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English Story 2

Hi my name is ismail 24 years old and this is my story about my experience with my dirty, filthy bhabi Farrah. (All names changed) 10 years ago when I was still in secondary school about 18 years old, my eldest brother Kashif went back home to get married, to a decent girl that he chose. My new bhabi came into this country after that. When I first saw her I had the dirties thoughts run through my mind but I thought I will never get to fuck this woman. We started getting along very well and my brother used to work very long hours I would watch TV and she would come into my room and we would sit and chat until late into the night before my brother would come home. He used to fuck her nearly every night and I used to hear it and really imagine me doing it to her. Anyway fast forward 5 years they had a child got their own house and moved out. Then one day my brother had to leave the city for business for a week, I used that as an excuse to go around their house late evenings, my bhabi used to wear the sexiest gowns and night dresses and I would sit their pretendig to be listening to her stories and playing with my nephew but in my mind I would be undressing her and dong really filthy things with her. This one evening my nephew was just playing as usual. Bhabhi didnt have anything sexy on, she had a very light material pink salwar kameez on and I could see her sexy figure as the kameez was figure hugging with a big ass sticking out and boobs shape showing. Me and bhabi got talking about my love life etc, I dropped the line I didnt have a gf as I was looking for someone sexy figure like her. After hearing this she really started blushing and going red. I was loving this as I realised she didnt mind me saying that. She then said to me you must check me out, laughingly I said why do you think I come around late in the evening when bhaiya is out of town? To this she didnt say anything and I got scared maybe I said too much. She got up and took shahid and went upstairs after about half hour she came back down. She said she had to put shahid to sleep because it was his bedtime and came back got me a cold drink and got herself a icecream. I was having my drink and she was licking the icecream really nice and slow, so much was going through my mind, watching her tongue licking the cream I was going crazy. My dick was rock hard now. As I leaned forward I saw her looking down and she saw my dick was pointing up. She looked in my eyes and smiled. I was so nervous and my heart was beating. Out of nowhere she asked me about marriage and my thoughts and I said I think marraige is hard becuase I have to be with one woman all my life, she laughed and said i'm with your bhaiya and am not complaining then she asked had I ever done it with a girl, I was shocked by that and said no. She laughed and went to the kitchen, I was watching her bum as she was walking away. WOW I thought and I followed her into the kitchen, I saw she was reaching, trying to get something down from a high cupboard she was tip toeing, without saying anything I pushed up hard against her bum about to get the bowl down for her, my dick was still rock hard and it went between her bum cheeks. She didnt move or look back for a second and then very lightly she pushed her bum back. I was in heaven loving this feeling of her bum on my dick. She then leaned back turned her head and smiled at me and wispered she has seen the way I look at her and she secretly likes that, and she said she had been fantasising about me while my brother banged her. I couldnt believe it! Without saying a word I grabbed her bbig boobs on top of the kammez and started massaging them hard and she started to moan in please, I was kissing her neck and biting her neck, I didnt care if she enjoyed it or not, its what I have wanted to do for a long time and I was going to do everything I ever wanted right now with her. She went down on her knees and undid my zip, pulled my dick out with he hand and said, hai bhagwan yeh kya? Your bhaiya doesnt even have this size cock! I smiled and told her this is your ice cream, she smiled, closed her eyes and put it in her mouth and I was in heaven. Right there in the kitchen my beloved bhabi became my gf. As she was sucking it trying to fit it in her mouth and right then my bhaiya rang her mobile, she said oh shit, I said dont worry, she answered her phone with my dick knob still in her mouth, I heard bhaiya asking if she was ok to which she replied yes she was having ice cream. I was smiling at the clever answer the bitch gave. What a liar. Who cares my bhabi was loving her devar thats what matters right. My brother hanged up and she stood up wanted to kiss me I moved my mouth and she laughed. I said you dirty bitch and started kissing her neck and sqeezing her boobs hard she took her salwar off but had the kameez still on I told her get down on your knees and suck it more as I had a surprise for her and my dick needs to be very slippery. She looked confused and carried on sucking. Then her mobile rang again but it was her daddy this time, she took my dick out of her mouth now. I was loving it as I was about to bang his daughter and he didnt even know. Before answering then phone I told her bend down on your hands and knees so your ass is up in the air, she did that and answered her phone hello daddy, right then I stuck my finger in her mouth to get it wet went behind her and slowly slid it inside her bum she moaned and her father asked if she ok and she replied yes she sat on something. As she was talking to her father I was going crazy I took my finger out and moved her kameez to her wait I hold her waist got my dick and put in against her bum hole, it was smelling and I was loving the smell and pushed my point dick in, she could not scream or anything because she was on the phone to her father. It was sooo tight oh my god I loved it. I wanted to punish the for being so dirty and this was the best thing. I pushed it all the way in and she stopped talking to her daddy and her father asked her if she's ok and she said yes. She wasnt facing me so she couldnt tell me to stop haha. I was going in and out of her slowly as she was on the phone, I was playing with her boobs very hard, she was talking to daddy nicely as I was banging her harder and harder, slapping her bum and kissing her hands. She got off the phone and screamed so hard but let me carry on, she said it wasnt hurting anymore and she was loving this, bhiaya never done that to her. I then stopped and ripped her kammez off put her on the kitchn floor and stick in her vagina straight away and started fucking her hard she was pulling my hair sucking my tongue and moaning very lour, I told her quiet otherwise baby will wake up she said she didnt car, she was loving this. I could feel she was going to come and I was going to come I pushed it all the way inside she was paining and loving the pleasure, I put all my wait on her and lie on top of her kissing her, I told her I love you bhabi, she laughed and said, I'll always remain your bhabi, tum mujhko istara devar ka pyar dete rehna roj. I got up and walked to the bathroom and bhabhi got up couldn’t walk straight, her bum hole was still big as she waled to the stairs I heard the from door, she ran up too and we looked to see who it was, and it was bhaiya with flowers and chocolate to surprise bhabi he came home early. I put my trousers on quickly annd came down and bhabi came down 30 mins later after shower. Bhaiya was surprised to see me there I said to him, I came to see if bhabi was ok on her own and then bhabi said to bhaiya that I gave her very good company. I got up to leave and bhabi was walking slowly to make tea for bhaiya and then he asked her why she walking like that. I just looked at her and winked blowing her secret kiss and she started mumbling, then I said maybe all the ice cream she eating has given her shitting problems and w all laughed. Now everytime bhaiya is at work bhabi rings me and says devar ji tumahari bhabi ko icecream khana hai, I drop everything and go around to bang her, we bang in everyroom of the house now, in all her holes, her tight big bum, her vagina and her mouth. She loves it everytime. She say bhaiya doesn’t know how to please her anymore, from now on bhaiya will look after her other needs and her devarji will look after her body needs I hope you like this. Please email me on. Bhabi ka devar
Hello This is Padmaja I am 29 years old I am married for last 3 years, I have gone through your site Few days through my nephew Ravinder and wanted to my put our experience. All names changed for privacy. I told you all my name is Padmaja, My husband Chander working as a engineer, he is great fucker, his job does not have fixed timings few times he would be on job for weeks together and some times Chander would be like jobless for weeks together. But whenever Chander is on leave we Enjoy a lot , He fucks me like a Sex Maniac, I too enjoy his company, We enjoy sex on bed, Bathtub and some times Chander takes me to his native place which is 150 kms form Hyd, there also we explore ourselves and enjoy sex a lot. The incident which I am putting forward is my sex encounter with my Husband Chander’s Elder Sister’s Elder son Ravindra , Ravindra is just 20 years old and looks very well built to his age and very handsome, I call him Ravi,. Ravi is persuing his engineering 2nd year here in college which is situated in Hyderabad outskirts, Last year he was staying along with his classmates near his college, Last time when we went to Ravi's place Chander asked Ravi to stay with us, Ravi told Mamayya I don’t have bike now in Few days my Dad is getting me one so then I would surely shift to your place, Last November Ravi shifted to our place ours is a two bed room flat so we have huge place for him, we have vacated one room for Ravi where he put down right from his computer to books and all. Some times he sleeps in the hall and some times in his room. My encounter Started with Ravi During the Chrismas time where he had plenty of time. One night he kept his system unlocked and went away then I observed some steamy movies in the system I watched it for few minutes and went to prepare the dinner for all of us, That night he did not came and Chander also slept early, I have switched on his computer and checked for the Porn movies and have found them and watched for half an hour or so, that movie was really turned me on and I am started feeling horny, My pussy juices made my panty wet and I could not sleep that night well. Next day Morning Chander went on his job as usual and I am made my self occupied with daily chores , evening I received a call from my husband that he is going some other place and wont able to come back for at least a week, I said ok and passed on my sweet kisses and wishes to my hubby, being alone at home my mind started flowing towards Ravi and the Sexy video. I have got one Idea to get Ravi to my bed and started working towards it, I went to the nearby Medical shop and bought the needfuls for the encounter, I blamed my husband himself for my actions as he satisfied me so well that his obsence is creating sex waves in my brain, I have called Ravi to enqire his where about he said he is on his way and will be back in in one hour or so, till he reached I was mentally and physically prepared, I wore my transparent Pink Nighty, wontedly I wore the black colour bra and and did not wear anything, My nighty is so transparent that one can see my cunt lips and the hair around the pussy they will be highlighted like black horse and pink Road, and would entice it ride, chander says every time whenever I wear my pink nighty without panty. Ravi Told that he was playing cricket with his friends and so tired, He said he is feeling sleepy and wanted to sleep early, I said take shower with luke warm water so have your dinner that would give you a peaceful sleep, he said you are Right and went to bath room taking towel, I said we have extra milk today I would get him some milkshake , Quickly I prepared the milk shake and added the required tablet which keep him sleepy but made his male hardness erectile for long, after bath I gave him the milkshake and together we had dinner while having dinner he asked where is mamayya has not come yet I said he is on one week visit on other sites outside so he is not going to come for a week and I joked that Ravi now you have to take care of the house and me and need to get the things from market, he quickly obeyed to it. I said you can sleep in my room as it is cold in the hall he said no no I will sleep here in the hall only, we put on the T V and started watching some game show I was not watching it that interest I found Ravi is feeling dowsy and sleepy, so I told him to lets go and sleep I caught hold of him and lead him towards my bed room, I started feeling happy , as the trick I wanted to play is working he is wearing his night pant and blue shirt, he is looking very hot and sexy, I waited for one hour or so around 11 o clock I found Ravi is sleeping soundly, I got up and switch off the lights and put on the bed light, My pussy had become wet all juices started to flow and night also started getting wet. I slowly put my Right hand palm on his male hardness it is in sleeping position and I just started to caress with my fingers in moments it grew harder and hard. Slowly I my left hand and his ball and started to feel them and I put my right hand In side his night pant, he is wearing underwear also, his penis has became so hard that it itself is peeping form the pant and enticing me to remove the night pant I slowly lowered his night pant and under wear to hi thighs, now his 6and ½ inch dick and jerking and eticing me, I could not stop my self I have taken his male hard into my mouth it is so big and so thick that it covered all my mouth I could feel he is jerks and I was taking his whole penis upto my throat and taking out. What I have observed is Ravi is also breathing heavily and moved his thighs I thought he would be disturbed I have took away his dick from my mouth and looked for the oil I applied a little on his dick I waited for some time so that his breath become normal, I switched off the night lamp also I got up and caught hold of his dick in my left hand and directed it to my pussy, as my pussy is already wet and the little oil applied has done the job of lubrication and his dick went deep in side and touched my lower stomach, I sat down in that position for 5 minutes I am feeling like heaven, after that I stated to move up and down I have done it for 4 or five time now I removed my whole nighty a put it down I want his hands to squeeze my booobs and very hardly after few ups and downs and his dick I started to romove his shirt buttons and put my hands and his broad chest, his hair on the chest and broad shoulder are asking me to sleep on them and my boobs have become tight and wanting to be squeezed, I again started to move up and down in that darkness I was feeling like sex queen and Ravi as sex God and giving me pleasure, after few jerks what I have observed is I Ravi is also pulling his dick up and down I stopped moving down and stopped at one position Ravi has put is hands and my butts and pushing his dick in and out, wow it gave me immense pleasure I Slowly taken his hands into my hands and put them on my boobs he understood it and started to squeeze I started to moan, come on Chander fuck me hardly oooohhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh come on chander, I deliberately taken chander s name on my lips so that Ravi should not blame me, But I was feeling like I have taken to heaven I slowly slept on him moving my lips near to his mouth. I murmured come on fuck me hardly hardly, he closed my lips with his and started to touch all my parts of body my boobs , hands, hair, back and stopped his hand s on my butts and stopped there and in one jerk he moved me down and came on top of me and started to fuck me hardly, I really shocked by his sudden action and it again gave immense pleasure I was feeling like never before and reached my orgasm, Ravi fucked me that night in different positions in the darkness. I was taking chanders name to address him during the murmuring the encounter he really satisfied me to deepest of the inner self. I don’t remember at what time I went to sleep that night, when I woke upI found my self alone in the bed naked, there was shower sound I thought Ravi was inside the bath room I quickly wore my nighty. Later what happened I will share next time. My email id is
Hi everybody, I am regular visitor of keralaerotica and loved the experiences of many males/females. I would like to tell a real incident of mine with my mother-in-law (mil). The incident goes like this; I am born & brought up in mumbai and got married to a girl, rekha, who is also born & brought up in mumbai. We got married in year 2000. My wife is very sexy with 36d boobs and well figured body and kundi like my mil. Every thing was normal for first few years. We normally used to visit my in-laws at vasai during weekends. Sometime in march 2004, as usual we visited my in-laws on a saturday and were to spend the night there and return on sunday evening. Suddenly I felt a changed behaviour in my mil. My mil is aged 48 years and my father in law is aged 58 years. At 48 she is damn sexy with nice 44 d boobs, very slim and flat stomach and a nice kundi. She always wears a deep neck blouse with hardly 4 hooks showing a very huge neck line. Her blouse is always so tight that the boobs start plunging out from the top of the blouse showing a huge cleavage. She also wears the saree vey much below the navel button leaving a huge space between the blouse and stomach. It is worn just above her pussy and butt line is sometimes visible. Previously I never used to think of anything until then. One fine day, a saturday, as usual I reached vasai at 3. 00 p. M. And rang the door bell. My mil opened the door with her hair fully open and the saree tilted and in a crushed position as she has this habit of sleeping in the after noon after lunch. She was wearing an offwhite colour blouse and a keralian type kasav sari. I was left agape by seeing here huge boobs bulging out of the blouse with a couple of hooks open and saree very much below the navel button (just above her pussy). My cock throbbed to 90 degrees. I have a nice 8” thick cock which my wife always praises about. She welcomed me in and went to kitchen and brought a glass of water for me. I had it and went to bedroom and to change my dress. My mil followed me and took a lungi from cupboard. She knelt down to fetch a lungi which was kept at the bottom of the cupboard. Once again I saw her bulging boobs of which only the nipples were inside and the entire boobs were outside. I slowly brushed my cock to her right butt which she realized. I took the thorthu (towel) and went for a bath. My mil also has the habit of taking bath in the evenings. I finished my bath and had only the lungi with no shirt and came and sat on the sofa. My mil asked me whether I would like to have the tea now or she can serve it after her bath. I said either way is okay. By this time she had removed her saree and was only in pavada and blouse with no panty inside. My mil never wears a panty. She brought the tea and placed it on the teepoy. I became mad like anything and my erect cock was clearly visible over the lungi which she saw and smiled a bit. She applied coconut oil to her hair and whole body by putting her hands inside the boobs and oiled it nicely. Her body was glowing which aroused me further. After drinking tea, I went to kitchen to keep the cup. Here again I brushed my mil’s butt with my erect cock. Suddenly she caught hold of my hand and told that she was watching me every minute from the moment I came home and peeping on her boobs and butt. She asked whether I liked her huge tight tits. I was stunned. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy over the pavada. It was really hot. I embraced her and started kissing her on her neck, ears and lips. She was biting my lips. Her one hand went down into my lungi and started pressing my cock over the underwear. I started squeezing her boobs and tore the blouse. She was not wearing a bra. Her bare boobs were so erect that the brown nipples were standing straight. I started licking and sucking here boobs which she was pushing into my mouth. By this time I untied here pavada and was squeezing here tight round kundi. She took me to bedroom and told that we will play for a long time and neither of us should cum. As my father in law had gone to home town and wife normally comes late by 8 or 8. 30 p. M in the evening, we had ample time for a good fuck. My mil told that the best activity in sex she loved was to suck cock and get her pussy eaten by an expert. She sat on the bed and I was standing in front of her with my cock straight in front of her mouth. She started caressing my cock and went on her knees and started licking and sucking my balls. Then she started sucking my cock by taking it totally into her mouth till the end of the cock. She was an expert sucker and told me that my fil’s cock was hardly 4” with less thickness and that he was not an expert sucker due to which she was very horny. She also told that whenever she used to get horny she used to put carrot or something of thick sort and masturbate. After a good suck she told me kneel to the bed and came behind me. She now started licking my kundi (ass hole) and started inserting her tongue into it shaking my cock with her hand. This lasted for another ten minutes. Then she lied on her back in the bed and opened her thighs. She had become very hot and in a horny voice she told “vada marumakane, vannettu ende pooru thinno). I immediately knelt between here thighs and put my two fingers in her pussy and opened it. She moaned and started pushing up. I put my tongue inside and started teasing here clit. She started murmuring, kadikyada valikyane. I put my entire tongue inside and started sucking and eating her pussy like a hungry dog. I ate her pussy for almost half an hour. Her water was oozing so much that my entire cheek, nose and lips was totally wet. She desired that we fuck in positions that we see in x rated films. I immediately took the stool which was kept aside and sat on it with my cock totally erect and told her to come in between and sit on my cock and insert it in the love pot. She obeyed and inserted it fully and started moving up and down. She became so aroused that she started scratching my hair and jumping like a whore. After a stool fuck I made her stand with her hands on the window grill with one leg lifted and kept on sofa and a bit knelt down. Then from behind I fucked her holding her boobs. She was yelling “ valikyane adiyada, mula umtha da” aaaaaaahhhhh andha undiyenda ninde”. I started fucking violently and she came. She told not to put the semen on her pussy and that she wants to drink it. I started her pumping for another ten minutes and when I was about to cum I took my cock out and gave her to suck which she sucked vigorously and I came with a blast. She sucked and drank my cum not wasting even a single drop. She sucked me dry and we both lay in the bed side by side with me fondling her breasts. After some time she started caressing my cock as she again became hot. This time she wanted to fuck her ass hole and bent before me. As my cock is long and thick it was not going inside. For this I licked her ass hold and lubricated it with my saliva and then pushed my cock inside her. She moaned and started pushing the butt back and forth to accommodate my cock fully inside her. I started fucking her roughly and just when I was about to cum I gave it to her mouth and she tasted my cum for the second time. We had one more session of good fuck and finally both had bath together and got settled down before my wife came from office. After that day whenever I visit vasai I fondle her boobs and butts and if get a chance also fuck her hard. Hope you all enjoyed my fucking experience with my mil. Mail to :
Hi readers, my name is Sekhar. I went to a festival to my sister’s home. Usually the festival lasts for three days and I stay there for 10 more days usually. My brother-in-law’s sister who was married about a year back was also there. She had a 4 month old kid. It’s a farm house, so had plenty of rooms and space. Dance programs will be conducted in night times in the panchayat and I was enjoying it with my in-law on the second day. I started to feel sleepy and so I decided to go home. My brother-in-law refused to come, so I went alone. When I reached home I wanted to change my dress, so I opened the door of the room where the dresses were kept. The zero watts bulb was burning and I saw that Chitra ( in-law’s sister ) was sleeping with her kid. The kid was holding her breasts as she must have been giving milk and has slept. One of the boob was half visible as the blouse was open and the saree was half covering it. I thought she would wake up, so I stepped out of the room and slowly closed the door. She suddenly woke up and on seeing me pulled her saree down to cover the breasts. I said I am sorry to disturb, she said its ok and asked if I needed any thing . I asked if there was any lungi( regional night wear for men) in the locker. She took one out of the locker and handed it to me. On the 4th day when the festival was over, all other relatives were gone. As my in-law was a farmer he and my sister used to leave early and return home only in the evening. I woke up in the morning and Chitra came with a coffee to me. I took it and drank it and we started to chat. I knew Chitra even before she was married, and the interesting thing was that my relatives were looking forward to marry her to me. But as was in college that time it could not happen. I had breakfast, as she was serving food when the kid started crying. She lifted the kid and put him on the lap and removed the lower buttons of the blouse and started feeding, sitting straight before me. As the saree was too transparent I could see the boob very clearly. She noticed me seeing very often but gave no reactions. When ran out of sambar, she adjusted the saree and bent forward to server sambar to me, and I could see the left boob completely. When I was finished, the kid was asleep by then, she took away all the dishes. As I was already aroused a I went into the bed room and started massaging my dick. I do not wear underwears when I am at home. She suddenly came in and I had to hide by turning to the right side. But she had already noticed it and she opened the locker to take out the towel and then asked me If I was asleep. I said “ I was trying to”. So she said that she was going to take bath and to look after the kid if he starts crying for which I agreed. This time I purposefully left the door unlocked and I could not control. So I again started to massage my dick. After some time I heard her coming and as I thought, she came into my room and locked the door to change the dress. I pretended to be asleep. There was a big mirror fitted to the cupboard which was straight opposite to me. She was wearing the petticoat upto her breasts and towel on her shoulders. She then removed the towel and then lowered the petticoat to her waist to wear the blouse. I was watching her on the mirror and she suddenly saw that. “ So you are not asleep ?” she asked. I gathered some courage and said “ how could I when such a beautiful girl is standing before me “. She naughtily asked me “ do you really think so !”. I got up from my bed and went to her. She was half naked. I stood close to her as my dick was touching her butt and hugged. She loosened her petticoat which fell down. I kissed her on her neck and on the ears. She was so hot. I moved my hands to her pussy which was with hairy. I gently brushed the hair when she loosened my lungi which fell down and now my dick was in between the cut of her butts. I slowly squeezed her left boob and started to rub her cunt which started to become wet. She then turned around and caught my penis with the right hand and backside of my head with the left hand and started to kiss me on my lips. I started pressing her buttocks which were so soft. I made her sit on the bed with the legs down and I sat down with my knees. I parted her legs and her cunt was now visible clearly. I slowly started kissing her thighs and proceeded up to her cunt. She held my head tight with her legs and I started licking her . She started moaning mmmmh…. Aaaaaaah. Her whole body was now shaking and now she opened her legs wide. I started to suck her cunt and she fell down on the bed. Moved her butts to the rhythm. I slowly withdrew, to tease her and she started to lift in search of my mouth. When she knew I was teasing, she started to beg me “ Please mama, sappunga please, yennala thaanga mudiyala “… “Please dear suck it, I am not able to resist “…. I sucked for another 2 mins and again teased her.. I asked her “ nee thevudiyanu othukitta thaan nakkuven.. sollu di naan thevdiyanu sollu “… “ If you want me to continue you will have to accept that you are a whore. Tell me you are a whore “ …. She nearly started crying…. “ aama naan thevidiya thaan… please mama please….” “ yes I am a whore I am a whore please suck it ….” .. “ ooorelam onna othuruku la “… “ haven’t you slept with the whole village”.. “ oorala yellarum yenna othirukaanga… “ “ yennoda punda oru thevidiya punda… “…. I did not want to make her cry any more… so I started it again… She was shouting uuuuuuuuuuh…. Ammaaaaaaa. Aaaaaaaaah….” .. I stopped It slowly as she was exhausted. Then she got up and I told her to kneel down before me while I stood before her. She then took my whole dick into her mouth and started to suck.. oh it was heaven… she gently rubbed it against her teeth and it felt so awesome.. I started mourning mmmmmmm…. Mmmmmh.. sappudi thevidiya……. She then held it out of her mouth and licked the hole on the penis with the tongue and I started shaking my body.. She suddenly lifted her head and asked “ Are u a virgin ?“. I said yes… She gave a naughty smile and pushed me on the bed. I fell on the bed and she parted my legs and started licking my balls giving a hand job. I was shaking and making sounds….. She suddenly held the penis tight which made me scream…. She then laughed and came over me and brought her milky boobs near my face. I started sucking them suddenly milk started flowing. She told me to suck only one side as the kid will need the other one. I caught her butts tightly on her anal hole and sucked the right breast. . Now I was desperate for her pussy. I made her lie down and was in hurry to insert the dick into her hairy cunt. As it was my first time I could not find the hole, so she guided my penis to her hole and I slowly started stroking . I was in air.. she moved to the rhythm and started to mourn again… mmmmmm… kuthu nalla… aaah…..innum eraku…. I slowly pushed it further into the whole… aaaaah….maaa…mmmmmm.. then I started to stroke harder and harder.. after 2 to 3 mins I gave a cry and ejaculated my cum into her cunt . Then I was so tired, I fell on her and slept.. she also fell asleep.. The next few days were the memorable days of my life….. Please send your feedback on the story, so that I can continue. All types of feedbacks are appreciated . Send them to
Suddenly my parents had to leave Auckland(New Zeland) to Canada in connection with the sad demise of a relative. My bhai had gone to Hong Kong he said he will return within a month. Bhabhi and I were staying in Auckland in one of the south Auckland luxury flats in the 21th floor. I was in the engg college and had to my classes trice a week in the morning, but was free by evening. I had lot of assignments to do with the help of computers. Since I had no computer of mine own I was using the one of my brother which was kept in their bedroom. But sitting in the bedroom of bhabi I did not take any untoward liberties, just so my work and get out as soon as possible. My bhabhi, Alina, very beautiful, a good figure, was very shy and was keeping distance. I too did not thrust myself on her. I was busy studying and when I was free I will go downstairs and gossip with my friends. Latest cricket match or the movie will be the subject. I was very much bored. When I come back to the flat, I will sit in the drawing room and watch TV. Bhabi had their own 14" TV in her bedroom and she did not come out to join the family for watching the TV. It was three bedroom flat with a spacious drawing room and all the rooms had balcony and it was fun to watch the city from the balcony. My bhai and bhabi were newly married and they had their own plans to enjoy life. That day was unusually hot and clouds were gathering in the western sky and the wind was also very strong and severe. I closed the balcony door for fear of the rain water entering the room and drenching the carpet. Bhabi with her head covered with her Awais came and asked me to have the supper. I said ok and came to the dining table. I asked Bhabiji why don’t you also come and have supper so that work will be completed. She said in a low tone that she has to serve me food and after my completing my food she will take. What Bhabi, No. don’t give me so much importance. Please come and sit with me and we both will take food. She looked at me and smiled and came to take food. She was keeping her head always bowed and when I put questions she answered in mono syllables. I did not want to embarrass her on the first instance. If you need any help from me please don’t hesitate to tell me I said. She said no, no, devarji, please go and study, I will take care of the other work. It was raining heavily outside. Poor Bhabiji forgot to bolt her door and windows and water entered her floor and lot of water was accumulated. She called me and asked me to help her to close the doors and windows since the wind power to great that she could not do it herself. I went in my pyjama and vest and both of them became totally drenched. Somehow I managed to close three windows opening westwards and the balcony door. But there was lot of water on the floor which had to be mopped and drained. We could not keep quite till next day morning when the servants will come. Bhabi brought a bucket and a mop and started to mop the water. I told her to stop and with the floor cleaner I made the water drain into the balcony and very little water was left to mop. Bhabi was totally wet and so was I. My pyjama was sticking to my thighs and my cock was imprinted in my brief that its shape was clearly visible. Bhabi was looking in the sly at my cock. Same was her condition, her kurta ,shalwar was sticking to her thighs and her boobs were clearly seen. There was some movement inside my brief and I was afraid my cock will wake and cause me embarrament. Bhabi was keeping staring at my cock and I looked busy mopping the water. She also came squatting on the floor mopping and squeezing the water into the bucket. She tucked her shalwar up and I could see her naked knee and some portions of her creamy thighs also. When I sat on the floor squatting my cock was standing like a gun. She looked at and was laughing. I looked at her and asked her what is the matter. We mover all along the floor and came near each other. Bhabi was looking at my gun and her hand was coming closer to me with the mop. As if by accident, she lifted the mop and touched my cock with the back of her hand. I turned and stretched my hand and touched be boob. We both laughed and took as as a joke. But we both knew that this is not a joke. Suddenly bhabi's left hand stretched and caught hold my cock when her right hand was mopping. I took my free left hand and squeezed her boobs. We both looked each other in the eyes. We left the mop and the bucket on the floor and she pushed me into my room. I slowly undressed her, starting with the shalwar and then the kurta, while she was pulling the strings of my pyjama and brought down. She pulled down my brief and there stood my cock fully erect in its full form. I removed her kurta, pettycoat and there she was standing in her panty and bra with her left hand across the chest as if to protect it, while her right hand was on my cock. I took a towel which was in the easy reach and wiped her of all the water and then pushed her into my bed. Bhabi was a real hot stuff. She was pulling at my cock and place it in her pussy. I said wait. We have to do lot of other things before I put my cock inside you. I asked her why you are so much in a hurry, don’t you get adequate sex from my brother. She said your brother is always thinking of business and business and even while having sex with his wife his mind is not in making his wife happy. I don’t enjoy sex when your brother is busy thinking of next day's tour etc. I said don’t worry, we will enjoy today. Tell me what do you want. She said just lick me and eat me. Ok. I took her nipples in my mouth sucked it softly and licked it and again sucked it hard. My Alina bhabi was hooting and cooing and was crying. I got afraid. I asked her what is the matter. Oh, please don’t stop, continue, she said. I kissed her on her abdomen and then in the lower abdomen and to her cunt. There were small stubs of golden hair, but her cunt was flowing with cunt water. I just licked her cunt lips and probed my tongue in the crevice. She kept her knees wide open lifted her hips to help me reach her cunt. I took control of her clitoris and licked it with my tongue. Bhabi was delirious. She placed her hands on my head and pressed my face down into her cunt. I was afraid that I may ckoke. But I gave her a nice sucking of her clit. Alina clenched her feet around me and kept her cunt lips open with her fingers and asked me to fuck with my tongue. Though I was not an expert on these things and my experience was almost nil, but she gave me guidance as to what to do From the way her muscles tensed, I knew she is undergoing an orgasm. But her orgasm did not come down. It kept her the top of the cliff for some time and Bhabi was at the best of her enjoyment. The time was just 10.30 pm. We got up and bolted all the doors and windows and switched off all the lights and moved around the house in total nakedness. It was a pleasure to watch her moving totally naked. With the frontal protrusion of her boobs and reat protrusion of her ass was symmetrical and she was with a leaking cunt came running to me to take my cock in her mouth. She pushed me into my bed and sat near me to give me a nice blow job. She did it expertly with her tongue rolling around in her mouth. I shot my cum into her mouth and had my first orgasm. She knew it was coming and kept on waiting for it. The shot was full of her mouth and she gulped the whole thing with pleasure. We got up cleaned ourselves and sat for a talk. It was 11 pm. She told me that it was the first time she had so much of sex in one go. My brother had a similar tool and he sometimes fucked her to her full satisfaction. But he is not in the habit of wasting time in the fore play. He wanted to poke his tool and finish it off soon. Most of the times she would have just getting ready but by that time he would have finished and filled her cunt with semen. She kissed me in gratitude and asked me to give her similar pleasure more often. I said ok. I told her that to please my bhabi I am ready to do anything. Her body which was fully nude was a feast to the eys. Bare boobs were perfect and her naval was flat and her cunt was neatly done and there was no hair at all. Her thighs were ivory coloured and just looking at her my cock was rising. She saw it and asked why not we have a leisurely fuck. She thrust her nipple in my mouth and asked me suck and lick it. I opened my mouth to take the nipples, but said wait, went to the kitchen and brought a small plate full of honey. She smeared it all over her boobs and asked me to suck. While her hands were busy soaking my cock in the honey. I took more time to suck her nipples and it was really sweet. She then bent low and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking. Her lips and tongue made my tool very stiff. Making me to lie flat on my back and she climbed on me and inserted my cock in her cunt. Keeping her hands on my shoulders she began to move forward and backwards making my cock to travel all over her cunt and clit and go deep inside. I kept my hands on her magnificent boobs and began squeezing them. She opened her mouth and was breathing heavily. Her face was taking different shapes to indicate the depth of her pleasure. She was really crazy of sex and how she could control her selves for all these days was a wonder. She may be hardly 22 or 23 and her face was very charming. She rotated her hip to make my cock travel through all the hidden folds in her cunt and make her pleasure increase many fold. We both were experimenting with sex. Suddenly her face became tense and muscles stiffened and she was getting a big orgasm. Poor thing it was the first time for her and for me too. Finally she collapsed on my chest. I too had my orgasm and shot my cum into her cunt. We both got up, washed out selves up and came back to the bed. To walk around the flat naked was a great pleasure. There was no neighbor to watch, none to listen to our talk. We shouted all our sex words loudly. I put a XXX cd which we played in the player in the computer. I was keeping the CD for a long time to enable me to watch alone. Now I had babhi to watch with me. She became hot and asked me to lick her clit. We started all over. I licked her clit which was already swollen. Bhabi was pressing my head down We both were like two crazy people sex starved for a long time and suddenly let loose in a flat. We fucked and fucked the whole night and for a month. But bhabi was clever to remove all dirty clothes and put them for washing. We slept nude hugging each other and promising to take the next opportunity for further sex. I had great sex with her and I also fuck her when we are alone at house.. 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Hello all readers of Keralaerotica. It has been a long long time since I shared my adventures with my neighbour Swati when I was in the US. Now I would love to share my recent encounter with all of you. My wife's younger sister, Ishita or Isha as we call her fondly, was 3 years younger to my wife. All names in this has been changed due to privacy reasons. She was still studying when I got married to her sister and hence was very tender and young. I never had any wrong feelings about her. I was pretty happy with my married sex life and hence had never thought of anyone else. Then I went to the US for work. I stayed there for about 6 years and used to visit India only once a year. I never had much interaction with Isha since she was shy by nature, coming from a very conservative rural family. I had only had some occasional conversation with her during the few times we had met. She got married about three years back. I could not attend her wedding since I was in the US. When I returned to India the next time, I met Isha's husband for the first time. I was surprised to see him. My father-in-law was a very strict man and he had chosen Isha's groom. Isha was an average looking girl and hence he did not have many good choices. He chose the one who he thought was best - Ajay, a bank manager, who was 4 years elder to me (which means he was 9 years elder to Isha). He looked pretty old with very few hair left on his head probably due to all the stressful work he had been doing all these years. I could notice the feeling on Isha's face. She was definitely not happy with her married life. I asked my wife to talk to her to confirm and my guess was right. Ajay was a very hot tempered person and Isha was facing a lot of problems in her house. I felt very sad for her. A year later, I returned to India for good and took up a job in my Mumbai. Ajay and Isha used to stay close to our new house and we used to visit them occasionally. It was in May last year when my wife had gone to her native place since my children had vacations for their school. Her brother was getting married too. I joined them two days before the marriage and stayed for another three days. Ajay had to leave the day after marriage since he had a lot of urgent work to take care of. Isha decided to stay back since she rarely had the chance to visit her native place. My father-in-law convinced Ajay that since I would be coming to Mumbai in 2-3 days, I would drop her. Ajay agreed and left. Two days later I was driving back to Mumbai. My wife and younger kid stayed back. I was with Isha and my five year old elder son. Isha was in the back seat and my son in the passenger seat in front. She was deep in thought and probably not much interested in the magazine she was reading. She was even more silent than she used to be before her marriage. My son called her - Aunty, I am feeling sleepy, Can I come in the back? She said yes. I pulled the car over and son went back and slept with his head on Isha's lap. After another half an hour he was deep in sleep. I noticed that Isha was not able to sit comfortably and I asked her whether she wanted to sit in the front. She answered yes. She came to sit in the front seat. After a little while, I started talking to her about general things. She would just reply in yes/no or only hmmm at times. I was very much moved by this and decided to speak to her about her married life. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing. I persisted and asked her if something was wrong at home or between her & Ajay. She stayed silent and then suddenly burst into tears. I pulled over to the side of the road and calmed her down. She then slowly became normal and started telling about her problems. She told me how she had to forcible marry Ajay eventhough she did not like him. How she had problems with her husband's bad temper. Finally she told about her relationship with Ajay. It seems they had not been in good terms for a long time and hence there was nothing going on between them. I understood she meant sex. I asked her - is that why they did not have any children even after three years of marriage? She started weeping again. She said she had not had sex in past eight-nine months. I was shocked. She thought something for a while and then bluntly said, Jiju, can I ask you for a favor? I said anything to help you. She said she wanted to know why her husband was ignoring her - was she not so attractive? I replied that was not true. She was fairly attractive and after marriage she had grown more beautiful. It was probably how they behaved at night that could be the problem. She asked what I meant. I asked her if they used to have good sex. She said it was always short and quick. She had lost interest due to this. I told her what the reasons could be and how they should indulge in foreplay and try different things to spice it up a little. She asked for more details. I thought she was probably getting aroused by all the sex talk. Me too started feeling a little stir in my pants. She asked whether I could help her in understanding these things. I replied yes. She held my hands and said thanks. We reached her home shortly. It was around 2 in the afternoon. She asked me to stay back and have lunch at her place. I offered to buy the lunch from outside. I dropped her and my son at her house and came back with some food. We had lunch then sat down in the living room for watching some TV. My son dozed off. We went back to our discussion on sex. She was pretty aroused by now. She moved closer to me and said, why don't you show me the things rather than just telling them. I was held back for a moment. I looked at her more carefully - first in her eyes and then her body. There was a lot of anticipation in her eyes. For the first time in my life, I realised how sexy she had become. Her boobs and other feature had grown completely sexy. She was tall and well-built with nice round boobs and firm buttocks. I pulled her closer and kissed her passionately. She responded equally. We moved to her bedroom and hurriedly undressed. There she was completely naked in front of me. I was fiesting my eyes on her body and she was staring at my cock. She had not seen one for a long time and was eagerly waiting to get it inside her. She pleaded me to fuck her quickly, but I was determined to give her her best fuck. I started caressing her boobs. Our lips were locked into each others lips and we stayed like that for some time. Then I laid her on the beck and started sucking her nipples. She was feeling the pleasure and was letting out deep breaths. I kissed all over her naval and stomach and moved my attention to her pussy. It was very wet already. I licked gently and then started sucking her pussy. She arched her body and then shaked vigorously. It was her first orgasm after many many days. I drank her pussy juices and then started finger fucking her. I rubbed on her g-spot and she was ecstatic with joy. She trembled and shaked and within seconds had her second orgasm. Now she took the charge and started stroking my penis which was already to its fullest length and ready to explode. I asked her to lay down and parted her legs. She had some unused condoms in the house. I put on one of them and placed my cock on her pussy entrance and rubbed it for a while. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it inside her pussy. She let out a half scream and then choked. My 8" cock was too much for her less fucked pussy. I waited for a moment and then started stroking. Initially it was a slow affair then I gained momentum. She was geeting used to the dick in her pussy and then I picked up up the pace. After about 10 minutes I was about to explode. I looked in her eyes and sensed that it was the same case with her. We both came almost together and I collapsed on top of her. We stayed motionless for some time. The slowly I got up. There was deep satisfaction on her face. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I went to the bathroom to discard the condom. She looked satisfied but I knew she was ready for more. Her hunger after no sex for months had to be fulfilled. I asked her if she was ready for round two. She looked surprised. How can we have sex again so soon. Will your dick be ready again? Her innocence made me crazy. I told her yes, if she wanted she could make my cock ready in minutes. She came forward and started rubbing my limp cock. I asked her whether she had ever given blowjob to Ajay. She replied never. I told her that men loved blowjobs and asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She hesitated for a moment then started sucking on my cock. I guided her on how and where to lick and suck and she followed the instructions nicely. Within a few minutes my cock was hard again and I asked her to get ready for some action. I made her bend near the corner of the bed. The started finger fucking her from the back. She let out sighs and gentle screams. When I was sure that there was enough wetness, I put on another condom and inserted my cock in her pussy from behind. This was new to her, but she so-operated very well. I stroked her in the standing position for some time and then fucked her in doggy-style. She enjoyed the fucking a lot. We continued our fucking for about half an hour. She had multiple orgasms during that time. I finally exploded inside her pussy for the second time. We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. When we came back, Isha began weeping. I asked what the matter was. She said she was feeling guilty after having sex with me. She felt like she had cheated her sister. I took her face in my palms and wiped her tears. I explained that whatever happened between us was a without any bad intentions. It was just an incident which happened due to emotions. If it helped relieve her of her sorrow and pains, I would feel happy. She smiled and then kissed me. It was time for Ajay to be back from office. I woke up my son to go home. We got ready and left. It has been a few months since this incident. Isha and Ajay are now going along somewhat better. Their relationship is improving and I am sure everything will be OK in some more time. Eventhough we have met on numerous occasions after that day, sometimes even alone, we have never touched each other again. I had supplied her with a lot of informative books on sex which I am sure has helped a lot in improving their sexual relations. When I look back to that I still wonder if what happened on that day was right or wrong. On one hand I think I have cheated my wife and also Ajay but having sex with my sister-in-law, but on the other hand I believe I never had any bad feelings about her and whatever happened was just because of an emotional moment. Please give your suggestions on what is correct. Write to me at :
Hi Friends!! This is my first time that I am writing a story, that too a real one. My name is Vinu, 36 years old separated. Well I am inspired by the numerous stories that I have read on this site, so finally decided to share one of my experience with u folks. And I look forward for your comments. I currently live in London and been here for the past 10 years. This happened in Dubai last Dec 2007 when I was on holiday with my ex-wife (Muni) (all names changed). We stayed in apartment and used to visit my brother-in-law’s (Raja) house daily to access Internet, listen to music, watch TV, going out together and eating food. Raja also married and doing business in Dubai her partner name is Sheila. She was 5 ft 3in; around 60 kilos; light wheatish complexion, her body was 36DD-30-32. But wow what a figure it was, well built, nice round ass, big boobs (I am a booby man), so seducing and mouth watering. I clearly noticed that both Raja and Sheila are not happy with their relationship, too many arguments and no peace at home. Sometime Muni use to go for shopping with Raja for business purposes leaving Sheila and myself at home. We get to chat lots of things slowly Sheila started telling about how she misses her sex life and all. I used to dream of her at night in the apartment. I was scared to make the first move, as I was afraid of losing my respect and pride with their family. One day, Sheila and me were alone in the house around 11.30am. I was busy checking the Internet and listening to online music; Sheila went to take a shower and came out in her nightie so fresh I noticed her nice fragrance when she passed beside me. I gave her a cheeky smile when she went out to put the towel for drying. She came in locked the front door, all of sudden she hugged me and gave an unexpected long kiss. I had a great chance to feel her nice body and her double D boobs were pressing my chest but lips did the talking. My hands moved around her shoulders and back enjoying it smoothly. Then she told me that I was a very nice guy and too innocent. We had to stop everything as we were expecting Raja and Muni back home. Honestly, I literally had to release myself in the toilet at the apartment later that night. As it never happened in my life before, the night was full of wet dreams about Sheila. I wanted that night to be over soon and was eagerly waiting for the next morning to see Sheila at their home. I was planning in my mind, next time when we meet I had to make the move and there won’t be any rejection. Next day I went to Sheila’s home on my own, as Muni went with Raja for their business outing. I knocked the door; I guess Sheila was busy in the kitchen. I was little tensed to face her; Sheila opened the door for me. She was still in her nightie and not had shower for the day. I followed her straight to the kitchen and we had our usual chat. I was not able to resist her, I hugged her from behind kissing her ears and cheeks but my hands started to play with big juicy tits. Was not able to fit her one tit at a time in my one hand it was so big. We kissed each other, She turned around and felt my penis; she removed my shorts and underwear. She sat on the floor and started to caress my penis slowly; it started to grow longer and longer. Sheila told me holding and looking at my penis size that what I was doing with this long penis for so long time; we should have had a very good time. She started to suck it like mad cow! Wonderful suck in between she asked me whether it hurts me or not. She sucked like very experienced woman. After some time I was so tensed and when I was about to cum I told her to stop it. Then I went to the toilet and cleaned my cum. Sheila also got in mood, she told that she would take a shower and then we both can have a gala time. She quickly took clean clothes, towel and went to take shower. She was about to close the bathroom door; I said to her I want to see her naked and also her nude shower. First she was very shy; then she removed her clothes stood in front of me naked. I was so stunned to see her naked, was not able to resist her so I went and hugged her and gave a real long kiss. She also felt my penis it was ready to shoot again but I controlled myself and I came out of the toilet. Stood behind the bathroom door and watched her nude shower. It was like eating double chocolate cake for my eyes. After the shower, she started to smell fresh with same nice fragrance like previous day. We went straight to bed and I took her nightie off. She made me half naked leaving my t-shirt on. I never seen boobs like that in my life. I started to suck her nipples it became bigger and bigger. I was sucking them and fondling them like a child. Nearly spend around 10 minutes playing with those huge tits and kissing her lips, cheeks and ears. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it as though she was on cloud nine. Then slowly I kissed her belly went down a bit and stopped at her clean shaved pussy. She already started to cum and was so juicy. I put my tongue in and out of the entrance of the pussy lips, bit her sucked her till she was in heaven. She could not wait any long and asked her to put my penis inside. Mine was ready to act immediately and was happily entering the heaven’s hole. Nearly 10 minutes of continuous action. My hands were on her boobs caressing and fondling; my penis was sliding in and out oh my god! She was making a lot of noises like hmm… haa.. hmm.. huu.. ooo.. This is what we all call heaven. The moment I released myself, there was knock at the door. Sheila quickly ran to the toilet; and me quickly put on my shorts and sat in front of the PC as though I was checking the Internet. Thank god, we didn’t get caught; we pretended nothing happened, it was Raja who came for his lunch. After that, whenever we had the opportunity we made the most of it for the rest of my holiday period. I will never forget this Dubai experience in my life. Sheila and me are still keeping in touch over the phone even though I am separated from Muni. We had planned to meet soon in future for some more fun and gala time. If any divorcee, female, aunty, widow, unsatisfied female in London, Dubai, Paris and Chennai or near by areas wants to experience full satisfaction to the core than feel free to contact me. Secrecy assured. E-mail me at:
I really liked this site. Mine is a real incident and not an exaggerated one. This is the encounter with my sister in law, who is 34 yrs of age. She has huge beautiful breasts. My first sex experience was with her. My name is Joshi (Name Changed) from Kottayam District, Kerala. After my 10th I was sent to North India for studies. Once in two years I visited my home town. I was there for 7 years. Right now I am working in Alappuzha. What I am going to write is a true story that happened to me. While I was studying there my eldest brother got married. I could not attend the function since we were allowed to home only on vacation that also once in two years. When I came home on vacation, my brother had the first baby. My sister in law was lean but had big breasts. I could not help staring at those ripped pumpkins. I used to masturbate thinking of her big boobs. She is a jolly person and we used to crack jokes but I never showed my inclination towards her because she should be seen as my own mother. After the vacation I went back for my studies. In the same year my elder brother got married and eldest brother and family shifted to a rented house. When I came home for a second vacation this incident happened. In sister in law’s family they are three girls. Her father was working in a company which has three shifts. One day my eldest brother asked me to stay an over night in his rented house. The reason was my sister in law’s mother had fever and was hospitalized and my brother had to be there in the hospital as by stander for a night. I reached the house around 7 p.m. My brother came at 8 p.m. after closing the shop. He had dinner and went to the hospital. In his house there was only one coat and Uma (my sister in law) is afraid to sleep alone. I was asked to share the bed. I laid on the side of the bed and her daughter (3.5 yrs) at the center and she on the other side of the bed. I was thinking of her big boobs and my penis got erected. I could not sleep at all. I was nervous but gathered some courage and slowly touched her foot with my foot. There was no response and denial. Slowly I stared to massage her feet and no response! I decided to go for the big one, now my feet was resting on her thigh It was very difficult to touch her thigh since the baby was sleeping in between us. There was no response from her at all. I thought she might be in deep asleep. But I decided to go further. I put my toe on her pussy the only thing that was separating me from here pussy was here under wear. I stared to masturbate her and now I knew that she is enjoying it bust pretending to be asleep. Now my penis was hard like rock. I gathered some courage and touched her pussy with my hand. Now she got up and started to scold me. I knew that it was my mistake and felt ashamed. I said nothing and went into the other room and spent the night there cursing my self for what I had done. Early morning at 5.30 I went home. After this incident I avoided all the functions where she was present. I was afraid to look at her. By July end I went back for the studies. She never mentioned about this incident. I used to visit her on my vacation and she acted as if nothing had happened. We became good friends and a typical sister brother relation. I felt bad of what I had done and always blamed my self. After my studies I came back home and started working in Cochin for two years and then in Alappuzha since 6 years. The real thing happened last year. It is very difficult for me to go home everyday and so I was using the accommodation provided by the company. I was not happy with accommodation since you do not have any freedom. I decided to take a house for rent. To get a house for rent was difficult since I was a bachelor. I could mange to get a house anyway with my friend’s help. By this time I changed my old phone to New Nokia 6680. Since my friend ahs mobile shop I could get all those software and the dirty clippings. On all Saturday’s I go home and back to work on Monday. On one Thursday there was a function at my house. My elder brother’s (We are 7 in my family. One sister and 6 brothers) marriage was getting fixed. Since it was a small function we decided to prepare the food for them. My sister in law is a good cook and we decided she can lead and the rest can help her. Now my eldest brother has his own house and three children. On Wednesday he phoned me up in the after noon and told me to pick Uma (sister in law) from his house to my house. I went there with my bike and she was in a blue sari and matching blouse. She sat behind my bike and headed for my home. During our ride her beautiful breast touched my back and I thought it was a mistake and felt nothing. She started press her boobs and now I understood she is doing it deliberately. My penis started to erect and I want relive my self. As soon as we reached home I went into my room and masturbated. Now I was okay. After around 15 minutes she came to my room and saw my new nokia 6680. I told her that it is a good phone and it has so many functions and even movie can be seen. She took the video option and started to view the movie clips. Now I remembered that there are some dirty love making clips also in the phone and snatched the phone from her. She felt bad thinking that I took the phone away because it is an expensive phone and she might spoil it. I could not convince her. At last I told her there are some dirty clips. Now she wanted to view them and I had no other way. Seeing that clips I got aroused and touched her big breasts (I wanted this moment around 10 yrs before). She gave a positive response. I squeezed her breasts and gave kiss on her neck. Nothing else we could do there. She started to phone me up now and share her feelings that her husband is not that interested in sex and she is longing for an orgasm. I told her we do not have chance and place. If we have one let us do it. I was asked by my brother to take her to an ayurvedic doctor in Alappuzha for her head ache treatment. Later I knew that it was her decision to meet the doctor in alappuzha. We came to Alappuzha on my bike. From place to Alappuzha is 2 hrs of journey. She was wearing a red sari and she looked so beautiful. Her breasts did not rest during the trip. They were punching me like anything. Her right hand was on my thigh and occasionally she touched me hard cock. We came to my rented house in Alappuzha. I could not resist my self I started to kiss her neck while my hands were working on here huge breasts. I squeezed them at least for 15 minutes. While licking her ear she starred moan and grabbed my cock. I removed her sari and took her to my bed room I told her to lie down on my bed. I licked her navel, stomach drinked her fingers. I sucked here breasts with the blouse on. Slowly I unhooked each hook of her blouse. I wanted to linger there for few more minutes. But she was so aroused and removed my clothings and put my cock straight to her waiting pussy. Within 10 minutes she had 4 orgasms. We lied on the bed. She told me that my cock is very big and she liked it. I asked whether she wanted one more shot and she told me she is tired and not now. We had to go back home and her head ache was gone. Now I knew I became doctor for her. After this incident we are looking for chances to meet each other for another ride but could not. Whenever I go home I visit her and if a chance holds her breasts giving a massage. Whenever she phones she says she wants to suck my huge cocks and I really want to do so but n
am Sunil from Calicut, working as a Section leader for the computer department, in an international firm in Dubai. I got inspired after reading Malayalee’s erotic experiences from this wonderful Kerala Erotica’s site. And now a regular visitor of this site and addicted to the mallu stories. This is a true experience I had with a girl who recently joined as a Trainee in my deptt. Her name is Kala, a Tamil Brahmin Girl, and she is just 20 yrs. old. She knows little bit of Malayalam, and i used to tease her, hearing her Malayalam. I taught her, the malayalam alphabets and she used to teach me Tamil in return.She is very sweet looking, wheatish color, slim and tall. Her father was tranfered from US to here in Dubai last year. She did her studies in Madras and came to her parents. Kala has always a modern outlook in her dress and looks. She has very small titties and a slim waist but her ass is round and sexy. She wears jeans and tshirts/blouses and the tight jeans accentuate her buttocks showing the perfect round globes parked nicely on her thin legs. She walks in such a way that her legs are bow shaped and takes small steps juggling her hips which always set my heart racing when I see her from behind. I had the hots for her since she joined 2 months back and often fantasised about feeling her ass and putting my dick in the crevice between her two round bums. She often has problems and queries which I have to help her with and I love these moments when I am beside her guiding and explaining things to her. She has a very soft husky voice and gives cute smiles like a kid. I often saw her bra when she would bend down at work but her tits were never visible being too small. Once my hand brushed her little breasts when she was standing beside me looking at the computer as I instructed her and I felt the soft boob on my elbow. My dick got hard instantly and my mind went berserk. Next day I let her sit on the chair and stool behind her while instructing her. Bending forward, I peeked straight down the neck of her blouse and saw the bra that confined those young titties. She did not realise this and kept on working while I strained my eyes to catch a glimpse of her boobs. All in vain and I could just ogle at her bra that was a bit wet with her sweat. Her fragrance was mindblowing and I could not control my cock from getting hard which was the obvious effect of her sexy body odour. Another time she came to my office cabin and as she stood beside me, listening to my words and watching the computer programme, she tumbled and fell into my lap. That was the first time I felt her soft buttocks and my dick responded by raising its head. She was too embarassed and got up her face red with shame. I could not utter a word as my body was shaking with excitement. From then on, she pulls a chair and sits whenever she has to work with me but I always get hard with her beside me and keep wishing for the day when her ass would be in my hands to fondle and kiss and bite. It so happened that last week, as I was walking out at lunch time, I saw her alone on her desk doing some work. She was standing bent down on the keyboard which made her sexy ass push outward in the blue jeans and her short blouse was raised up and a little of her back above the jeans was visible. I looked around, saw no one else and tiptoed behind her with evil intentions in my mind and a stiffness in my cock. She did not know when I was just behind her, my dick just an inch away from her ass. Peeping above her shoulder, I casually put a hand on her back and asked "What are you doing Kala ?" She jumped with surprise but did nothing to make me take away my hand. She was trying to work out some solution and I moved my hand around patting her back around her shoulder and flicked her earlobe and mentioned to her "I like devoted workers like you Kala and I want you to work good so that you can be promoted soon." She looked at me pleased and smiled "Thanks Sir! I want to have a good career in computers." "You are in fine hands Kala dear and as long as you work for me I will do everything for you to your benefit" I told her as I hugged her from her shoulder and then moved exactly behind her unable to control myself. With great courage I let my hand slip from her shoulder to her back and down to her hips and let it rest there. After a couple of seconds I gave a little squeeze on her buttocks "Good work Kala" I murmured and then putting both hands on her buttocks I kissed her right shoulder. To my utter surprise, she did nothing to push me away but shook her neck saying "No sir please don't do this " My fears of being physically rejected laid to rest, I squeezed her buttocks more rubbing my hands all over and kissed her cheeks paying no attention to her verbal opposition "What are you doing sir. Please sir leave me". Over the years I have learned with experience that if a girl is physically negative, it is better to leave her and forget her for she will either cause trouble and even if you are gonna have sex with her, it will be a one-way disaster but the girl who just verbally denies you but her body does not try to get away - such girls are good sexmates and will ultimately succumb to your charms if you just go on the right way. "I love you Kala . You are so sweet and lovely I just cannot resist you baby. I swear I will do nothing. I love you I love you" I went on kissing her cheeks her neck licking her ears as she started breathing hard and fast and she let out a big sigh. I moved one hand to her waist and with the other traced her lips pushing a finger in her mouth. She bit on it and I moved the other hand to her boobs . I applied a little pressure on ber samll breasts as she bit more I kept my left hand on her left breast crushing it through her clothes. It was the tiniest of breasts and I kept rubbing trying to excite her nipples. Then I put the other hand on the right breast and squeezed both tits together and my hard stiff cock was trying to burst through my pants as I banged it against her big ass. "I love you" was all I could I say again and again. "Sir somebody will see us. It is not safe here" she said scared of her reputation but I could only think that she is saying not here and that means she would not mind somewhere else. She was ready - eh!! My senses told me of the risk I was taking in the open office with a watchman outside, I pulled her as I raced to my cabin and jerking the door open rushed her inside and kicked the door shut. Locking it, I switched off the light and turned the AC on. As I faced her, I saw her leaning against the door looking down and scratching the carpet with her toes. I rushed to my innocent sexpot and raising her chin with my fingers, looked in her eyes. "I love you Kala so don't be scared. I will be very gentle and nothing bad is going to take place between us." She tried to turn her face away but I kissed her lips taking her in my arms. Then I softly licked those juicy lips and she melted in my arms. I kissed and forced my tongue in her mouth which she started sucking. "Good" I thought "she knows and has kissed before too. Maybe she is not averse to sex and has fucked a lot before." I crushed her petite body in my strong arms and moved my hands back to her sexiest part her lovely ass and grabbing her buttocks, pressed her to me. She put her hands on my shoulder and eagerly kissed me and our tongues wrestled with each other licking, pushing and our lips sucked each other's juices. The dim sunlight that poured from the window blinds was just enuff to let us see ourselves and the silent office was filled with our moaning sounds as our passion heightened. I put one hand on her belt and tried to push it in to feel her ass. She froze but I insisted "Don't worry Kala. Let me feel you" through our kisses and shut her lips with mine not allowing her to speak any more denials. Her body hugging jeans did not allow my hand to push in and I could just smuggle in 2 fingers that groped around her lower back but could not reach the flesh of her buttocks. "Shit " I said aloud "Why do you have to wear such uncomfortable clothes" and quickly put my hand in the front to unbutton her jeans. She resisted a lot but I SSSssssssssshhhhhed her and pulled down the zipper too. Now my hand was in past her panties and felt her lovely bums which immediately tightened as she felt a sensation alien to her. She mumbled "No sir I have never done this before" and I knew I had a virgin in my hands. I put in the other hand too and felt both her buttocks squeezing and rubbing them and comforted her "I will be nice I swear Kala I will make you love it." It took her five minutes during which I kept kissing her and feeling her naked ass in my hands to reconcile to the idea of finding out the pleasures of a man's love. Now her face looked relaxed and her hips felt soft not tight in my large palms. I sank to my knees and pulled down her tight jeans and the panties along despite her requests not to do so. Then taking each leg in my hands one by one, I took off her shoes and carefully slid off her jeans leaving her standing naked waist down. She covered her eyes with her hands and her bush was just in front of my face "Please don't do anything Sir please" she pleaded but how could I leave the beautiful quim now. I nuzzled my nose in the hair licking around while she squirmed uncomfortably and i put my hands on her thighs to steady her. "No no no" she screamed scaring me as the office lunch hour was almost finished and soon there would be people outside. Leaving the foreplay I decided to get on with the main course - putting my lovely tool in her sweet untouched lovehole. So I got up and calmed her kissing her again but she was trembling like a poor sacrifical goat. I led her to my table and turned her to face the table and standing behind her i looked at the cute round ass and quickly undressed myself fully. My schlong sprang up like a suppressed spring lets loose and pushing her to the table I started rubbing it in her ass. "Oh oh no no " she cried and begged but now she too knew that her virgin days were over and this afternoon was her big day for I was going to have her pussy for lunch. She was shaking with fear or excitement I don't know exactly but my joy knew no bounds for fulfilling my aspiration of fucking this beauty. After a while, I raised my cock to a vertical position and pushed in on her buttocks so that my balls too banged on her from behind. Hugging her tight I undid her blouse and bra and rubbed her little breasts as I banged and banged her ass solidly from behind licking and biting her. What a fucking beautiful sensation I was having as I rubbed our bodies together She had gone to a silent mode now and I banged to my heart's content and then laid her down on the carpeted floor. Before she could say anything, I was feeling her bush in my hand and rubbing her raised mound. I started sucking her breasts in my mouth and laid her fears to rest. "Sex is not a crime sweety. It is just an expression of our love and our mutual satisfaction will make both of us exptremely happy."I got between her legs and she closed her eyes with fear. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pubis, making her hairs glisten with my pre-cum and then touched her outer lips with it. She moaned "I can't do it Sir" "You can Kala and you will do it today. This is our big day and I cannot rest without proving my love to you. Just be cool and love me back." I said as I pried open her pussy. She was fully dry and I licked my fingers and wet her pussy till it was nicely lubricated. She stopped squirming and went limp as I pushed in. She was too tight and mentally I cursed her for being a virgin then. But then destiny had this in for us. She was destined to lose her virginity to me and I had to open the world of sexual pleasures to her. So I slowly inched in my thick dick. She grimaced with pain but I had enuff experience to be gentle and gave little jerks in and out to slowly move forward stretching the pussy walls slowly and kept massaging her thighs to relax her. "come on Kala be a good girl. You can do it nicely if you loosen yourself. Take it in and show me that you love me like I love you" But she was not able to do anything to accomodate me. So I decided to do it the only way possible - by force. I took her legs in my hands and bent them back towards her chest as far as they would go simultaneously spreading them wide too and then with one big push, I thrust in my slippery cock in her tight virgin pussy. "Ufffffffffff" she choked her scream of agony and I put my hand on her mouth to stifle the scream. She bit on my hand digging in her teeth as my dick went past her hymen and dug in to the deepest corner of her vagina and I bit my tongue as I controlled myself from shouting out aloud. My pain was nothing compared to hers as her pussy was filled to the full with my hardness that had pierced through her virginity. I removed my hand and saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I licked them off and murmured my affections "This had to happen sweety. Kala don't cry because you are with me and I love you so much. You will be very happy with my love and I will take good care of you Kala. Now you will be able to feel and enjoy the bliss of my love for you." With that I started fucking her tight cunt. Moving out till just the head remained inside and then pushing in the whole length of my cock, I kept banging her pussy. She moaned as it must have been painful but my pleasures were doubled as I enjoyed a tight hole after a long time. My foreskin had pushed back itself due to her tightness and I felt the utmost ecstacy of our intercourse. I put my hands on hers to lock her movement and raising myselfm started the push-ups. Fucking in and out of her, I could hear the swishing sounds my wet cock was making. I was sweating profusely and panting as I spoke "Oh baby fuck me baby" using four letter words for the first time in front of her. Her eyes jerked open as I chanted "Oh Kala fuck me love and let me fuck you. Come on baby let's fuck. Take it in and push up as I fuck your pussy darling" She was trying to close her legs as my body in between was humping her wildly and tore thru her for the first time in her life so I said between my sharp breaths "Put your legs above on my back so you can have fun baby." She got the point and I helped her lock her legs on my back which made her passage more open for me. "Yes baby that's good. Are you comfortable now? Fuck me Kala. Tell me you love it baby.Tell me you wanna be fucked proper" I was in no mood to stay gentle and decent now and let out all profanities I could but she was so shy and only said "Yes Yes " but no fuck words for her. I knew it was very painful for her physically and mentally too as her body was being tormented by me and she was going thru all this for my love. She probably thot that I really loved her and she too wanted to love me at that time but little did she know that I loved sexy bodies and not human beings ever since my lover of school days had ditched me 10 years back. Now I was 30 and committed to staying single but would leave no chance to make love or have wild sex whenever I could with a variety of girls. No more commitments and dejections for me only sex and sex and sex. "Come on baby fuck me. Take it in deeper Kala. Baby you are so tight but you can have fun if you take it in properly. U got a sexy ass baby and I wanna fuck it too" I kept on shouting wildly as I increased my tempo and she too got in the motion but all she could come out with was "Aahs" and "oohs" and "Yes Yes" nothing more. By now she too was sweating and showing signs of tiring as she pushed up to meet my thrusts and my body was covered with sweat despite the airconditioning and small drops fell on her body from my face. "You are a good learner Kala" I winked at her "whether it is computers or sex. You are definitely moving higher very soon and then you and I will always be together." She smiled and I said "No baby I mean it. Then you and I will work and make love together to our desire and you are surely gonna be happy baby for we will go on outstation trips together." I decided there that she was gonna get my recommendation for promotion from Trainee to my Assistant who would be my partner in all my projects. I was soon gonna climax and my cock went in and out faster and faster as her legs slipped back to the floor but she kept them wide to allow me smooth movement. I bucked faster and faster and deeper and deeper. Her little breasts moved just a bit with her whole body pushing up and down and her eyes tight shut, hands clenched to fists, lips locked together with her pussy bearing the brunt of my passion and heat in my loins. "fuck me Kala" I yelled as my seed erupted"Baby you are too good" and kept licking her as my cock spat out the cum in her vagina. I did not care at that about discharging the semen outside and as I finished ejaculating in the depths of her pussy, my body, after 30 minutes of hard work, got some rest and I pulled out my spent cock from the confines of my lover's cunt. She heaved a sigh of relief as her pussy rid of my cock and my weight moved from atop her to her side. As my breathing returned to normal, I brushed my hands thru her hair, on her face, on her nipples and she turned to me. I smiled and said "You are my darling Kala and you are gonna go places with me now" She replied with a kiss and hid her face in my chest. My hand moved down her back to her buttocks which had today led to the undoing of her virginity. I thanked my stars for blessing my meat with this spruced up body and wished for making her mine till the next one. Later I led her to the attached bathroom and cleaned her up, soaked the carpet where our lovemarks showed in the form of wet patches and also a bit of blood that had dripped on there. Thankfully she had not bled much and was able to compose herself though I could sense a difference in her walk. By now it was 5 minutes past lunchtime and we had feasted on each other but the other guys had walked in to the office as we knew by their sound. I switched on the light and carefully unlocked the door without making a sound. After kissing her and feeling her bums and extracting a promise from her to come to my house early next day, I let her go. She casually moved out with a few papers and CDs and no one paid her any attention. Relieved, I went back to my desk and started planning what I would do to her the next morning. I would love to make her my sex slave, feed her my cock, make her drink my cum, eat her cunt and drink her juices, fuck her till eternity and yes I would surely love to fuck her ass too till I tear it apart. Oh it makes me so horny right now as I think about it
Mini, my assistant in the office was very beautiful with big boobs and sexy lips. Whenever she came near me, my dick started getting erect. I felt like embracing her and pressing her big boobs on my chest and kissing her. She was very free with me; but I was afraid to make an advance because I didn’t know whether she would like it or not. If she tells something to her husband who was a friend of mine….I could not think of it. One day, after an official meeting at Ernakulam, we were together in the train. There was rush in the train; but when she got a seat she made space for me and I sat near her. When her body touched mine, I felt electricity passing and had such a hard on that I thought that my dick would come out tearing my pants. The thought that her left ‘mula’ was very close to my right elbow made me hot. Under the pretext of reading newspaper, I gradually moved my elbow towards her left boob. I was afraid that she would move away from me if my elbow touched her ‘mula’.Slowly, slowly, I touched it very lightly. She did not move away. I knew that she too was hot She was keeping her big ‘mula’ touching on my elbow. I started pressing that soft mound of love with my elbow. She sat closer to me. I felt very happy; but our station was very near and we had to move to the door. It was 7.30 and was dark. To my luck there was nobody else near the door. She was standing near the door and looking out. I stood close behind her and embraced her .She turned her face back and I kissed her on her sweet lips. I took both her boobs in my hands and started pressing them. She pressed her back to me and said “Ahhhhhh….……enthayee cheyyunne…. Sare….Enikku vayya”… ….My kunna’ was trying to pierce my pants and her saree and enter her ‘pooru’. I turned her around and pressing her to me said,” Mole…enthu sukham….remove your blouse and brassiers….ninte mula ente vayilottu thadee mole…” By the time, the train had reached the station. While walking out, I told her “We’ll go to the office and then go home. I am having the key with me. “No sir, I have a bus now”. “You can go by the next bus. How can you leave me like this?” After much arguing, she agreed. While going to the office by auto, she sat close to me .I put my hand around her. She placed her left hand on my thigh and moved it to the bulge in my pants. Pressing there she said in my ear,” Haaaai Enthoru valippam…kohtiyakunnu sare…” Pressing on her right tit I said,” Ithu randu kaikondu pidichalum othungathathalledi.Let us reach the office Viswaroopam kattitharam.” As soon as we entered the office, I closed the door and took Mini in my arms I lifted her up and placed her on my table. I kissed her and placed my hands on her sweet boobs. I pulled down the pallu of her saree and had a look at those tempting “mulakal’ bulging out of the tight blouse. I pressed my face on both ‘mulakal’ and placed my lips in the cleavage.Mini herself removed the hooks of her blouse .I removed the hook of her bra. She placed her left boob in my mouth. I took the already erect nipple in my mouth. She was moaning with pleasure’”.Ahhhhh…..ponne……mattethu koodi…” She took the nipple out of my mouth and placed the other in my mouth. Her nipple got more erect in my mouth. Then I asked her to sit in my chair. I stood in front of her and kneaded both her tits. I took her nipples between my fingures.Mini’s hands came to my zip. She opened it and took out my ‘kuunna’. “Ooooohhhhh….ponne…..pediyakunnu…..ithu kettiyal entethu polinju pokum…” “Ninte pooru angottu poliyattedi… ippol ithu poliyathidathu vaykam mole…”I stood closer to her and placed my errect’kunna’ between her big boobs.Mini pressed them together. I moved my ‘kunna’ between those warm mounds of flesh.”Ooohhhh……..mole…..haaaaaiiii…..enthu sukhamdee….. kunnede attam nakkedee….. hhhaaaaaiii……”She pushed me back to the table and said,”ente vayilottu tha ponne……oompi thinnatte…” She took my kunna in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. I was writhing with pleasure.”Aaaahhh….poooreee…..vegam….tholichu vachu oompedee….” I did not want to cum in her mouth. “Mathiyedee pooree…palu kalayenda….athu ninte pootil ozhikkanam... Ninte pooru tha mole…onnu nakkatte.” I placed her on the table.She opened her thighs wide.”Vada mone…ente appam thinnoda…She pulled the lips of her cunt apart. I took her clit between my lips. I licked and sucked her pooru. “Angane nakkada kutta… aahhh…nakku akathottu kettadaa...aahhh... Mahti...ini ninte kunna injottu ketti thadaaa…” I stood up and placed my kampi kunna at the entrance of her dripping pooru.She pressed forward.’Pluck!’ It was in.”Adichu kettada mone…. Vegam..Ente pooru poliyatte.” “Innadee poorimole ... palu cheetan povuka… aaaahh ...varunnooo….” “Aaahh… ponne... Enikkum varunnoooo… Hhhhaaaaaiiii ….vannedaaaaaaaa” “Hayyadeeeee ...Enikkum vannedeeee… ente pooreeeeee hhaaaavoooo.” Dear readers, I will come with more other experience with Mini (once in a bus and at another time in the office when everybody was there) later.
I am a regular visitor to this site and I enjoy reading the stories here. I too had a sex experience but till now I hesitated to post but I thought of sharing my first experience with u all. So coming to the story this was happened 4 years back when I was 23 years old. I was working as a system analyst in Dubai. I had my collegue working as an admin executive in my office. In the begining I used to say just hi and bye to her but latter we became close friends and many times I dropped her in the bus stop when she is going back to her house. After we became very close like sharing each other sad and happy moments one day I called her to my house for lunch on sunday. Actually I never had any intension to have sex with her but on that day my mom prepared lunch and she went to her friends house. We both were alone in my house and we finished our lunch and started chit chatting with each other and accidentally my hand touched her cheeks I felt some thing new in my body and stopped talking to her she did not understand what happened to me. So she held my hands with her hands and she was asking me what happened to me I was speech less at that time after some time she slowly moved towards me and gave a kiss on my forehead and I could not control myself and I hugged her tightly. We both felt each others warmth and slowly I started kissing her and finally I gave a deep kiss on her lips and at the same time my hands are gently fondling her breasts and she tied me in her tight hug and she slowly moved her hand on to my dick and started pressing it and it has become rock hard and enlarged. I slowly started undressing her and I made her topless and started sucking her nipples and she unzipped my pant and she started rubbing my dick over my under garment as it was my first time I felt cumming but some how I controlled my self and finally she removed my underwear and pushed my foreskin back and suddenly she took my bulger in her mouth and started sucking only the knob of my dick she did that for few mins. and finally I made her nude and layed her on bed and started kissing and licking her nice and beautifull naked body and slowly I moved down and I burried my face between her thighs she shivered like anything and I licked her clit almost for 5 mins and she started moaning and she held my hair and pulled me top on her and I inserted my dick in her pussy but the moment I gave my second stroke I ejaculated on her thighs and I felt very much embrassement but she smiled and just playing wiht my bare body and kissing on my chest and I also held her in hands nude and slowly sucked her nipples. Finally after 20 mins my dick was again ready for second round and this time I had a nice fuck session with her almost for 10 mins and she also enjoyed the sex completely finally we both were satisfied to the maximum. Friends this was my first experience in my life
I am Anupam (Name changed) 27 years basically from Calicut and now working at Bangalore in a company as assistant manager – HR. About me, I am 5 feet 3 inches and 65 Kgs and blessed with an innocent face and handsome with a fair complexion. I am writing an incident when has happened in my life almost one year back. I ve joined my company around 3 years back. In my department we were only 5 people that time. One of the girls she was a Kannadiga she was of my height and had very good structure and she was a Sr. Executive here. She was 23 years and with a structure of 34-28-36. Her name is ‘X’ (sorry I am not able to reveal the name) She was so soft to every one. I did not notice her first and all. After a year slowly she came to my notice. But then and all I never had a thought to have sex with her. Our office started another branch also in Bangalore. And the occasions came like we both are alone at our office for the entire day and all. Thus we both became close friends, and she started to share everything in her life with me. Even I also. One day she came in a black jean and a black T-shirt. I could not control my self. Her lips were so tempting and her boobs were like 2 balls thrusting on her T-Shirt. Unknowingly I hold her from back and kissed her lips. She shouted and scolded a lot. After that incident I was not in a position to face her. I took permission and leave the office for that day. After one hour, she called up on my mobile and spoke to me; I was feeling guiltiness to speak to her. She told me to forget everything and to come to office. I got surprised like anything. I told her that I ll come from the next day. Next day it went off like a normal day, we both did not speak anything about this. Some where after one week, one day after noon we both were alone at our office. I was sitting and doing something in my computer, she came near to me and patted on my head and speaking some thing and all to me. Simply I started to touch on her stomach. She did not respond, I took it as a green signal and I was pressing and moving my hand all over her stomach. Slowly I moved my hands towards her thighs and started to creep it up thru the inside of her chudidar. She stopped speaking and stood like a statue. I asked her whether I can touch her breasts only once. She did not tell anything, but was patting on my head, slowly I lifted my hand towards her boobs, and removed the hook of her bra. She helped me to remove the bra inside the chudidar itself. When I pressed on her boobs I got an electric shock all over my body, it was so hot and hard, but soft, I don’t know how to express it. Even she was getting the same happiness I think. Slowly I lifted her chudidar and started licking on the bosoms. She was mourning with pleasure like…hhhupppppppssssssssss… Anooooooooopppp with one hand I was squeezing the one boob the same time I was licking the othr with my tongue. Slowly I started to remove her bottom, she stopped me and told me, nooo please no… But forcefully I removed the tie of the bottom, I could see the green panty inside, it was totally wet in-between her legs. Slowly I put my hand inside the panty and I touched her hole. She was jumping with pleasure and hugging me like anything. I also stood up and removed her chudidar top and bottom, now she was in bra and her panty… I slowly started fingering her hole, she was climbing on me. For a while I stopped fingering. She removed the buttons of my shirts and her bra, she started rubbing her boobs on my hairy chest and was begging, Anoop, I beg you anuuu pplleaaaase do like that, please do like that, again I ve started fingering. She was getting happiness like anything. She was continuously rubbing her breast on my chest and making noises like hhhhaaaabbbbbbbbpppphhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………. Shsssssss…………. . and all. . and she bended one leg and put it around me, and her pussy got still more opened by doing this. Suddenly she bugged me like anything and a stream like pussy juice came to my hand, it was so think and transparent white in color… she closed her eyes and stood for 2 minutes without any movements. Again she started to mourn like pleeeeeeeeeesssssssseeeee…. Anu pleeeeeeeeeeeeeessssse, I never got this happiness in my life please do that , please do that……. I asked in her ears that, shall I fuck you for once, please????? I don’t know unknowingly she agreed…. Suddenly I removed my pants, and took my cock out, I my self got surprised by seeing it, it was fully erected and around 7 inches long, seeing that she started to kiss me and hug me again. I slowly kept my coke to the face of her hole and started pressing, she also helped me in pressing, and it was not going in. we then decided to sleep down and try, she slept on her back and widen her legs, I kept my coke in exact position and pushed with my full force, she shouted with pain and told me that it is not going please do slowly, I did not want to hurt her, so I try to insert it slowly, but the hole was so small for my coke to go. . we both were stroking and after 10 minute a huge flow from my coke ejaculated to the face of her hole. I miserably failed in the attempt of fucking her, all this took around 1. 30 hours, suddenly the phone rang, I took the phone, meantime she wore her dress and washed herself and went and sat on her place. After the call I went there, and I told her that I could not do as it is the first time for me. For her also it was the first time. She told me, all we did are not good. And we are not supposed to do all. So we both should not do it again. But the thirst it born in my mind to fuck her hard. I told her that man has a problem that, if he could not do that, after he wishes to do, his sexual capacity will go off and never in future he will be in a position to have sex. So if she did not allow me, I cannot marry a girl and conduct a personal life also. This hurt her so much and she agreed to give me once, not that day but in an another day an a safe place. I fucked her up to the time we both were satisfied at my home in an other day (Now also she says that that pleasure she never got from her husband also, Now she is married) Even after her marriage also I fucked her 6 times in continuous 6 days. I ll post my first fucking experience and the continuous fucking experience with her also next time, Please let me know your opinion on my posting. I welcome female’s to become my friends and assure secrecy I prefer females only between 18 to 34 years of age. You can mail me at anupamacallsyou@yahoo. Com


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