way with Desiree and another black girl she brought along with her. Most were into straight sex, but some of them were into kinky stuff. I complied with their various fetishes as long as it wasn't something disgusting. I learned a lot of new tricks and all the girls I was with seemed well satisfied when we were done. Of course, they all wanted repeat performances, so my dance card was full the rest of the year. Luckily, a few of Christine's friends were Juniors, so I didn't have to worry about going back to square one the next school year once all the Seniors had graduated and moved off somewhere for college.

Even with all the action I was getting, I still fucked my older sister often, usually in the morning or late at night since my afternoons and evenings were usually booked up. Rather than becoming jealous, my sister was glad for me and proud of how well I satisfied her friends' desires.

What a great sister I had!
ntroduction: In parts 1-5, I detailed my experiences having sex with my sister Christine (she was 17, I was 15) for the first time, going on to fuck all her friends, too.   Christine graduated high school and enrolled in a University in a city several hours drive away for the upcoming Fall semester. I was sad that my beloved older sister, now 18, would no longer live under the same roof as I and we would no longer be able to fuck on a daily basis. But as my sister pointed out to me, we'd still be able to hook up when she came home to visit, and besides, I already had an extensive love life servicing all of her friends sexually. We made the best of it and spent the Summer fucking like rabbits, since we had full days of privacy together while our parents worked.

Meanwhile, our parents were having problems. Their marriage seemed to be on the rocks, and one night I heard them fighting in their room when my Dad got home late supposedly from work and my Mom smelled a woman on him. She accused him of having an affair with his hot new secretary, 15 years younger than my Mom, and he blew up, packed a bag, and left. Two weeks later he moved in with said secretary, confirming my mother's suspicions.

By now Christine had gone off to college, and Mom and I were alone in the house. She was depressed for a short time after Dad left, but quickly got over it. She started going to a gym almost daily to work off steam, which also served to firm up her already sexy body. At 39, she was still a beautiful woman and looked 10 years younger than her age, but didn't seem interested in resuming a love life as yet. Most of the time she just hung around the house when she was off work. However, I knew she still had sexual desires, since I found a dildo and vibrator in her nightstand while rifling through it one day while she was at work. I sometimes listened with my ear to her door at night, and could hear the faint sounds of buzzing and her moaning.

Her favorite way to relax was to sun herself by the pool. I enjoyed seeing her in her skimpy white bikini, the top barely concealing her 38D breasts that jiggled deliciously as she walked to the lounge. Her ass was still firm and sexy, and she had no cellulite, varicose veins, or stretch marks to mar her appearance. She had dark black curly hair like my sister, and their faces were of course similarly beautiful. At first I tried not to fantasize about fucking my mother, thinking: "It's ONE thing to fuck your sister, but it's a whole other thing to fuck your MOM!" But I found I couldn't help myself, and soon decided to try to make my fantasies into reality like I had with my sister.

As part of my plan to seduce my mother, I bought a pair of those European nut-hugger swimsuits. I modeled them in the mirror, smirking at how revealing it was. I had turned 16 and grown to 6' even, and had been working out all Summer in between fucking, which also kept me lean, and I had to admit to myself I looked good in the mirror.

The next day I saw my mom sunning by the pool, lying on her stomach on the lounge, her top untied to leave no tan line. I went down and dived in the pool close to her and swam around a little, then paddled over near her and pulled myself out of the pool, dripping. She raised herself slightly on her elbows to watch me emerge, giving me a nice view of her cleavage. Her eyes grew wide with shock as she eyed my bulging crotch, the extremely tight suit clearly outlining my 8" cock and balls.

She said: "Don't you think that swimsuit is a little obscene, son?" looking me in the eyes, then back at my crotch.

"Not really....why, does it bother you, Mom?" I replied,

"Hmmm.., it doesn't leave much to the imagination, now, does it?" she countered, lifting her eyebrows.

"Well, YOUR swimsuit is kind of skimpy, too, Mom" was my defense, and I ogled her ass and the top half of her tits visible from her being propped up on her elbows.

She noticed my lustful gaze and laid down again, replying embarrassedly: "I'm just trying to get a good overall tan, that's all". I laughed and smacked her on the ass playfully, which bucked involuntarily with surprise. I dived back into the pool, then went and sat on the side of it with my legs spread, jutting my crotch out to give my mother a good look. I could see her peeking at me surreptitiously over the top of her sunglasses.

After a while she called to me: "Hey, Jake, could you come over here and put some sunscreen on my back for me?"

"Sure!" I said and went over to her and knelt by her side. squirted some lotion in my hands, and began first to apply it to her legs, starting at the calves and working up to the thighs. She spread her legs a little as I worked the inside of her thighs, and I "accidently" touched her pussy a couple of times with the edges of my forefingers as I rubbed up the inside. She twitched when I did this, and it was obvious to me how desperate she was for a man's touch there.

I put more lotion in my hands for her back, then I sat on her upper thighs to apply it. I made sure to place my bulging crotch directly on her ass crack. I heard her give a slight gasp and she raised her head and turned it slightly, about to protest this intimacy, but then hesitated and laid back down. I massaged the lotion over her back and shoulders, then rubbed down her sides and once again "accidently" rubbed the sides of her breasts as I did so. My cock was rubbing into her ass as I shifted back and forth to rub her down, and I felt her shudder and stop breathing. I could see she was restraining herself from showing a passionate response to my stimulations.

Finally I showed her mercy and stood, patting her on the ass (which twitched), and said: "There ya go, Mom! I'm going in now".

"Thanks, Jake" she said breathlessly, peering up, and the look in her eyes told me she was trying to figure out what exactly had just happened between us. I could feel her eyes remain on me as I walked back into the house, smiling. Phase One, complete.

That night I crept down to my mother's bedroom door and put my ear to it, hearing the buzzing and moaning again louder than before. I had certainly gotten her worked up that afternoon. I smiled as I went back to my room. Phase Two, complete.

I laid naked on top of my bed for around half an hour or so, then I heard my door open quietly. I looked up and saw my mother slipping into my room in the moonlight, wearing a sheer negligee. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, and sneaking peeks I saw her tiptoe next to me. She stood there staring at my exposed penis, and licked her lips. This made me become semi-hard, and I saw her eyes grow wider as it enlarged. She tentatively reached out to touch my cock, but pulled her hand back before doing so. She did this several times, and I could see she was waging an inner battle: her lust vs. the incest taboo. Finally she shook her head with reluctance, biting her lower lip, and tiptoed out again, closing the door softly.

I lay there for a while, excited and frustrated. Damn, I had been so close to my mother initiating Phase Three herself! Then I decided to take things into my own hands, and got up and snuck down to my mother's room. Her door was open a crack, and I quietly opened it and slipped inside. The room was dark but by the moonlight I was able to see her laying naked on top of her bed, her eyes closed, and her middle finger buried in her closely trimmed pussy, frigging herself softly.

I crept next to her left side,unnoticed, my mother deep into her self-stimulation. She was softly fingering her clit, moaning, her hips gyrating, her breasts jiggling. I grew hard as a rock at this mouth-watering sight. She moaned: "ooooohhhh,,,,Jake" and that was all I could take. I reached out and began to gently squeeze her yielding yet firm tits, rubbing my forefingers on her already hardened nipples. She opened her eyes and they grew wide with shock seeing me there and what I was doing to her. She knocked my hands from her breasts and crossed her arms across her chest, blurting: "What do you think you're DOING, Jake?! I'm your MOTHER, for Christ's Sake!!"

I pleaded: "PLEASE, mom, I know you want it, and I want it TOO!" I reached my left hand down and rubbed her clit with my forefinger up and down several times. Her hips bucked reflexively, and she knocked that hand away, too, covering her crotch with one hand and trying to cover her breasts with the other.

She panted: "NO, Jake, we are Mother and Son. This would be INCEST!" However, she then looked down for the first time at my erect penis, and when she looked back up I could see she was excited as she gazed at me with wide eyes.

I smiled and put my right knee on her pillow, my hard cock quivering inches from her face. I said soothingly: "C'mon mom, look what I have for you here. I know you want to touch it, I was awake earlier when you were in my room. Go ahead, touch it".

A look of shame went across my mother's face and she looked down and groaned: "Oh, KNEW I was there! What was I THINKING? I'm your mother, we can't be doing THIS!".

I said: "It's OK, mom, I'm not a little boy anymore. I'm a MAN with a hard cock for you. I've had sex before, I know what I'm doing. You'll like it, I promise. Besides, I know you're horny as hell right now". I rubbed her stomach, which quivered at my touch.

She looked back up at my eyes, then down to my cock, then again to my eyes. She repeated this several times, barely breathing. Then she licked her lips and tentatively reached out her hand for my cock, only to pull it back again. Her inner battle raged within her. After several more starts and stops, she finally wrapped her left hand gingerly around my shaft, softly fingering my mushroom head with her thumb and forefinger. Then she gently began to stroke me, staring with lust at my cock and panting with desire. Her grip grew firmer, and she began to increase the tempo of her hand-job. Finally she whispered "FUCK IT!" and lifted her head up to wrap her lips around my cockhead. She sucked and licked it softly at first, then evidently lost all inhibitions and began to ravish my cock with her mouth. I began to softly squeeze her right breast and rub her hard nipple as my mother moaned with lust, her tit quivering at my touch.

After a couple of minutes, my mother pulled her mouth off my cock and ordered: "Get up here, son, and lie down!" I complied and she knelt over me, getting down to serious business sucking my cock as only a woman of her experience could. She fondled my engorged balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other, her mouth alternating between licking my glans and bobbing the mushroom head with tight lips. Then she began to suck my cock deeper into her mouth than any girl ever had before. She interrupted her feast briefly to pant "My GOD, what a MAN you've grown into! Your cock is every bit as big as your DAD'S, maybe BIGGER!" She sucked some more, stopping again to ask: "Do you like Mommy sucking your DICK, son? Does it feel GOOD?" I grunted my approval, cupping and squeezing a breast as she knelt over me. She lowered her head again to continue her excellent blow job.

The sight of my own sexy mother sucking my cock was so erotic I knew I couldn't hold out long. Soon my tension built and I began to feel my orgasm approaching. I began bucking my hips upward to meet her descending mouth and yelled "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMMINNNGGG!!!" My mother groaned and didn't take her mouth off of me for a second. She continued to suck and gave my testicles a gentle squeeze as my groin clenched, my balls tightened, and the sperm raced up my shaft to plaster my mother's tonsils in burst after burst. She grunted and swallowed it down, not spilling a drop. She continued to softly lick and suck my cock until it began to grow soft, then laid back on her pillow with her hands behind her head, smiling salaciously.

I crawled on top of her and whispered: "Thanks, Mom" and began to kiss and suck her neck, which made her moan.Then I slid down a little and pushed her big tits together, squeezing them as I circled her large areolas with the tip of my tongue and sucked her hard, excited nipples. Her breasts were not quite as firm as my sister's, but they were a little larger, making up for it. My mother groaned: "THAT"S IT, SON, SUCK MY TITS! SUCK THEM LIKE WHEN YOU WERE A BABY!!!" I continued to feast on my mother's magnificent mammaries for several minutes more while she writhed beneath me, cradling my head with her hands.

I lifted my head and said: "Here's something I DIDN'T do when I was a baby" and slid down further. She spread her legs compliantly and I parted her vagina lips with my fingers to make her engorged clitoris stand out more prominently. I began to gently lick it up and down and circle it with my tongue, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I alternated between licking her clit, sucking it, and plunging my tongue deep into her pussy. Her hips gyrated and bucked under me, and she began to moan loudly in ecstasy. She gasped: "Oh my GOD! A big cock and you know how to eat pussy, TOO!'re driving me WILD!!!"

As her passion grew, I grasped my mother's firm round ass and began to squeeze it as I flicked my tongue up and down on her clit as fast as I could. Her moans intensified to screams as she bucked wildly in my grip. Finally she threw her head back, raised her hips, and began to scream "I'M CUMMINNNNGGG!!! OH GOD, I'M CUMMING SO HARRDDDD!!!!" and her entire body began to shudder. She gripped my head in the throes of orgasm, her pussy pulsating and grasping at my tongue. I continued to lick her until her shuddering subsided and she lowered her hips to the bed, breathing hard and groaning with pleasure.

I crawled up between my mother's legs and rubbed my once again hard cock on her clit, then placed it at the entrance to her still quivering cunt, rubbing it up and down just inside her wet pussy lips. I asked her: "Do you want me to stick it in, Mom, do you want me to FUCK you?"

She groaned lustfully: "Yesssss, baby, put it innnnn.... FUCK your Mommy!!" I grinned and pushed my cock into my mother's deliciously slick pussy until I was balls deep in her, her groaning intensifying. She was not as tight as my sister, but her cunt still gripped me snugly. The liquid warmth of her love canal felt exquisite on my throbbing cock. She moaned with desire: "OH my GOD, that's what I've been MISSING...FUCK ME, SON! FUCK ME!"

I pulled back and pushed into her again, sawing my cock in and out of my mother's sweet pussy, faster and faster. She wrapped her arms around my back and locked her ankles behind my ass, pulling me into her. My mother was a lively fuck, lifting her hips up to meet each downward thrust I made, clenching her pussy on my cock as I pulled back for the next lunge. Her beautiful breasts bounced up and down with the rhythm of our fucking.

My mother moaned in ecstasy: "Oh my LORD, fill me UP!!! What a big juicy cock you haaaaave!!! You're making your Mommy feel so gooooooodddd!!!" I bent down and french kissed her passionately, our tongues pushing and circling each other as I continued to slam my cock into her grasping cunt, my balls slapping her ass with each lunge I made. I alternated between kissing her and sucking her tits as my cock plunged the depths of her pulsating pussy.

We continued fucking with a burning passion, our moans intensifying into screams of pleasure. Finally my mother began to gasp: "OHHHH!!! I'M ALMOST THEEEERE!!! FUCK ME FASTER, SON!!! MAKE YOUR MOMMY CUM AGAAAIIINNNN!!!!" She had a death grip on my shoulders and her hips began to buck like a wild bronco as she reached the verge of climax.

The excitement of fucking my own mother to orgasm finally pushed me over the edge, and I felt the cum building up in my balls, preparing to ejaculate. I yelled: "I'M GOING TO CUMMM!!!! CAN I CUM INSIDE YOU, MOMMMMM?!?!"

She screamed: "YES!! CUM INSIDE ME, SON!!!!!! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!!" That was all it took, and I clenched up as my balls released their load, the sperm racing to my cockhead to shoot deep into my mother's womb in a series of spurts, flooding it. Her cunt fluttered and grasped my cock rhythmically in the midst of my mother's own orgasm, milking my cock for every last drop of my cum. We both screamed incoherently in ecstatic climax, our bodies shuddering. Waves of extreme pleasure washed over both of us at the pinnacle of our incestuous coupling.

Finally our orgasms subsided, and I collapsed in exhaustion on my mother, my cock still buried in her cunt. She cradled me and kissed the side of my head and neck as we regained our breath. Eventually I grew soft inside her, and I rolled off her, my cum dribbling from her pussy onto the sheet below. I laid on my side next to her. We both smiled and I kissed her softly as I stroked her stomach and softly rubbed her breasts.

"That was great, Mom, you're an AWESOME fuck" I murmured in her ear.

:"Yes, it was, son. That's just what I needed" she murmured back. But then she frowned slightly, continuing: "it felt good, but it was SO wrong. We're Mother and Son, we can't be lovers. This is incest. We both lost our minds there for a while, but it was a mistake, and we can't do it again".

I said: "Mom, it's just sex. It's just between us, and it's nobody else's business. We're not hurting anyone, and we can make each other feel good. I want to do it again. We'll keep it a secret, no one else will EVER know".

She looked at me doubtfully, so I reached down and softly began to rub her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning softly, and slowly gyrated her hips. Then she opened her eyes and smiled wickedly at me, purring: "Well, OK, but just for tonight. Let's get it all out of our system so we can go back to normal tomorrow" She reached down and began to stroke my cock softly back to life, gazing intently into my eyes with that wicked smile so reminiscent of my sister's.

We fucked all night long in every position I knew. We did it doggy-style while I grabbed her ass and rammed her deep. She got on top and rode me while I reached up and mauled and sucked her tits, alternately grabbing and squeezing her exquisite ass as it plunged down, impaling her pussy on my cock. She rode me reverse cowgirl style and laid back so I could rub her clit with one hand and rub a nipple with the other while I lunged my cock up into her cunt. I tit-fucked her as she lay on her back, squeezing her large breasts around my cock to give it a tight, fleshy channel to fuck, and sucking the head of my cock into her mouth each time it emerged. We lay on our sides with me behind her, lifting one of her legs while I sawed my cock back and forth into her cunt, reaching around and grasping a breast with my free hand. We screwed missionary style again, this time with her legs up on my shoulders so her pussy felt even tighter and my cock rubbed her clit as I plowed it into her repeatedly. I laid her on her back with her ass on the side of the bed and lifted her legs in a V, myself standing on the floor and pounding my throbbing cock into her cunt brutally. She had her arms crossed beneath her breasts, and they bounced enticingly with each ram of my cock into my mother's vagina. I reached down and gripped her tits as I blew my load deep into my mother, her legs wrapped behind my back. I even got her to agree to anal sex, which was delicious, her sphincter gripping my cock like a vise as I blew a load deep into her ass, which squirmed with this unusual pleasure. We fucked until dawn, enjoying countless orgasms, until we were both too exhausted to go on.
Life went sort of back to normal after that. I continued to fuck my sister when she visited from college or when I went to visit her there. We hooked up about once a month, and I continued to fuck her friends the times in between. I never told my sister what Mom and I had done, living up to my promise to keep it secret. My mother never found out about my ongoing affair with my sister, either. I preferred it that way, no need for jealousy within the family.

Unfortunately, my mother held firm in not continuing to have sex with me. She rationalized our night of sex as a mistake brought on by her own sexual starvation, vowing not to repeat it. That did not stop me from trying- I would sneak up behind her at the sink and squeeze her ass or reach around to fondle her breasts or rub her pussy while I kissed her neck, but she always pushed me away gently, softly saying: "No, Jake, not again". I tried to entice her by walking around the house naked. The first time I did this she told me to put some clothes on, but I said: "What for? You've already seen me naked and there's no one else here. Besides, I'm more comfortable this way". She said nothing more, but I could see her ogle me from the corners of her eyes as I strutted around bare. She then started sun-bathing in the nude herself (we had high privacy fences). The first time she did this I went up to her with a hard cock, lust in my mind, and tried to climb on top of her, but she pushed me off and said: "Don't get any ideas here. You've already seen ME naked, too. I just don't want any tan lines". However, she had a sly smile on her face as she lay back down and closed her eyes. Evidently she enjoyed the affect her nude body had on me.

This mutual teasing went on for a month or so, but finally the sexual tension was broken when she walked into my room naked one night and blurted: "Jake, I can't take it any more. I'm so horny I could explode. Let's FUCK!" and climbed on my bed, immediately grabbing my cock and lowering her mouth to it. I got her into a 69 position and began to tongue her wet pussy, squeezing those awesome bare tits and ass I had been craving for. She then climbed on top of me and rode me like a crazy woman, our bodies slapping together loudly, her juices leaking down the shaft of my cock. It was obvious she had been wanting me, too, and she intended to make up for it with some wild fucking. We went on to ravish each other all night, screwing like sex maniacs. From then on we had sex fairly regularly, now that all her inhibitions were gone. My mother rationalized it as stress relief from the tensions of daily life, but I knew that she craved my big cock and couldn't resist it.

Eventually, my mother met another man and remarried. Luckily, he has a job that takes him out of state often, giving my mother and I have ample opportunities to fuck while he is gone. My sister got married, too, but we still fuck occasionally when we get a chance, being very careful not to get caught and destroy her marriage. Someday I know I'll graduate high school and move off to start my adult life, but I know I'll continue to fuck my mother and sister whenever we have the opportunity. But for now, things are GREAT.

What a wonderful life I have!

semasa aku bujang aku menyewa ramai-ramai, Rumah yang kam sewa adalah merupakan sebiji banglo 5 bilik. salah satu kawan aku, azman tidak tinggal sama kami tapi dia sewa salah satu bilik untuk mak we dia. Mak we dia memang kawan baik kami. Ana namanya orangnya cantik dan selalu pakai seksi. Ana walaupun kelulusan universiti macam kami tapi tak mahu kerja nak relex dulu katanya. Azman memang banyak duit dan berjawatan pengurus. Aku sewa seorang sahaja sebilik.

Biasanya kalau hari kerja tiada orang dirumah kecuali ana. Suatu hari aku terlambat bangun, jadi aku telefon pejabat minta cuti. Selepas itu aku teruskan tidor. Aku tersedar semula pukul 10 pagi kerana lapar. Aku terus mencapai tuala untuk mandi. Tapi malangnya Ana sedang mandi. Aku masuk bilik semula. Apabila aku dengar ana buka pintu bilik air aku buka pintu bilik aku untuk pergi mandi.

Alangkah terkejutnya aku kerana ana pada masa itu sedang bogel. Aku tutup semula pintu bilik. Tapi ana ketuk pintu bilik aku. Sebaik sahaja aku buka pintu bilik, ana terus masuk kebilik aku tapi dah pakai pijama. Aku ingat dia nak marah kat aku tapi dia senyum sahaja.

Aku terus tutup semula pintu bilik aku. Ana terus bertanya kenapa tak kerja hari ini. Aku jawab malas dan terus kata kenapa bogel kat luar bilik sendiri. Dia kata ingatkan tak ada orang, dan kata apa salah kalau kawan-kawan tengok bukan habis. Ana tanya aku adakah itu pertama kali tengok orang perempuan bogel. aku cakap ya.

Ana seterusnya mohon nak tengok aku punya pula. Aku cakap tak boleh nanti azman marah. Aku kata azman kawan aku. Dia cakap azman tak akan tahu kalau kita tak beritahu. Dalam masa batang aku memang keras kerana ana telah memperlihatkan teteknya. Oleh kerana nafsu aku juga kuat pada masa itu aku membuka tuala yang aku pakai. Ana segera merapati aku dan melucutkan pijamanya. kami berpelokan. Aku membaringkannya di katil aku. Aku hanya menciumnya pada mula. tangan ana tetap bermain di batang pelir aku. Ana memuji batang pelir aku, besar, keras dan lebih panjang dari azman punya. Aku diam saja. Aku tak tahu nak buat apa sebenarnya.

Seterus ana membisikkan minta nak jilat batang aku dan minta posisi 69. Aku tak tahu posisi 69 sebenarnya. Ana ajar aku. Mula aku tak nak jilat pantatnya. tetapi kerana dia jilat batang aku, aku jilat juga pantatnya. Bau pantatnya amat wangi sekali. Selepas lebih kurang 5 minit aku rasa nak terpancut kerana first time kena hisap pelir oleh perempuan. Aku beritahu ana yang aku dah nak keluar. Ana suruh aku keluarkan dalam mulutnya. Ana telan semuaanya.

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Walau bagaimana pun ana memang pandai, dia jilat dan hisap semula pelir aku. Lebih kurang 10 minit kemudian pelir aku keras semula dan aku hayun semula ana. berbagai posisi kami lakukan. Sehingga ana keletihan dan 2 kali klimax. Akhirnya aku rasa nak keluar dan aku keluarkan di dalam mulut ana. Ana termuntah selepas telan air mani aku kerana terlalu keletihan.

Setelah itu aku minta maaf dengan ana. Ana hanya sentum sahaja. Ana terus tertidur di bilik aku. Aku pergi mandi. Selesai mandi aku masuk bilik dan masih rasa berahi kerana tertidur dalam keadaan bogel dan terlentang. aku menjilat pantatnya sehingga dia tersedar dan aku memasukkan semula pelir kedalam pantatnya. Ana tak berkata apa-apa, tetapi matanya pejam saja. Akhir nya aku keluarkan diatas badannya.

Selepas itu ana selalu masuk kebilik aku selepas pukul 3 pagi minta batang hikmat aku. Oleh kerana keenakan pantat ana dan layanannya aku hayun saja. Tapi nasib baik azman tak tahu. Kami melakukan sehingga sekarang walaupun ana dan azman telah berkahwin sekarang. Azman dan ana selalu jemput aku kerumahnya. Tapi semasa azman pergi out-station, ana selalu jemput aku kerumahnya....

Aku bekerja sebagai stor keeper assistant,di sebuah supermarket di KL.Keja ni part time aje.Yang sebetulnya aku masih belajar lagi.Di tempat kerja aku ada seorang awek cun.Hidungnya mancung macam anak mami.Nama dia lily.Dia sangat rapat dengan aku .Aku juga selalu kerumahnya kerana aku berkawan dengan abang tirinya. Segala masaalahyang dia hadapi akan diceritakan kepadaku.Lily memang cantik berkulit putih melepakdan mata dia bulat.Bentuk bodynya fuhhh..mengancam.Sesiapa yang melihat tubuhnya pasti meleleh air liur...kalau tak kena gaya..air mazi pun keluar.

Pada satu hari aku pergi kerja terlalu awal dan lepak kat depan stor...berhampiran dengan bilik air.Tengah aku relax sambil hisap rokok... lily datang pada aku," mal boleh tolong betulkan zip baju i tak?Aku dengan spontan bertanya ..pasal tak kan datang kerja tak pakai baju kot? lily beritahu aku yang bajunya tersangkut ketika turun bas tadi. "tolong betulkan boleh tak." lily menyuruh aku." ok mari dekat sini aku bersuara " bukan kat sinilah malu kat orang nanti,kat dalam storele." lily berkata dengan suara yang amat lembut dan begitu manja.Hati akupun jadi cair."Jom." lily menarik tangan aku masuk ke bilik stor yang tak jauh
aku mengunci pintu stor itu,serta menarik zip baju maxi yang dipakainya keatas tapi tiba-tiba zip tersankut kat tali bra.Lalu aku menarik semula zip"cantiknya"terkeluar dari mulutku.

"Apa" tanya lily pura -pura tak tahu.Terliur aku melihatkan belakang badan lily,yang selama ini tak pernah terdedah di hadapan mata aku sendiri.Aku memberanikan diri membelai manja belakang lily.Ku rasa kehangatan badanya.Aku mulai stim....menggosok dan membelai badan dan pinggulnya.sesekali lily seakan kegelian tapi tidak berkata apa-apa,apabila aku melurutkan jari aku pada alur di tengah belakang .Aku makin berani dan meraba-raba kancing colinya,lalu aku dilucutkan.Berderau darah aku,aku menelan airliur sambil merasakan payudara yang tegang berisi itu.Lantas aku tarik kebawah maxi lily....sekali lagi "woowww..cantiknya".Lily terus berpaling menatapku..sambil merenung manja tanganya mengusap-ngusap dadaku .Aku terus membelai dan membisikkan I love you..and i gonna to making love with you.Dengan hati yang berdebar-debar aku mengucup bibirnya yang kelihatan seakan basah.Lily membalas ...Aku merasai batang pelir aku dah mula mengeras.Aku rasa tak tahan lagi.tangan aku secara perlahan-lahan merayap ke dada lily.Aku ramas dan usap sepenuh hatiku.Lily menepis "sudahlah..nanti orang nampak".
Kan pintu dah dikunci...aku membalas.Lily terdiam dan tiba-tiba dia memelukku..dan kiss me..Aku terus mengusap belakangnya dan memberanikan diri menyeluk ke dalam skirt lily.

Lily tak membantah.Aku rasa semakin stim ni,batang pelir aku semakin mengeras dan mula tegang!
Aku meraba ke dada lily yang lembut itu.Lily memegang tangan aku yang aku tekup pada teteknya itu.Aku mula meramas buah dada lily semula.lily menggeliat geli sambil tangannya memegang pergelangan tangan aku.Lily nampak sudah mula rasa stim.
Aku mengucup leher lily.Dia masih menggeliat-geliat
akibat usapan serta ciuman aku.Buah dadanya aku rasa sudah semakin menegang.Jari aku kini memainkan peranan mengutil-ngutil puting tetek .Batang pelir aku yang keras menonjol itu aku gesel-geselkan pada alur pantat Ila.

Lily merengek ,seronok!Lily membuka bajun dan aku tanggalkan skirtnya.Aku terus membelai. Lily mencium aku rakus sekali,sambil mengulum-ngulum lidah aku.Aku pun begitu juga membalas dengan lagi rakus .Lily menanggalkan baju aku.Lily mencium dada aku,perut aku.Aku tetap mengucup -ngucup buah dada Ila yang sudah mengeras tegang merata-rata sekeliling.Tangan aku menekan-nekan pantat Ila.Batang pelir aku semakin menegang.Tiba -tiba Ila melutut,lalu membuka zip seluar aku.Dia menyeluk dan menarik keluar batang pelir aku yang menegak keras.Ila rasa kagum melihat batang pelir aku yang menegang secara maksima 61/2".Lily menguak rambutnya ke belakang dan melancap batang pelir aku.
Dia menggengam rapi.Sambil melancap selaju-lajunya Lily mengarahkan batang pelir ke matanya,hidungnya,ke pipinya sebagaimana dalam filem yang aku tonton 2 hari lepas..Lily mencium sekitaran batang pelir aku.Aku nikmat.

Lily terus mengulum batang aku hingga ke pangkal makin
lama semakin laju.Terasa macam nak tercabut lutut ku bila sesekali lily menghisap kuat pelirku.Aku juga membantu Lily dengan menolak dan menarik kepalanya." Lily, dah nak keluar! Dah nak keluar.! Lily sengaja buat tak tahu sahaja
bila aku katakan mani aku dah nak keluar.Lily masih mengulum.Airmani aku terpancut memenuhi rongga mulutnya.
Dia lantas mencabut keluar batang aku lalu menjilat-jilat airmani aku dia nampaknya kenikmatan begitu.Batang pelir aku makin lembik! lily melancap dan mengulum semula pelir aku.Ia tegang semula. Lily senyum memandangnya.

Aku membuka seluar .lily duduk di atas meja .Aku melutut menarik skirt dan seluar dalamnya.Lily sudah berbogel di depan aku.Bulu yang nipis warna keperangan melitupi pantatnya.Aku mencium sekitarnya.Lily meletakkan kedua belah kakinya diatas bahu aku.Aku mengangkangkan peha Lily supaya bibir pantatnya sedikit terbuka.Aku menjilatnya.Aku kuak sedikit dengan jari lalu mengoreknya sedikit demi sedikit jari aku menyodok pantat lily" Argh,argh,argh!" lily mengerang perlahan.Sudahpun basah pantat lily.Aku menujukan kepala pelir aku ke lubang pantat lily.

Aku sodok sikit. "Argh!" lily mengerang lagi.lagi sikit." Yes!" suara lily perlahan.Aku menyodok lagi dalam sedikit dan terus ke pangkal. aku menolak dan menarik berulang kali.lily makin kelemasan dan nikmat begitu.Aku rasa kehangatan lubang pantat lily.Lily mencabut batang aku keluar.Dia turun dari
atas meja dan menolak aku terlentang lalu mencakung di atas badan aku dan memasukkan semula batang aku kedalam lubang pantatnya itu.Dia menghayun ke atas dan ke bawah .Tak lama dia tarik keluar lagi batang aku. lily kini makin agresif.Aku menolaknya pula terlentang.Lily merapatkan teteknya dengan kedua belah tangannya"Masuk celah tetek! Masuk celah tetek!" Lily menyuruh aku.Aku tidak berlengah lagi terus melakukannya seronok juga...aku rasa batng aku makin mengembang...berdenyut-denyut...lantas aku betulkan posisi .

Aku duduk dan lily masih terlentang,peha aku di bawah peha lily, aku sodok semula batang aku dalam pantatnya.Aku menghayun dengan perlahan.Licin dan sedap rasanya.kemudian aku menyangkutkan sebelah kaki lilydi atas bahu aku dalam posisi lentang.Aku sodok lagi tarik dan keluar tolak dan masuk ke dalam pantat lily yang menonjol itu.Lily mengerang keenakan...begitu juga aku...ahhhhh..setelah hampit 10 minit sorong tarik aku rasakan batang pelir aku berdenyut dengan hebatnya..dan disepit oleh pantat lily yang juga maki kuat berdenyut...aku menyorong tarik semakin laju...zup..zup zup.tiba-tiba lily mengejangkan kakinya dan mengerang..ohhh ahhh...sambil memejamkan matanya...Tak berapa lama kemudian aku pula klimaks...sambil menarik keluar batang pelirku dari pantat lily...Aku terpaksa pancut luar sebab tak pakai condom.Kami terdampar keletihan...aku melihat jam....ahhh lagi 5 minit masuk kerja...kami mengenakan pakaian kami...dan kemudian lily mencium pipiku sambil beredar ke tempat kerja... Aku tersenyum puas....dan aku harap dapat melakukan lagi dilain hari....Lepas kerja nanti kami pulang bersama...


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